July 14, 2017

Surrender and trust

It is evident that these meetings here by Paltalk do not replace a face-to-face meeting. Here is the invitation for a real job in this proximity. These meetings here by Paltalk are like dating at distance where you cannot get married ... It has to be face-to-face. Only this way, a direct work is possible.

In these meetings we are talking about this Intelligence, about this Reality. It is important that you stop thinking about it, because when you think about it, you destroy this thing. I advise you against thinking about what you hear here, let alone saving those words, because that can create the false illusion of that realization, or that true illusion of a merely conceptual realization. What we are saying in Satsang is not for you to save! What we are saying is for you to observe and discover, directly. You hear these words like "you are this Consciousness," "you are this Intelligence," "you are this Absolute Reality," but do not think about It. In fact, do not think anything about It.

Waking up is not think about it, because thinking about that is to dream. You need to wake up! When You Wake Up, You are in Your True State and there is no thought about It! When you wake up, you see. So, do not think about It ... It is Wake Up! It is to see directly, without theories and beliefs. I am inviting you to go beyond problems, conflicts, suffering; to go to your Natural State! Forget your problems! In your Natural State there is a Power that takes care of everything! Did you hear that?

It is necessary to be open, to allow this ... Allow yourself to this surrender! You must surrender your ego, your concepts, your opinions, your questions, your answers, your power too ... everything ... surrender your ego. That is exactly what happens. This rendition, this surrender, this total involvement is the possibility you have to go beyond the ego, the egoic mind. So, what do you do? Nothing! Then you become your own Being, you leave the world alone and remain in that rendition, in that surrender. You remain in this total involvement with reality, and then you go beyond the body and mind. Here is the cure, the Liberation. Here you are in your Divine State, in your Natural State.

Then, you will fully understand that you are not that one who does, you are not the doer, you are not the one who accomplishes things! There is a Power taking care of it! Stop fighting; stop trying to make things happen! Surrender yourself! Turn yourself in! Here is the beauty of this Reality, the Truth, the Liberation! So, you are simply the Being, this Reality! There is absolutely nothing you can do, that you need to do, that you can do about it!

Put your heart and mind in the Self, in your Real Being... Your heart in the Heart. This Being is your Heart! Your Real Being is your Heart. Then, you put your mind and heart into the Heart, into the Real Heart! Your Heart is God! Keep your mind in God! God in your Heart! Confidence, surrender, total surrender to this Absolute Reality, to this Real Presence, to this real Heart! Turn yourself to This... Go beyond this imagined world by the thought. In other words, do not allow thoughts to run outside, the mind to turn outside. Bring these thoughts, which were going outward, to the Heart. Find Peace, Happiness in yourself, here... Stop going outside.

This mysterious Power knows everything ... Everything we need, what you need! We do not need to know how this Power takes care of us; we just need to allow this Power to take care of everything! This mysterious Power, which is this Real Presence, this Divine Presence, this Truth, is here tonight ... It is Here! Allow yourself this ... Allow this Power to take care of everything! We have to allow this Power!

Do not ask me why each of these speeches goes in a certain direction; I do not know either!

You ask if you have this ability to allow yourself ... I answer: TOTAL! You all have! That is because you are already this Presence, this Power. You are Sat - Chit - Ananda! You are not the body, the mind, the world! The world, the body and the mind appear, but this is not You.

How does this whole thing sound to you? It is a matter of surrender, rendition, trust! It is a matter of faith! It is a matter of taking out your ego, your control, your choice, your answers, your personal concepts; Take it all out of the field! Abandon yourself to the Divine ... Surrender to God, to the Truth. Then, when "you" are not, It is. You will never understand this Presence, this Grace, this Power, this Truth and the way It does. You will never understand and you do not even need to understand... Just be receptive, allow yourself, be Empty! Remember that this Empty is not emptiness; it is the True Blessing, the True Grace!

Namaste everyone! See you next meeting!

*Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting on November 30th, 2016 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm - Download Paltalk App and get involved!

July 12, 2017

Meditation: The pure observation

What is the nature of Reality? After all, what is it that remains stable? After all, what is It that remains free? How can we approach This?

From the mind, the suggestion is that two things are present: the first is consciousness and the second is apparitions, they are objects. Then, in the mind there is this division, there is this separation between consciousness and apparitions. You see yourself as a person who is aware of the world of forms.

So the idea is about an "I" present, seeing the world outside. There is consciousness - this one is the belief - and, outside, a world of which this consciousness is conscious.

In this way,there are consciousness and apparitions, the "I" and the objects. The "I" as subject and the objects  as apparitions. The sense of this present person is the illusion of someone who is aware of the world; Someone inside the body conscious of the world outside the body.

We come across this illusion of duality, the illusion of this "I" and this "non-I"; “I” and the world, “I” and God. This is the mind's suggestion for all of this. This consciousness is described as a witness to the apparitions. It is understood as one who sees the objects. So, there are the one who sees and the objects, the witness and the witnessed thing. Here is duality!

The conflict is on that basis,  there is all this issue about the "I", because you separate yourself as an entity - the one who thinks and  thoughts; The one who feels and  feelings; The one who observes and that which is observed. When you do this, it strengthens the sense of separation. When you believe that, you are stuck to another belief created by thought.

Thought is the basis of this division, of this belief, of that duality, of that sense of separation, of that idea. I want to invite you to observe without the observer, which means an observation where there is no observer and an observed thing. The direct experience remains, but there is no "one" left. In the experience of pure observation, there is no separation.

I want to invite you not to be confused with thought and not to separate yourself from it. When you are separate from thought, it is thought itself separating from itself. When you become confused with thought, it is thought itself confusing with itself. I would call this to disidentify from the observer, to disidentify from the thinker. Thought does not happen in you or to you; It just happens. Observation does not happen in you or for you. This is Real Meditation! The action performed without someone doing; The "seeing" without someone looking; The thought without someone thinking. Then, the thought ends, observation, with the sense of one observing, ends; The action, in that sense of someone doing, also ends. This is Meditation!

For you, there must always be someone: someone meditating, someone thinking, someone doing ... Right now, at this moment, there is only Silence, that absence of the thinker, of the doer, of the observer, of the one who listens ... There is no one listening and there is no one talking. The talk happens, the hearing happens, the thought happens, the action happens, and that is Meditation.

You can follow it, but you can not think about this. If you think about it, you get back into the game again - the game of someone analyzing, someone trying to understand, someone agreeing or disagreeing. That simple! It is only to hear and, in this listening, there is the clarity of Meditation. This clarity of Meditation is to understand without someone understanding, without someone accumulating, without someone agreeing or disagreeing with it. If you are listening in this way, you are in Meditation. If you are trying to "catch" this in order to take this to the next moment, this is the very movement of the egoic mind. Mind wants to capture this, but it cannot.

It is possible to follow this, but someone following this, no! The comprehension of this is possible, but one understanding this, no! It is a habit. The egoic mind has this habit of acquiring, of accumulating. In this Real Consciousness, there is no room for this. This is a space forged by the egoic mind. The egoic mind forges a space, the space of knowledge, the space of experience, the space of memory, the space of information, the space of the experimenter.

This Consciousness is this amplitude, beyond all space, beyond all limitation. Space is limitation. This non-space, this non-limitation is Meditation. This is Consciousness! This is pure observation, without observer and an observed thing. This is pure experience, without experimenter and an experienced thing. This is the reality that is not separate from an apparition. So, these apparitions are not separate from this Reality. Since they are not separate, they do not cause any problems. Thought does not cause problem, feeling does not cause problem, emotion does not cause problem, body does not cause problem. When there is no separation, there is no suffering; therefore, there is no problem.

The mind has created this illusion that the body is the problem, thought is the problem, the world is the problem, life is the problem. But, in fact, the problem is only this illusion that the mind itself created, that sense of separation between it and the thought, between it and the body, between it and life. Mind wishes that life should be different, that thought should be different, that body should be different, that everything should different! Mind gets separate in order to demand, and when it does this, it produces suffering.

You do not have to get rid of the body, the mind, the world, the life, you just have to get rid of the illusion that there is "someone" there, who is seeing that everything is wrong, everything is out of place. "Someone" with all his demands, observing as the observer and judging: "I like and do not like"; "Someone" in this illusion of being a thinker, trying to control the thoughts: "I appreciate that, I do not appreciate it"; "I like this and I do not like it"; "I am sure of that, I am not really sure of that..."; That is the illusion! There is the illusion of the doer too - that "someone" who is doing things, that "someone" who does, who feels responsible for things that are happening around him, as if he could control what happens around him. It is always this idea of a "someone" who thinks, who does, who feels.

You learn how to disidentify from this illusion, from "someone". It is just that! So, you perceive that thought, feeling, action, world and body are going to their right place, and that "you" disappears. Are you still trying to think about it? This is so simple that you do not need to think about it. If you think about it, it will get complicated, because this is an outside mind talk to a non-mind.

This meeting’s moment, called Satsang, is a moment of Meditation. In Meditation, there is no "one", there is no thinker. Being is something very natural. The belief of the thinker is something learned. We learn, we acquire this belief that we are the thinkers and that we fabricate thoughts. This thinker is not Real! There is no thinker! Thought, yes; Thinker, no!

All the problems you have are based on this misunderstanding, on the “understanding” that you are there for changing something, for doing something, for fixing something. This is not true! You are here just to see that there is no one there, just Life! And in Life, there is no thinker, no observer, there is no a judge, no one to fix or adjust. Life remains a mystery, an inexplicable event. This is Love, this is Freedom, this is Happiness!

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July 7, 2017

The simple recognition of this "I Am"

There is something that does not remain present. Notice that everything around you changes and also within you everything changes. From morning until that moment, some thoughts passed by you, but they went away and gave way to other thoughts. The same way, some sensations were experienced in the body and gave place to other sensations; they happened and went away. It is possible that you also have had some emotions during the day, but they are gone, they are no longer there. So, until bedtime you will still go through some experiences. Realize how simple this is, and also how simple it is to observe this.

The matter is: what is this that is aware of what is changing? This is where it is that simple. You are aware of yourself right now. What is this "I Am"? You are aware of this "I am" - this one who went through all this during the day, who is now passing through this experience of listening to this speech. What is this "I Am"? (This "I Am" that has had thoughts, feelings, emotions, diverse experiences which are no longer with you, which are gone, and are giving way to other experiences).

You are aware of this "I Am", but what is this that is aware of? Obviously it is the Consciousness. Obviously it is this Self - the Consciousness that I am aware of this "I Am." So, this is something very basic, very simple. There is something that is always conscious in the midst of these apparitions, events, variations, thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, sensory perceptions, in this simple recognition: "I Am." This is this Presence of this Consciousness. In other words, the simple recognition of this "I Am" is this Consciousness. So, it is with Her that we are dealing... something very simple. Consciousness is conscious; That is what we are dealing with in Satsang.

Is that clear?

That is why it is so simple. As long as you lose yourself confused with the experience, no matter if thought, feeling, emotion or sensation, there is something present that is aware of it. It is that "something" we are dealing with. This "something" is Consciousness, which is conscious of the thought, of the sensation and of the change of the feeling. That is very clear! Notice that we are pointing out the Natural State, which is Meditation.

This is what I Am, truly - this “I” aware of this "myself", synonymous with Consciousness, Presence ... Conscious of this "me", of the movement, of the thought, of the emotion, of the feeling, of the sensation ... Aware of this apparition who is this person. The "person" comes and goes; appears in the waking state and in the dream, and disappears in deep sleep. Even in the waking state, it is changing all the time! However, this Consciousness is conscious, in itself, of its Being, of its True Nature. So it is simple if you do not get confused with the "person". But if you confuse yourself with the "person", it predominates and you disappear. This real You, who is this Real Self is not this "personal self" as a separate entity. I am talking about this Self, but it is an “I” that does not know the "you", the "he".

We are talking about something that you all experience all the time - the simple knowledge of your own Being. It is the experience of the Consciousness being conscious of Itself. This is something simple, obvious, always present; it is an ever present fact. There is no limitation in this Consciousness. Thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, in short, all experience is limited, but there is no limitation in this Consciousness. Therefore, that is what we are dealing with in Satsang. That is our theme, our subject. This Consciousness, this Presence is not limited to the mind, the body or an experience, of pleasure or pain... It is beyond the body! The sensation, the sensory pleasure of eating something or any sensation in the body does not limit this Consciousness. Pleasure or pain does not limit this Consciousness.

You are definitely not the mind, not the body. The body and the mind appear in You. It is not You who appears in the body and the mind. The belief is that there are many incarnate, but this is an imagination. There is no one incarnate, no one in the body. I know it is very strange, but it is just like this. You are this Consciousness aware of this "I am". "I am", "I feel", "I walk", "I think", "I choose", "I decide", all these are just beliefs of which, as Consciousness, you are conscious. All this is just an imagination. "I eat", "I sleep", "I walk", "I speak", "I listen", "I think", "I do", "I enjoy", "I suffer", "I love" "I hate", and so on, they are just imagination! It is the illusion of the sense of "someone" in this "thing".

Having figured this out, what are you going to do? Start living in accordance with this discovery. Stop confusing yourself with this "someone". Exactly this: begin to live in conformity with this and disconnect from this illusion, which is the illusion of the "person". I am proposing this to you in this meeting.

* Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of January 25th, 2017 - Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: www.mestregualberto.com - Also take part of our online meetings - download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone - and locate the room: satsang marcos gualberto is always opened at 10:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

July 5, 2017

Meditation is the Key

There is nothing out of this Consciousness. This division is totally arbitrary, created by psychologists. The own mind creates an arbitrary division about itself. It is the entire content (which can be 10 years or 10 million years old, but it is one). Whether the mind is apparent (on the surface) or submerged in (hidden) depth, we are dealing with the same phenomenon. There is no division between conscious and unconscious. What is called "unconscious" is the non-awareness of what is submerged there (unconscious), and "conscious" is that which is on the surface, which is known. But, when you look at the mind, you see only one content, and it is not hidden in that Real Consciousness. What is hidden and what is shown are what the mind conceals and shows to itself. What it hides from itself, it calls unconscious, and what it shows to itself, it calls consciousness.

So, there is no such thing as unconscious mind, subconscious mind and this whole "blah blahblah". These divisions are all created by the mind. What it conceals, it calls the unconscious or subconscious, and what it shows, it calls conscious. But, there is nothing in the mind that is hidden from this Real Consciousness. Consciousness is self-refulgent. Just as the moon cannot hide itself from the sun, mind and its contents cannot hide from Consciousness, because the nature of Consciousness is that where everything appears and disappears. The content of the mind is only imaginary, of time; It has no substantial and material reality. This content of the mind, whether it be 10 years or 10 million years ago, is an imaginary content, known by this Consciousness - which, by the way, ignores this, because this is not real.

Understanding this, we can ask the right questions. What would be the right question? The question you have is: "How can I get rid of here, in the 'machine', of this hidden content that shows itself as a trauma or illness?"

Trauma and disease as well as the body are only apparitions, also imaginary, in time. So, the first thing to be understood is this. Do not give reality to what has no Reality! They are apparitions "linked" to another apparition, and all are illusory. So, we are paving the way in order to ask the right questions, to formulate them correctly.

Therefore, the right question comes now, which is: "How can I get rid of this content that is revealed as illness, a trauma, or whatever so? How can I get rid of this?" Nothing is hidden in this Consciousness. So, this is the “number one” point: if there is nothing hidden in this Consciousness, this is present now!

So, what stops it from coming to light and to disappear? Strong identification with the illusion of this thing called "reality of the mind". When one trusts that the sense of the “I” is real, when it gets validation, when you trust in it, this remains unchanged. Only this prevents the volatization of all this content in the light of Consciousness. That is the diagnosis! The treatment is Meditation! Real Meditation is this present moment, which is important, because it can open a door to that timeless moment, which is Consciousness.

So, what is the treatment? This detached, unintended observation, not involved with what happens now. When this happens, there is no way for this experimenter (which is the egoic mind itself) to structure and remain hidden. So, all this egoic content is revealed in this present moment. There is nothing that you carry from this life or from other lives, or whatever might be.

Why are we dealing with the issue of time? In fact, it is an illusory question, because there is no time. For Consciousness, everything is present now. So, the only thing that is needed is: here and now, do not identify with the experience - I call this Meditation! So, all this content can reveal itself and be volatized, be burned and disappear, because it has no reality other than that reality that the own illusion of the egoic mind sustains, in the idea that there is an experimenter in it.

Do you understand?

The diagnosis was given, and now the treatment is being given. The treatment is: here and now, there is no experimenter; Here and now, whatever is appearing in this "machine" is not for an experimenter. When this is assumed, then there is room for what is hidden to come up and appear. I just asked you if you can do it by yourself... You do not do it alone! Alone, you just mess up everything! Alone, you only sleep, and you have been in this unconsciousness for millennia.

So, what happens in Satsang? In Satsang, you face a "huge fire", with intense heat of Presence, Consciousness, Attention. So, it splashes on you. It is something so overflowing that it goes to you. You receive It when you value It; You get This when you valorize This, when you are in silence, with all your heart and willingness to see This. When that willingness is present there, you have the opportunity to see This revealing itself as your own Self, which is not separate from the "bonfire" itself, which is the Guru, which is the Consciousness of the Guru, which is the Real. So, that, which is there, comes to the surface and is consumed. In India, they call Vasanas these latent tendencies of the mind, which are impression of time in the "machine" - the illusion of an identity that lived such a thing ten days ago, 10 years ago or 10 million years ago.

So, there is only one key for Liberation, and this is called Meditation! But, meditation does not require technique, is not a practice. A practice or technique is always tied to body, mind, time and space. Meditation is timeless Consciousness - this timeless Consciousness present there in the "machine", being accessed. The better term would be "assuming Its place", because This can not be accessed either; This can take on Its place. It is like the sun shining outside while the windows are closed. Then, you take out the blinds, open the windows and the sun that is out there enters. You do not bring the sun, you just set apart the impediments.

Here comes the question about Sadhana, which is this work of surrender under Upadesa, the teaching of the Guru. Thus, when this work of surrender, which is Sadhana, happens, these obstacles disappear, but what is already present is already present. Since the obstacles have disappeared, what is present is revealed as Enlightenment, Awakening, Realization of God. This is the cure for the cause of all diseases.

Ramana Maharshi said that the ego is the cause of all diseases, because illness is not natural. When you feel a toothache, you go to the dentist, because the natural thing is not to feel the tooth in your mouth, that is, the tooth works without you having the slightest recollection that there are teeth in your mouth. When your mouth is healthy, you are not aware of your teeth; When your kidneys are working well, you are not aware of them. Isn’t like this? When your stomach is fine, you "have no" stomach. So, the natural is health, which makes that organ invisible, but when it signals a malfunction, the idea of its presence arises, which "says": "I am here".

Thus, the idea of ​​the body appears and also the idea of ​​the treatment for that body. Then, there are the requests of the mind to deal with this present entity, called organ in the body, that has to get well, otherwise it can die. Then, a whole story comes up! But, when there is health, there is no idea of ​​body, as well as there is no idea of ​​tooth in the mouth, no idea of ​​kidney. Why? Because the body is an illusion. It only appears when it complains by "saying": "I am here!" That’s when this unnatural thing takes place, which is for drawing attention to it. So notice that, in that sense, the disease is not a natural thing.

We are not saying that it is not natural, like the presence of the body is natural, so is death. I am saying something else, pointing to something else. In this present Consciousness there is no room for the illusion of separateness or for this disease, which is an illusion - the illusion "I am the body", "I am here". When the idea "I am the body", "I am here" comes up, and there is a disease, then "I" will seek its cause. If "I" will seek the cause of this disease, of course, I will find it, because it is tied to the idea "I am here", "I am the body". So, it is an illusion tied to another illusion - the illusion "I am in time and space", "I am real as a present entity," while, in reality, there is only Consciousness, and Its Presence is the end of all diseases. The primary disease is the sense of separateness. The secondary ones, you know what they are: boredom, loneliness, fear, anxiety, "blah, blah, blah...”.

Did you follow that?

So, we have diagnosed and just prescribed medication for this disease. Medication is the end of the illusion that you there is “someone” sick; The end of the sense of separateness. It means a taking of Consciousness, which I usually call in my talks as "assuming what You Are". When you assume what You are, the suffering ends; When you do not assume, you suffer, because you want to repair the world, the body, this or that, and there is no how to fix it.

Therefore, in the Natural State, the body, like any other apparition, is destined to disappear in time and space, because time and space appear together with it, they are part of your illusion. In this sense, all disease and death are welcome to an illusory body destined to disappear in time and space. In this sense, sickness and death are as real as the body is - they share the same "reality", which is the reality of illusion.

Transcribed from a talk during an in person Satsang at Ramanashram Gualberto, on September 2016, in the city of Campos do Jordão.