April 18, 2018

The real knowledge

In Satsang, we deal with Truth, which is the real Knowledge. Real Knowledge is the one that is not limited, cannot be increased or diminished. You know that it is possible to increase knowledge by studying; the more you study, the more you know, because you know more. Thus, this knowledge is limited by nature. For example, if you suffer an accident, your head is hit, or you suffer any damage to a specific part of the brain, it is possible that this knowledge disappear. So, this is knowledge that can be lost or diminished. In life, our whole experience of the world is only a mental experience. Thus, this knowing or this knowledge, which can be increased or diminished, is only part of the thought – so is "your" whole experience of the world.

The True Nature of Being is pure Knowledge, but not this kind of knowledge. We are dealing in these encounters with this limitless Knowledge of Being. Every experience of the world that you have becomes a kind of limited knowledge, while Realization is that unlimited Knowledge, which is synonymous with Consciousness. Realization is pure Consciousness! This unlimited Knowledge, which is Consciousness, is the Truth of Being. So, by birth, you are this Consciousness, this unlimited Knowledge, and that is Wisdom.

People seek happiness, but in their state of pure ignorance, of total unconsciousness, they cannot find it. They seek happiness in the world of limited knowledge, in the mental world. The reality of experience is pure Consciousness, which is present at this moment, here and now, as Happiness. Every problem arises when you mistake yourself for thought, for that limited consciousness, which is distortion of reality, of experience, and this is unhappiness.

So, in the mind, you are not living the reality of experience, but the illusion of the experiencer; this is the distortion of this consciousness, the limitation of knowledge.

Ramana Maharshi used to show insistently to those who came to him that their perceptions of the world were an illusion. The view you make of the world is the illusion of thought. So, your relation with the world is from the point of view of the illusion of an "experiencer". Your experience of the world is similar to the experience you have during a dream, in which you believe you are an "experiencer" of the outside world, of an external world.

You never doubt that the person you are talking in your dream is just a production of your own mind, or that there is no experiencer there. In fact, it is just the mind in its own game of construction. The mind, which is thought, is creating your body and the other’s body who you are apparently talking. This happens both in the dreaming world and in this world where, apparently, you are listening to someone through Paltalk [online platform chatting]. However, all this (this experience of speaking, of hearing, of seeing and of feeling) is only thoughts, which are unfolding from this impersonal and boundless Consciousness.

One day a man came to Ramana and said, "Master, I have a toothache. Is that just a thought?"

When Ramana said yes, the man asked him, "Then why cannot I just think my tooth is normal and thus get healed?"

Ramana replied, "When you are fully absorbed, occupied with many other thoughts, this pain diminishes greatly or, depending on the volume of thoughts, you do not even feel this pain. It is like that too when you are sleeping. "

Then, the man said, "But even so, it is still here."

Ramana replied, "The human conviction that the world is real is so strong that it gets quite difficult to be free from it. But the world is no more real than the very subject who sees it. "

Every experience you have, attached to the thought, about the world is completely mistaken - the experience of a supposed "person" present in the experience; this is an illusion! Liberation, Realization, Truth of Being is pure experience, but without "someone" to interpret it. So, if there is pain, it is only pain; if there is pleasure, it is only pleasure; if there is thought, it is only thought. As Ramana said, the conviction the human mind has that the world is real is very strong. I mean that as long as you are bound to the idea of "someone" present in this experience of the senses, of the body and of the mind, illusion will be present, this limited consciousness will be present.

All you have to do is to disidentify from the idea of "someone" present in the experience. The real way to get rid of all suffering is by abandoning the illusion of "someone" present and alive the in experience. All the difficulty you have is in the conviction that your personal story is real, which authenticates this "someone". So, this sense of “me” in the experience - which has name, body,  story – and the valorization of this will continue to give you the belief that you are who you believe you are.

So, if some day one who is part of this story, which you believe is yours, is removed or taken from you, by dying or just leaving away, the personal suffering of that limited consciousness, this distortion, that misconception will be evidenced, exemplified.

However, if the "sufferer" dies, who is left to suffer? If the "experiencer" disappears, who is left to experience frustration, disappointment, pain or lack? By accepting, embracing and observing all the manifestation taking place, without the conclusions of this false “me”, nor the interpretations of this supposed entity in the experience, this illusion begins to lose the power to enchant you, and this sense of self-importance and personal valorization begin to be unmasked. This is our proposal in Satsang: to unmask this false “me”, to depersonalize the experience and to reveal your True Nature.

*Originally published in portuguese on March 7, 2018 **Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting in December, 2017.
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April 11, 2018

The Real Meditation

In these meetings we are trying to share with you what the real meaning of what everyone is looking for, the real meaning of everyone's search... What we are actually seeking is what the real meaning of happiness is.

It is something very habitual for the mind to seek meaning for things that happen or to seek for giving meaning to this. Ordinary life, human life, has been showed quite complicated because of this. The mind, when it seeks meaning for what happens or gives meaning to what happens; it always translates this into its limitation. Basically, it is there that the sense of personal illusion is.

Life has amplitude, an extension, or a representation that the intellect will never be able to define - the mind cannot achieve this. Life will never show itself to you... You cannot grasp the meaning of it, for it will always remain as something unknown. No matter how much the thought tries to translate, interpret, and feel at ease with this occupation, all that the mind can do here is to create an imagination - it will distort Reality!

When you come to Satsang, when we put ourselves in that position, where we are tonight, we have the opportunity to open ourselves to the unknown. Though you will never be able to capture This, despite you wil never be able, somehow, to capture the meaning of Life, the meaning of Truth, or the meaning of Happiness, This is something you can live. To know intellectually, to explain intellectually, to translate intellectually... Never! But the Mystery, the Truth, the Unknown, the Life, the Happiness can be experienced in life.

Does everyone follow this?

So, when we are in Satsang, we are inviting you to see This, we are making a convocation for you to take a close look at this Reality, at this Realization, which is the Realization of your True Nature, because you are Life. However, This is not possible within this illusion, of the ordinary thought, of this belief of "being someone." Awakening, Enlightenment, Realization of God, Truth, is to assume what you ARE, and what You ARE, in your Real Nature, is impersonality.

These "serious" human problems (because that is how problems are considered) are based on this illusion, which is the illusion of ego identity. In it there is no Truth, Happiness, Peace, Love, nor Intelligence; in it there is not the end of the suffering. All this is possible when this illusion ends, it is no longer there. That is what you were born for! You were born to discover the Truth of God; you were born to recognize That or Who You are and the recognition of this is the end of this illusion - the illusion of being a separate entity from Life, from the Whole, from Truth, from God, from Happiness, from Intelligence and from Freedom.

These speeches are deeply challenging, because they challenge you to stop suffering, and this represents a great absurdity for the mind, something inconceivable indeed. It is true! In the mind the end of suffering is impossible, because in it the end of illusion, of the sense of separation, is impossible; however, that is the challenge.

To see the "mind" here means to "know" it, that is, to see what, in fact, it represents, which is imagination, only. It is a huge amount of concepts, beliefs, thoughts and images with ones you are confused, tangled, blended, filled, and so you seem to be moving away from your Real Identity, from what you actually Are. Notice that these speeches are always saying something very basic and quite straightforward. We do not have an interest in making subterfuge here. We always want to get right to the point, to what we are really interested in, and what interests us here is finding out who you really are or What you are.

The Self is not "someone" who is discovered, so, it is not related to who you Are. The Being is the Indefinable, Indescribable Reality, the Pure Unknown. Then, it is not related to who "you" are, but What you are, what you really Are.

Everyone around you represents, within the field of mind, a part of this belief. For you, everyone surrounding you, from the point of view of the mind, is part of that same imagination. Everyone shares this same belief - it is something common to everyone - and this means an obstacle of great consideration. In other words: everyone around you represents what you believe to be; everyone looks like "people" and you see them like that, as you see yourself. To go beyond all this is something that requires a deep, absolute, unreserved surrender.

It is very easy to get here and say to you: "You are This!" It will be very easy for you afterwards, to leave here repeating this. But, the repetition of this, the verbal, intellectual affirmation of this is not the Reality; it is just another belief! So, a real work in that direction is necessary and that is what we are proposing to you in these meetings. If we could handle it here on Paltalk - in other words, if we could solve it here on Paltalk - it would be great, as well as, by way of a speech, reading some books or watching some videos. However, with regret, I inform you that this is not possible.

I would be very happy if everyone who entered this room would awaken with just a few meetings here. But, this Awakening does not happen that way. It has a way of happening and we do not have how to know a secret path to indicate to you. I confess that if I knew a secret path, I would point out this path to you. Heaven is a very desirable thing - everyone wants to go to Heaven. So, if I knew a secret hatch, I would even try to help everyone in this room, for you to pass through that hatch and get to Heaven faster.

Realization is not like you are reading in the books, on Facebook pages or watching videos on YouTube. Realization is the State of Buddha, it is the State of Christ, it is the State of Ramana Maharshi, of Jiddu Krishnamurti, of Anandamayi Ma. Realization is you in your Natural State but that State is the end of this "you", as you see yourself in this social context, at this very moment.

Some are prescribing spiritual practices of various sorts and one of the most common, in modern times, is the famous practice of meditation. I need to tell you: the practice of meditation will not solve this. The practice of meditation can at first make you realize that you are not the body, the mind, the thought, and therefore not a separate entity from the world. However, meditation as a practice only gives you glimpses of this. Meditation, which is defined as Pure and Direct Realization, is not a practice; it is you established in your Natural State! This requires self-annulment - the annulment of this false "me", in a total, complete and radical way.

We have dealt with this Real Meditation in Satsang, especially in the presence meetings. Real Meditation is the end of identification with the illusion of an experiencer, here and now. This is not a practice - half an hour, an hour a day, half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the afternoon or half an hour in the evening. None of this! It is necessary to surrender all fear, all choice, decision, will, belief. Then we discover Real Meditation, which is no longer a practice, no longer a "secret hatch" or a "fast" and "safe" path.

Actually, Realization is an adventure beyond the known, which implies the end of all that the mind knows. The mind will create innumerable strategies, various ways of escaping from this, it is going to disguise itself in various ways, it is going to even spiritualize itself and will also be able to "enlighten" itself. In this way the "person" soon becomes a "enlightened" person, but this still does not mean the Truth of the end of fear, of the sense of separation and of all this illusion - it is still there. It may be sublimated, it has become quite subtle, but it is still there.

Do you follow this? Can you hear this well? Are not you shocked or angry at me?

Nowadays, there is much talk about a collective "awakening" of the humanity. I do not see it like this! In my view, humanity is what it has always been and it will be what it is today. Enlightenment is not an issue for the collective. One cannot speak of this Realization as en masse movement happening; this is one more of a fantasy! The Realization of God, the Realization of Truth is for you, here and now, and not for humanity; it is for you, who is being called by this Grace, by this Presence, by this Truth, because it is in your moment. This is not the moment of humanity, it is your moment; it is not the moment of the human mass, it is your moment.

We find this idea of ​​a collective awakening of humanity very pleasant, because it is very "romantic" and "encouraging", it is a very enthusiastic view of life that "everyone is awakening." This is not true! You are in the process of Awakening... not the humanity! Awakening is for the end of the illusion of the individual and not for the end of the illusion of human consciousness, of the consciousness of humanity. You who stand before this speech, this meeting, at this moment, this is your moment! Do not imagine the collective in this, because there is no collective in this. You are alone to Awaken, to recognize What Is, the Truth about yourself!

Any questions?

OK people! Let's stop here. Thanks for the meeting. I await everyone here in person. Namaste.

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 30, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of December 20th, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - To participate download Paltalk App on your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

April 9, 2018

How to live beyond suffering?

Master: When you are looking at me, what do you see?

Participant I: No confusion!

Master: Why? Because there is no thought, there is no worry, there is no past, there is no future. When there is none of it, there is no sadness, there is no fear, disorder, chaos. Human life is in this "balance" between fear and desire, but in your Real life there is none of it. Today I live my Real life and all of you are part of this.

You have to decide to live beyond the mind, beyond the thought. You really do not need the thought. My difficulty with you is to show you this, which is the secret of my joy. Do not allow the thought in you. How do you do it? Observe yourself! When thought appears, you look at it. When you just look at it, the thought has no power. But, when you do not look, it captures you and when that happens, you show sadness, joy, fear, desire - "I want this!... I hate this!"... Thoughts! All this because you were captured.

My eyes are always clean, because I do not believe in thoughts. Practice this all the time, now! Every moment is always now, but you are lazy. You must practice this, until it becomes your Natural State, pure Consciousness. When that is your Being, you are Love. There is no problem in Love, there is no problem in God... God is Love!

You are addicted to thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, excitement, and this creates the illusory identity. There is no identity other than that created by thought, giving life to the sensation, the perception, the experience that is happening at this moment. Also, there is no problem in sensation, perception, emotion, or thought, but you do not look at it and the place it has. When you look at thought, it already assumes the place it must assume.

People ask me and they have doubts about it, or when they do not ask directly, it is implied in what they say. There is no doubt that thought is necessary and they say: "How can I live without thought?" Thought is part of life, there is no problem in it. It is the thought that makes things happen, or rather, it makes feasible, apparently, things happen.

Everything you see in your outer world was built by thought. The chair where you are sitting, the floor where you are sitting, this building where you slept tonight, the bed where you lay down to sleep... Absolutely everything was built by thought. Look at your body... It was also built by thought, it is the fruit of desire (the thought of sex came into the head of your mother and your father and look at you there).

Everything, absolutely everything, is constructed by thought. Then, there is no problem with the thought. The whole problem is always the illusion of a present entity, determining to itself, in the illusion of the "person", the fulfillment in an accomplishment, in a thought, through a thought and by the thought itself. While this Natural State of Being, which is Meditation and absence of identification with thought does not stabilize in a definite way, the work is not done yet. Realization is not inputs and outputs in a state of absence of identification. There is a lot of confusion about it, out there, when they say, "I am very sad, but I am not the sadness, because this comes and goes" -this is very correct, it is just like that, but this is not your Natural State.

This is like to take an elevator and go up to the seventh floor of a building like this, but you cannot stay there all the time - you will have to go down; then, you go up again, at the other day, another time. You go to the supermarket and come back. You need to go up into the building again, take the same elevator, go up and down. As long as there is this "up and down", you are still present in the "up and down", but, at least now, you know that there is no reality in these variations of internal states, because that is tied to "the person", to the sense of "person".

Then, this building, with this movement in it, which is the "elevator movement," is like the movement of identification and of the disidentification. So, an hour you are identified and in another you are unidentified; an hour you are on top and another you are down; an hour you are on the seventh floor, another you are on the first floor or on the ground floor.

You have every day to work this, to learn how to look and listen, to learn what the thought is and to learn how to "think". Here, "to think" is without the thinker and not in the sense of a verb, where you would be the author of that thought. Here, "to think" is to deal with thoughts without being confused, without confusion. Can you see where you have neglected? Can you see that you are very condescending to thoughts and feelings, when they appear in the body? Very condescending to beliefs - "She does not like me!... He is flirting with her, but he is mine!"

This is so weird! You are not only too busy with your own thoughts, being identified  with them, as you still want to identify with the supposed thoughts that the other is having. In other words, you are so psychologically nosy, that you want to guess what the other thinks about you or about some situation, whatever it is - so addicted you are in the thought! You love that, you love to be busy - this is an occupation.

So, this "being a person" issue is critical to you. There is a conspiracy (familiar, regional, national, international, world, and "cosmic") for you to "be someone." The central idea is: "Be someone; suffering is part of this - do not complain!"; "Be someone and suffer is part! Everyone suffers, the important thing is to be someone! "So everyone takes it in a natural way, in other words, "being someone in the midst of many and to have problems like everyone else does". All problems are based on the thought about what appears, happens, including the thought about the "thought that appears."

The idea of ​​being identified with the thought creates upon it a supposed reality, which is only an imagination, becoming very real to you. You who? The supposed thinker, the so-called "person". If something makes you suffer, leave it. Is not it simple? If your husband makes you suffer, leave him. If the thought makes you suffer, leave it; or you leave the thought or you leave the husband. If, in your imagination, your husband betrays you and makes you suffer, leave the husband, but do not imagine anymore, because when you have another husband, you will imagine the same thing. Then, you leave the husband and also the imagination!

People live by complaining that others are causing suffering in their lives. They need to give up suffering, but they are not willing to do this because, for example, they want to "continue with their husbands", imagining being betrayed and suffering. The basis is, "Be happy," but to be happy (really) means to live without imagination, whether you have a husband or not, because the idea is that "the husband makes you suffer" - I am giving the example of the husband, but it can be anything else: the girlfriend, the son, the family.

The problem is that you believe that something external is making you suffer, while I am saying that what is making you suffer is the imagination of "being someone who does not stand this", and at the same time you stand this, because you never do anything to end “this” up inside you. No one, or nothing, forces you to suffer; however, suffering is the most desired thing, because imagination is what one desires the most. So, everyone loves suffering. The exception is the wise ones, who will not continue to carry on a personal life with stories, nor will they continue to complain; they will simply do what is needed to be done so they do not suffer anymore. These are rare souls!

All you care about is "being someone", then, the greatest insanity is to remain suffering, complaining about suffering without doing anything. If you have a cancer in a part of the body, you go to the doctor to see what can be done, to take care of that part of the body and thus take care of the body. But this is the doctor's business, because in this matter you cannot do much. The doctor may be able to do something (really "Maybe", is not it?), But that is none of your business.

Now, you have matters that are only yours and no one else. If someone makes you suffer, it is no use saying: "Stop making me suffer! I cannot stand it anymore! I do not want to live like this anymore!" That does not solve because he is not interested in you, he is interested in him. It is an example of something that only you can solve, but you only solve it in the real way. What do people do? They enter into this substitution. If something makes them suffer, they substitute for something else that they believe will not make them suffer. But, they soon discover that "that" is also making them suffer and they substitute them for something else; then, they find that this, is also making them suffer.

Why is this all happening? Because, basically, suffering is not outside; the suffering is within them and they are sustaining it. It has nothing to do with the other; it has to do with the model of the search for the desire of being "someone". So, the person sustains the model because he/she is not willing to end the suffering; he/she likes this, loves the substitution game. Everyone lives in this dishonesty - it is the nature of the ego. You are not in search for the Truth about yourself, which is the liberation from suffering. You are in search for something that fulfills you, even in pain. Is not it?

It is not the outside, it is not the other, it is not the world, it is not the husband, it is not the thought. It is the thought about thought; it is the idea about thought; it is the thought about the husband, about the other. There is only Happiness when there is absolutely no suffering and there is no suffering only when you are, absolutely, alone. To be alone is not to be without the other, without the world, it is not to be without family, without children, without relationship with people, like the baker, the gardener, the boyfriend. To be alone means to remain unidentified of this false “me”.

Then, you do not make the decision to abandon the other anymore, but to abandon suffering. If the other does not bear your happiness, he will literally walk away from you. But this is  "his" matter, because he wants to understand the "mechanics" of the thing. He needs to investigate this, come to Satsang, and perhaps he does not want to investigate this, but rather continue suffering, living in the illusion of this suffering. Your initial question was about this "addiction of being a person" issue - that is the answer!

This is curious, because what applies in the relation to the other applies to "anything," even in relation to one's own body. If you feel you are fat or too thin, if you believe that you have a crooked nose, or something bothers you in your body, fix it! What can be solved must be solved, and what cannot be resolved, is already solved and it is no longer your business, for you to solve. You need to get rid of this psychologically, internally, and only then there is no suffering! Do you understand what I am saying? If it is something you can do, you go there and do it; if it is something you cannot do, it is done. That is, you welcome it intelligently, you dissociate yourself from the story that thought creates on this subject and you are free from suffering. Always, the secret is to be alone.

Participant II: Being alone with oneself, is not it?

Master: Alone! Always alone! "Alone" is disidentified from what thought creates about one's own body, about the other, or about the world around him. This is the first and last step to Happiness, to Freedom, to live intelligently. However, it is from the person, from the illusion of the sense of "person", to be lazy and, for being lazy, living replacing. So, the ego lives anxious on diets to weight loss or on less painful techniques to get what it wants. It is substituting what is "easy" for something that is "easier," which is "easier" for what is "much easier," and so on, and the problem is basically only one: identification with thoughts.

The problem is not being fat or being thin, or not being with the perfect husband, the perfect woman or the perfect family. The problem is not being alone. The family is on a smaller scale, but it is the representation of the world, of all the families of the world. The great human family is exemplified in this family of yours of five people: you have three brothers, one sister, and the human family is entire, there. This family of five, who is there, is you. "Eh! Now it caught! It was so cheered up! I thought it was just stay away physically from the family... now it caught!"

Participant III: We find another family to put in the place, is not it, Master?

Master: The substitution... you replace husbands, wives, children (even children you replace). Of course! Why do not replace the children? You adopt nephews as children... adopt cats, dogs, and they become "your children"! If you replace the other, you always replace everything. That is not the point, here! Realization is not this! Realization is the awareness of the Truth about oneself. So, you need to be in yourself, you need to be alone; it is not isolated, it is alone! It is to know how to say "yes" and how to say "no", in order to be alone. It is to know how to be disidentified from stories that is not related to you, which are thoughts, that others try to sell to or lend you, and you assume them as being true to you (your ego is living from this, it is living in this).

It is not uncommon, it is very common, a mother, that the children have married, left home, be still solving the affairs of the family of these children, taking care of the grandchildren, and feeling responsible for them. You do not know how to say "no", you are identified with the story of the other and this gives you a very pleasant, painful (see how contradictory it is!) Because you love it. You are suffering, but enjoying. This has nothing to do with your reality, only with the fantasy of remaining "someone" for "some," having "some" for "someone," for you, for yourself. See how this question of being a "person" is vast in the world.

Participant II: It is a crowd, Master!

Master: You never give up on this inner crowd, because that gives you a sense of "person." Total mediocrity! How can there be Happiness, Intelligence, Freedom, Wisdom? Correct me if I am wrong!

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 27, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa on December 2017
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April 5, 2018

What is enlightenment?

What you call destiny is just what is happening, what has already happened, or what will happen to the body. This is already programmed. So, the day you were born was already schedule for the apparition of this body. The day of your death, of the disappearance of this body, is already determined, as well as the day of the burial. All that this body is determined to go through is what you could call destiny. That is one thing ... Another thing is Awakening, which is the awareness that what is called destiny is only a dream connected to this mechanism body-mind, this machine. So, there are two different things here.

If you do not awaken to your Real Nature, you spend this so-called "your life" in complete ignorance of who You really are, mistaking yourself for the body and, of course, being a victim of fate, because fate is not in your control. You control absolutely nothing! All this only happens as a phenomenon of Consciousness called destiny, but there is no you in it! You do not make the eyes blink, the digestion of food, the heart beating... There are no you! In the same way, you have not born, you will not die, you are not thinking - thought only happens as well. Everything only happens, and this is the fate of the form, of the body-mind, of that machine. If you spend your entire life only in this way (which is what happens to the vast majority), the same way you were born (without consciousness), you will also die.

You do not know who you are, because you mistake yourself for the body and the mind, for this mechanism, for the events related to that structure, and, of course, you suffer! This suffering is the consequence of resistance to the movement of life, it is the attempt to change what is, the attempt to change what is already written.

Someone said, "Everybody is destined for this Realization!" This is not true! Realization is not a destiny. It is beyond destiny. Fate is to be born, to grow up, to procreate, to get sick, to get older and to die - this is the fate of everybody. Realization is a "luxury" - let's put it that way. This is to be saved from this situation, which is something still rare in this so-called humanity.

Moreover, Realization is not a destiny from other aspect as well: It is already like this! You cannot Reach It! The difficulty lies in this paradox of Truth: you are already What Is, and you will never cease to be; however, if you are not aware of It, you are just a zombie, a living dead that is born, grows up, has some dates, gets married , has  son, gets sick, gets older and dies ... sleeping! You die without the slightest awareness of the Happiness of Being, which is Pure Consciousness, in which there is no identification with birth and death.   In Christian language, that would be the salvation in Christ, the salvation in the Self, in the Consciousness, in the Truth, in God! This is the Realization of God, and this is a "luxury"!

You can, you need, and you were born to realize This, but you can also continue living this so-called "your life" in the same way and die like everyone else, without any awareness about who God is. To know who is God is the same that to know who you are, because there is no God apart from what you are, and that is a "luxury".

This has nothing to do with destiny, but about going beyond it, beyond this movement of cause and effect, beyond this so-called karma. The Bible also has an expression in this sense, when it says: "Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return!”  Cause and effect, the same principle of karma, in India. For everything you do, you respond. This is the idea of the last judgment. Those who go through the last judgment are the ones who identify with the body. They go through judgment, which is to receive the consequences of his good or bad habits. All this is in the dimension of ego, in the dimension of illusion, of that sense of identity.

What you do here is to leave this "sense of doer". You abandon yourself in the Divine, which is the Self. So, you are no longer under this position of cause and effect. The body continues like a  rope clock and it lasts until the rope ends, but you already know that you are not the body, you know that what happens to the body is not happening to you, you know what happens to the world is not your business, you know that you have no father, no mother, no son, no husband, no dog, no cat, no house, no bank account, no name, no form ... You do not have, do not have ...

You are none of this and you have none of it! You are pure Being, pure Consciousness, pure Intelligence, pure Freedom, pure Happiness, and pure Joy! One day, Christ said, "I give you my Joy, that It may be in you!" It is not the joy that the world provides! So, you have my Joy! It abides in you and nothing can take it away from you! This is the Joy of God’s Nature, the Nature of Consciousness, the Nature of Being.

In India, they call this Joy as Ananda. Your Real Nature is Being, Consciousness and Happiness. By your nature, you are here just to live This! Consciousness is not a dream. Dream is unconsciousness, is ignorance, is mind in projection. It is difficult, at first, to accept that you are dreaming, that there is no such "your life", but only a dream happening, which is not yours, because there is no you ... It is only the mind dreaming. In this dream, the mind is making characters appear, which you believe are outside, but they are within the mind itself. The first character, which is the most daring, is the "I". When you say, "I" ... That is it! It already makes the other, the world, and everything appear.

 Everything begins in this main illusion: "I". There is no "me", there is only the mind dreaming. So, when you awaken and see it, you are free from the dream, you are free from good and evil, from right and wrong, from what is holy and from what is profane, from being born and dying, from the devil and from "God " that the mind conceives.

Therefore, you are out of duality, out of this illusion, and this is Enlightenment, the Realization of Sanity. Sanity is to live as pure Consciousness - this is the state of the Saint. The Holy One is beyond the world! The word "Holy" means complete, whole, total, without amendment, without erasures, without pieces. This is the Nature of Consciousness! It has nothing to do with the body and its destiny. As soon as the "rope" finishes, the body is discarded, but your Real Nature remains.

Either you realize it now or you do not. That is why the Bible says, "Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment!" Just solve this now! Just be born once to solve this! If you do not resolve it, there comes the judgment, which, as I have just said, is the consequence of identification with the mind. If you do not do this, the dream continues: you go to heaven, to hell, to purgatory ... Some may go to spiritual colonies if you prefer, but there is no one there either! It is the same dream as here! Then, in this dream, you can be in heaven, because you believe you have died. This goes according to the belief of the mind, with the background of conditioning that each one carries.

This is like moving house: you lived in Fortaleza and moved to live in Gravatá [cities in Brazil]... You think something has changed, right? But nothing has changed! The mind carries its projections wherever it goes, and You are not there, because You are beyond the mind, beyond time, beyond space, beyond being born and dying, beyond heaven and hell, purgatory, etc.

This realization is the surrender of the "me”, of that false "I" that is very "happy" where it is. It is in its world, within the known. Therefore, it will not give up easily. In other words, there is something inside you that wants this Freedom, but there is something there that has nothing to do with this Freedom, but only with this world. “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him!" To love this world means loving what is known. This is safer, more secure than this leap in the dark, than being nothing or no one, having no name, having no certainty or guarantee about anything.

Awakening is a matter of becoming aware, which is the recognition of your True Identity. It is necessary that the false be seen as false. It is basically that! It is not construction; it is deconstruction of illusion. So, when I say to you, "Let's look at this now?", And you say, "I want to look at this, but Christmas has come and I do not want to look at it during Christmas ... I will have a wine ... There is the issue of my relatives, too, and I have all scheduled!"  Then, I say, "There is the New Year's Eve..." And you say, "No! At the New Year's Eve holiday it will not work either, because there are more relatives coming. I will do it in January or in the carnival holiday.” But from now until the carnival, so many things will happen! You never know if you will still be interested in it until the carnival holiday, because you are being absorbed by this "I", by everything it has as good, pleasant and safe.

So you put God in the last, which means, the Father's Love is not in you, the Love of Truth is not in you, you are not "burning" for It. When you are burning for  the Truth, you have nothing else to do, you only have It, and that is what determines the work.

I knew a man who was "burning" for That. He dropped everything at age of 18. They wanted to marry him, but he did not accept it. At the age of 18, he put himself before the feet of Ramana, because he was "burning" for That ... And he solved it quickly: 40 years later! Annamalai Swami.

Without this Realization, you are just a marionette of fate. As if God had a game board and you were just an infinitely unimportant piece. The movement of this piece, which is you, something infinitely unimportant, is the movement of this "hand" called destiny. Without Realization, you are just a marionette, a piece on this great board. With Realization, you own the game board! You are seeing the whole game and the best: you are enjoying it, because you are seeing how fantastic, how extraordinary are the great works of the Lord, the absolute Power of Truth, the absolute Sovereignty of Truth, the absolute and extraordinary Greatness of Truth. Whoever does not abandon everything for That will not leave this game. Whoever does not completely ignore the movement of fate and all its history will not leave the game board. He or she will remain inside!

Participant: In India, this is called the wheel of Samsara! You cannot leave there until you realize it.

Master: That is it! Wheel of Samara is the name of the game board. That is why I told you that the Realization is a "luxury": It is only for the strong ones! And the strong ones are those who become nothing for the love of God, of Truth, of Reality. So, you have to lose everything to win everything; so you have to die to become immortal. You have to discover that you were never born, that this was just a game for this immortalization, for this Natural State of absence of time and space. This is to realize Christ, to realize Buddha, to realize the Truth of your Essential Nature. Then, your eyes remain fixed on the Divine; They are looking at Him! He is the most wanted, the only one desired, and then you chant to Him!

* Originally published in Portuguese on February 1, 2018
                                           ** Excerpt from a face-to-face meeting in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil.

April 3, 2018

The Art of Freedom and Happiness

Here we deal with something that I consider to be fundamental, very important that is the direct answer to this permanent pursuit of Happiness. What keeps you out from living it? What is the real impediment? Thoughts. They have held you inside this impediment.

Observe what thoughts produce inside your head: conflict, war, confusion, chaos, contradiction, madness... You, in your mind, are completely crazy! When you believe in thoughts, you are crazy, completely crazy! Thought is a sign of madness! You do not need thoughts, but when you think you need it, you are entangled with them. Here is the madness! It is not possible to realize happiness by thinking. This is the secret of the Sages, the secret of Wisdom. Can you see that?

So, what are we doing in Satsang? We are discovering the art of Being, the art of Happiness, which is the art of Freedom. I resolved not to suffer anymore, so I stopped thinking. No one forces you to suffer, just like no one forces you to drink, to smoke or to have some other practice. These are just habits, addictions. Therefore, it is you who decide: "I will not suffer anymore, I will not produce more suffering, I will not fight anymore, I will not create confusion anymore." The mind lives in confusion. It loves it! Confusion, war, trouble... you all love it!

Living in the ego is living in the mind, and there is no Love and Peace when you live in your mind. Do you understand it? This is very simple. The mind is creating confusion all the time inside you. Imagination never ends: "He does not like me; she does not like me; the world is too cruel; I am never lucky in my life…"  Is that right? Therefore, there is no chance! You are addicted to thoughts, to comparisons ... You compare yourself to those have more in order to feel inferior and to those have less in order to feel superior. That is the ego, that is the problem. Isn’t it beautiful to see the truth of what is being said here?

Participant: Is gratitude also an illusion?

M. Gualberto: It is too! There is nothing to be thankful for and there is no one we should be grateful. There is only God doing everything! Who would feel grateful? And who would feel giving “thanks”? When the one, who expects to “receive” this gratefulness, does not receive it, he or she feels ingratitude and, therefore, injustice. So, expecting to “receive” gratefulness is as miserable as the illusion of the self-importance of trying to show that you are grateful to the other by giving “thanks”.

When you add zero plus zero, do you have positive or negative value? Zero and zero is equals zero! When an ego feels grateful and gives thanks to other ego, it is only zero being added to zero. This has no value, because it does not go beyond the ego; both of them have not left the place of the illusion of ego identity. An ego that gives, feels happy for giving, and another ego that receives, feels grateful, happy for receiving it. The one who gives, feels important and worthy of being recognized and “receiving” gratefulness by the other, for having been so generous, so noble, so great, so special; and the other, who receive it, is grateful, but none of this has anything to do with Happiness! Happiness is beyond gratitude and ingratitude, giving and receiving. Gratitude is in the realm of imagination; Happiness is in the realm of Truth.

Happiness is the deepest center - a center without borders, without circumference - of your Being. At the deepest center of your Being is Happiness. This work, in Satsang, intends to take you beyond the ego and your imagination, beyond all the beautiful things considered important by the ego, such as imaginary love, imaginary gratitude, imaginary goodness, imaginary freedom, imaginary happiness... You are full of beliefs and imaginations about what Love is, what Happiness is, what Truth is, what Peace is... All fantasy!

I am talking about this Realization, which means going beyond the dream, this dream of the mind, and living this direct experience of Being. You are this Consciousness, this Presence, this Reality, and That is the Happiness of your Being. Is this clear?

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 17, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting speech on December 15th, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time: Brazil Brasilia - BRT). To participate, download the Paltalk App for free on your computer or mobile device.