August 19, 2017

The Path of Self-Inquiry and Devotion

I only know two tools that work for Awakening: self-observation – which is the investigation of the ephemeral nature of the ego, of the temporary and voluble nature of the “I” – and devotion. I would rather say that it is curious to deal with this self-observation, this investigation of the nature of maya, of illusion, of ego, because, in my case, the element which has predominated at the most in this work here (in this body-mind) was devotion. 

I have never been interested in knowing the theoretical and theological aspects of this subject. I had never read about it, I had never heard about it, which has proved me to be very worth, because I have always been taken by surprise within this process, this work of Awakening, and it was like this until the end.

The most direct way to realize This is the complete trust in the Guru, it is the maturity of dealing with God in the form of the Guru. But when you have this maturity, you do not argue with the Guru, because you do not doubt Him. You do not question Him, do not question His love for you. I have already seen many of you arguing with me. So, it has to be through the path of self-investigation.

The path of self-inquiry is the path of the mistrust, the doubt, the fear of surrender, the stubbornness, the intellect. The path of devotion is the path of the heart, of surrender, of non-doubt, of the certainty before the Sacred. A path like this is naive for sure. It reminds a child that until a certain age trusts in the father and mother so much. 

So, this thing of dealing with the Guru, this might be like this for the devotee. The non-devotee, that disciple “placed in the head” - who tries to capture this via intellect – keeps saying: “Should I go? Should not? I wonder this is it! I wonder this is not! Should I trust? Should I not trust?”

Then, he end up discussing with the Guru. The path of devotion is much more direct, but It is much more risky, It can even lead to death, quick death [of the ego]. My path with my Master did not have many mishaps, but if this trusting code is broken, that password is broken; so there is no longer any way to access it.

Self-inquiry is a very arid, very dry, a very impersonal thing. It is a great tool! Devotion is such a very warm, a very personal thing, a thing more intimate. Ramana even said that the Sage is the real devotee. For you, who is God? Who is this Consciousness? Who is this Presence? Who is the Guru? Do not speak to me from a theoretical, verbal, intellectual point of view expressing advaita concepts. Ramana was a clear example of a Sage (jnani) and a devotee.

[Master starts  reading a talk  from  Robert Adams]

“Ramana Maharshi has always said that devotion, faith and self-inquiry are one and the same thing. You cannot just have dry self-enquiry, you have to feel the love, you have to feel devotion, you have to put God first.”

“Unless you put God first, you will only have dry words. And the words will give you a keen intellect. You will be able to recite all sorts of things, memorize books, listen to speeches and remember that, but you will really never awaken. That is why sometimes Advaita Vedanta can be dangerous for some people. However, if they actually read the books about Advaita Vedanta, they will understand that they have to develop a tremendous faith.”

“Think about some teachers you know or have heard about. Nisargadatta... He always prayed. He realized He was Consciousness. He was self-realized, but at the same time He chanted, prayed, had devotion. It seems a contradiction because you may say: “If someone is Self-realized and knows that is everything that exists, to whom does He pray?” Try to remember that the whole spiritual life is a contradiction. It is a contradiction because words cannot explain This. Even when you are the Self, you can pray for the Self, which is you.”

“Ramana Maharshi always had chanting at the ashram, prayers, devotional hymns. These things are very important. Many westerners, who profess to be atheists, come to listen to lectures on Advaita Vedanta, and yet nothing ever happens in their lives. As long as you do not have devotion, faith, love, discrimination, dispassion, it will be very difficult to awaken.” [Robert Adams].

Robert Adams attained Self-realization when He was fourteen years old while taking a math test in a classroom. When He was a baby, He saw a pygmy in his crib. When He grew up a little more He found a book on the shelf of a bookstore and recognized the pygmy that used to talk to him on the crib.

That pigmy spoke to him until He was seven years old, and at that moment He saw His picture in the book. Look at the pygmy that appeared to him since He was a baby and "have worked" with him until He was seven years old. [Master points at a photo of Ramana Maharshi]

After the age of 14, Robert Adams  went to see Joel Goldsmith, who sent him to Yogananda. When He met Yogananda, Yoganand told him, "I am not your Guru. Go after your Guru, He is in India." Then, at the age of eighteen He went to India and spent three years with Ramana. In the last three years of Ramana's life, He was at His feet.

Learning with the Guru to chant, to pray, to do puja, to give his life to Him, to God is a great tool. When there were no musicians, Robert Adams would put devotional records on a phonograph. One day they asked: Why do you always put these songs for us to listen? He replied: “You must listen to these songs, you are very dry, you need to get a little wetter.” He went on saying: “When a seed is in the earth, it does not bud, it does not germinate. The earth must be moist. It is necessary to make the earth wet. Your hearts are like this. You are very dry, an arid land. No seed can germinate there. So I want you to learn how to pray and to chant.”

* Transcribed from a speech during  the retreat of New Year's Eve 2016-2017 at Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil - Access our agenda and set up to be with us. Visit our website: – Also take part in our online meetings - download the Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone – and search the room: satsang marcos gualberto. It is always open at 10:00 p.m. (Brazilian time – GMT-3) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

August 14, 2017

Meditation is the key, the lock, the door...

It is not a practice, it is not a path, it is not an exercise, it is not a movement... It is to remain in the Source, it is to remain in the Self, it is to remain in the Heart. This is Meditation! It is not a posture for breathing, it is not a physical posture, it is not to sit down, lie down or walk in a special way. It is simply to remain without thoughts, at this instant, now... Always at this instant! Without agitation, without movement, without being impressed by the appearances of the senses. Meditation is Enlightenment; it is to remain in Consciousness. When you are Meditation and Consciousness, you are Compassion, you are Peace, you are Love, you are Truth, you are Freedom. Something radiates from you! It is in the feet, in the hands, in the body, in the eyes, because you are the Source, you are the Heart, you are the Presence, you are the Consciousness, you are God! 

I just teach one thing: Being. The center, the heart of my speeches points only to Meditation. Meditation is the key, the lock, the door... it is this side and it is that side. Meditation is Enlightenment! You do not meditate to get yourself enlightened, because in your Being you are Enlightenment, which is Meditation. You do not sit down to meditate; Meditation settles and you disappear as a separate entity, as someone present in the experience of thinking, of feeling, of getting emotional, of eating, of talking, of sitting, of lying down, of walking, of sleeping, of dreaming, of getting up from the bed, of waking up... 

Meditation is supreme Happiness; it is you in your Self, in your Natural State as pure Beauty, Love, Freedom... this Wholeness... It is everything, everywhere, nowhere, nothing, besides everything... Meditation! Without body, without mind, without world. It is not a girl, it is not a boy; it is neither old nor a child; it is not a newborn, nor an old dying man on the verge of death, or a rather a breathless lady, close to stop; no birth, no death... Meditation! 

It is when thoughts cease, desires cease, and then you are back to the Source. There is no longer the character, there is no longer the history of this character and its superstitions, its beliefs; there is no more heaven, hell or purgatory; there is no Planet Earth, Milky Way, Cosmos or Universe; there is no longer this material plane and the spiritual plane; there is not the crude and the subtle; there is not the divine and the profane, the matter and the spirit... This is Meditation, Consciousness, the absence of the ego, of the sense of the experiencer, and this has nothing to do with the practices of meditation that you know, in which apparently the Meditation happens and the meditator disappears for a moment - ten minutes, half an hour, an hour, two hours of meditation or eight hours. It is only the appearance that the meditator is not there, because the meditator is there, saved. 

What I'm talking about has nothing to do with what you practice around there. I am talking about the Natural State of remaining unidentified with the experimenter in the experience of this instant - the experience can be listening, talking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, doing something... Meditation! Remain in your Self! Look, listen, speak, walk, eat, sit down, get out of bed after waking up, go to the office, go to the clinic, go to military service, occupy yourself by writing a book, or do any other activity, without the author of the present action, remaining in the disidentification of the experimenter in that experience. With eyes closed or open, speaking or in silence, remain without "someone", without that sensor that compares, that judges, accepts, rejects, welcomes, pushes away, loves, hates, likes, dislikes... Remain in the simplicity of your Real Nature. So this Energy, this Presence - which is Compassion, which is Freedom, which is Love, which is Truth, which is Reality - takes Its place. 

No more despair, no more fear, no more desire, no more sadness, no more worry... You are here, in your Being. Now, you can see the world as it is; the beautiful world in its Wholeness, in its Peace, in its Beauty. Is it clear? Can you see? God is One and you are God - this is Meditation, this is Samadhi, this is Enlightenment. Remain in your Being! Listen carefully: REMAIN IN YOUR BEING! 

This sensation, at this moment, is God. What you can see is God, what you can hear is God. God in every moment, God in everything, God in nothing, here and now. God has all the names. What is your name? It is the name of God. There is no surprise to God. Everything you think is God's thing; everything you feel... anything you want is God's desire. There is not you, ever! You are an illusion, only an imagination. So, relax! Stop the worries, stop the fears. 

I was born to do this work, to wake you up from this illusion; from this illusion of being a person. I love all mankind, all people, all places! I am the Love! I do not live for myself, I live for you! You do not understand me, but one day you will understand. One day you will be in your Being, in your Natural State, and you will understand me. All this work, all these encounters with me - hundreds, thousands of Satsangs - will be like a dream you had yesterday. 

Listen to my voice, look into my eyes, sit down with me and discover, in yourself, what I Am, what You Are. Hold my hand, stay with me... Dance with me and be happy with me! I can show you how to be free; I can show you how to be a Sage. No more pain, no more sadness, no more anxiety, no more depression, no more conflict... The most beautiful smile on the face, the bright eyes... Paradise on Earth every day!

*Transcribed from a speech during the Carnival Retreat on February 2017, in João Pessoa – Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: – Also, take part of our on line meetings – download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone, and locate the room: “satsang marcos Gualberto”, always opened at 10 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

August 4, 2017

What is the sense of separateness?

What are we basically doing in these meetings? What do we do here? What is our job? What is the real meaning of an encounter where we question our own history, the reality of personal experience? What is the truth about each individual experience, each personal experience?

For you there are two things: one is the very own awareness of what is happening, of what happens, of what is experienced; The other thing is the objects of this experience.

In other words: the thought within itself and someone inside it. Then, there is this awareness of thought and thought itself; the object and that which is present here, which witnesses this object, which observes things; that which is observed and that one who observes.

Therefore, for you the experience is made by two things: the "I" and the "non-I". The computer you have in front of you now is the "non-I", and the one who is seeing and using it is the "I" - there is a witness and the thing witnessed. Your view of the experience is this. It divides itself between subject and object, between the observer and the observed thing, between thought and the thinker. This is how you interpret what happens now in this instant.

What has been said so far - not theoretically, but in a practical way - is the very sense of separation, of duality. Here is the sense of an "I" present in this experience. This is the ego, the "me", the person, it is the illusion of separateness, it is the illusion of duality!

You do not need to learn anything about it. In fact, if you learn something about it, theoretically, you will not do anything about it and may even make things worse. This is just for you to hear, and only in this action of listening, when you perceive this separation as an illusion, it is possible to stop giving importance to this. This is the work to be done. It is not a thing to believe in. This is not a lesson, it is not a teaching, it is not learning. You can not learn Advaita, although there are many Advaita teachers. There is no use of learning this. You investigate this, you do not learn this... Investigate until “this” finds out an experiential space there.

Therefore, this illusion of someone who believes in himself as a separate being, located in the body, looking at the world, looking at separate worlds independent of himself, it is the illusion of duality, the illusion of the sense of separation. The belief about this separate entity living in a world separate from itself is basically the whole problem, all conflict, all suffering. Awakening, Enlightenment or the Realization of God is the end of it. Basically, this is the work to be done. Paradoxically, it is already ready... but it is not. Do you realize that?

Complete surrender to this work is required. You need to leave everything for that, everything that surrounds this story of an "I" present within it, of an "I" living that story.

That is why we are in Satsang. It is not to learn this, to repeat this... It is no longer a knowledge that is being added to all the old knowledge that you have. Absolutely, none of that! This is a Realization, a "settlement" in that State, and This can not be a theory. This Consciousness, this Realization, this Presence is the Awakening.

It is necessary to explore, to investigate and to know ourselves intimately, to know what we are, and this is Meditation. This is not done by the intellect, because it is always limited; it is just a part of that story. Meditation is being beyond objects, beyond the subject, beyond duality. This is the recognition of what we are, right now, at this moment.

Notice that at this moment, the only Reality is this non-duality, this non-separation. There is a Silence present in this instant, which is Consciousness; This ever present Consciousness. It is the only Reality. There is no separation between subject and object, between thought and thinker, between history and the one whose history is been told. Your Real Nature, your True Nature, What You Are knows no duality, and therefore  It knows no conflict, fear, desire, history. It does not know the past, the present, or the future. It is the thought that produces this separation.

Your whole history is pure imagination, a production of thought, the illusion of someone as the thinker, as the observer.

Participant: It is hard to understand!

Master: I would say it is hard to think about it. To understand, no!

*Transcribed from a talk during an online meeting on February, 08, 2017.
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July 27, 2017

Everything that is happening is this Consciousness happening

Welcome to this meeting via Paltalk!

This meeting is a meeting with the investigation of Reality, which implies the end of the illusion. The illusion consists in the sense of separation, of separateness, in the idea of an "I" present in the experience, which is the experience of Consciousness itself. All present experience is not a personal experience, but an experience in Consciousness and of Consciousness. Consciousness here is what cannot be described, which is beyond all conceptualization, all verbalization, every word. Therefore, we are speaking of That which is the very own basis that sustains every manifestation.

For example, now you can hear this talk, in front of the computer screen or before a visual image, but I assure you that this experience is not a "personal" experience. Illusion only consists in believing that this is a "personal" experience, but there is none of that. At this very moment, there is nothing "personal" going on, for all that is happening is this Consciousness happening, it is This present.

Thus, to hear this voice, this talk, or to stand before a visual image or any sensory experience is the experience in Consciousness. I am not saying that it is an experience OF Consciousness, but that it is an experience IN Consciousness, because Consciousness is not separate from that experience. The illusion is exactly in this sense of separation, as if there were awareness of experience with "someone" listening and "someone" speaking. This, in fact, is just a thought that is just an experience in this Consciousness too.

For example, you know the experience of the feet, the fingers or the experience of the left arm and the right arm, and you say, "This is always with me... These feet walk with me and I walk on these feet... I move and move those hands, those arms. This is always with me! " 

When you say this, the idea is that there is the present body and "someone" present within the body in that experience, in the experience of the feet, the arms, the hands. As if there were a separation between that, which is within the body, and the body itself, but what you need to realize is that who is saying this is just the thought; It is this sense that we call "mind". But, in fact, all this experience is a game in Consciousness and there is no "one" in It; There is no "one" inside the body, who has feet, hands and arms. There is only this Consciousness! This Consciousness has the feet, the hands, the arms, the ground, the floor where this body sat down, and everything is This. There is no separation!

There is no separation! This separation is created by imagination, by thought. So, there is no one experiencing this... There is not! Let's see if we can share this with you, in a very direct way - this is called Satsang. There is a lot of talk throughout there, but this one here is called Satsang.

Participant: Is it enough just to believe this is so?

Master Gualberto: No! It is not enough just to believe this is so! It is to assume that is so. Believing is just an volitional act of goodwill too. You are in a goodwill and start believing so. The other one is unwilling to and does not want to believe. This is just a volitional act, an act of desire and goodwill. It is necessary to assume this, and you assume This by abandoning the illusion that "you are there within this experience". If you disappear from experience, it continues and is an experience of Totality, of pure Consciousness, of pure Reality.

One thing that should be clear to you is that the experimenter is always intermittent. I will put it better. In some moments, you are aware of your feet, hands and arms; At other times, you are not. In this moment when you are aware of the hands, the arms and the feet, there is an experimenter, but you are not always aware of them, and yet they are still there. When you are aware of them, there is the sense of separation, the illusion of an experimenter. When you are not aware of them, they remain there and the experience remains as Consciousness; There is no one! Realize how beautiful this is. You are utterly dispensable for life to go on. When you enter, problems appear, because there is the appearance of "someone" experiencing; "Someone" trying to settle, to solve, to figure out how to do.

Is that clear?

What is the problem? Your problem is you! You have no problem! In your Essential, Real Nature, which is Consciousness (which is the absence of this experimenter), there is no problem! There is no problem in life! Life does not carry problem, but the "person" does not stop carrying problem. Your Natural State is a state free from this illusion, the illusion of the “I”, the “me”, the person that is the illusion of ego. There is no ego! You are Consciousness, You are God! So, Consciousness, God, Presence, Being is the Nature of Reality.

These talks are intended to give you a warning, a warning, an alert, a tip. The purpose of these talks is for you to awaken to outside of this illusion of the sense of a present "me"  that wants to solve, to straighten, to control, to ponder, to reflect, to understand what happens.

 Let me ask you something: is there a moment of the day when, even when your hands, your feet, your arms, your head are present, you have no awareness of their presence? Are there moments in the day like this? Do you carry the idea of fingers, hands, feet, or blinking eyes or ears listening all day long? Absolutely not! This does not happen! So you are completely dispensable for this manifestation, this expression of Consciousness, through this natural movement, which is the movement of the body. Everything happens automatically, naturally, "unconsciously". Life goes on! This "unconsciousness" is the supreme Consciousness. Therefore, you are totally dispensable!

How many times have you blinked your left eye today? How many strands of hair did you lose today? From seven in the morning until now, how many heartbeats have you had? Who knows? Who risks? Do you have any number?

Whatever is present, it is this Consciousness... It is a single reality in this Consciousness happening in this Consciousness. There is nothing independent of this Consciousness; It is this Consciousness, which is unlimited, which is not bound to a mathematical formulation, which is not analyzing, not studying how to do. Everything is happening in this Intelligence, which is this Consciousness. While things are present, they are present in this Consciousness. When they disappear, that Consciousness remains unchanged - that is the beauty of Reality. The apparitions are intermittent! Where they appear is not intermittent. It is what remains unchanged! This is the Nature of Being. This is the Nature of Consciousness, which is non-dual, is timeless

If you want to keep on playing to dream, keep on affirming, day by day, moment by moment, the illusion of an experimenter there. If you are willing to go beyond of being born and dying, you must disconnect yourself from this theatrical "joy", so fleeting, so inconstant, so ephemeral…

*Excerpt from a talk transcribed from an online meeting on the night of November 21, 2016 - Access our agenda on our websiteand schedule to be with us: Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm download the Paltalk App and join Us.

July 25, 2017

You cannot learn about this

The meetings called Satsang are face-to-face. We have here (referring to the online meetings) an opportunity together, but this does not, in fact, constitute a real work. You are left only with an approach of investigation. We cannot also deny the Presence inside these meetings, even online, but they are of great importance indeed to those who are present in this work of dissolving this sense of an "I", of deconstructing that sense of separation. The others need to appear in person. It is necessary to go beyond concepts, beyond theories.

When we talk about this Realization, we are saying that the only Reality, the only Truth is this Consciousness. We are always dealing with this Consciousness recognizing Itself. When It acknowledges Itself, It does it in what we call pure experience – the experience without the experiencer. There is only Consciousness, always! And It knows Itself all the time in this experience. All you are experiencing, at this instant,  is the experience. It is not someone's experience, it is the experience.

The experience may be happening for the body, for the mind, but it is still only an experience in this Consciousness, it is not an experience for someone. The illusion is that you are here, but the only Reality here is this Consciousness, it is not you! When I say "you," I refer to those thoughts about what is happening, which are also happening in this Consciousness, as an experience in the Consciousness. It is not something particular, it is not something personal.

The idea is that you are thinking, feeling, speaking and listening to in the action, but there is no such thing. This is just an illusion created by thought itself, an imagination, and we are investigating this. The Sages, the Ancients, in their Wisdom, left this vision in their words, which then after became only ideas, beliefs.

In ancient India, the Sages were called seers. They left a vision, but this vision, for the blind, becomes a belief. The vision is for the seers, but when they talk about the vision to the blind ones, these ones pass to believe it and to repeat it in words. It is as if you teach a blind one about colors and he starts repeating their names - which are just words and do not make any sense to him. But he repeats, because the one who sees colors said the names to him. Then, being a blind man who only keeps words, he repeats. This is called "Advaita for the blind."

We are living in a moment like this. There are many blind ones describing the colors; there are many supposed seers describing a supposed vision, which is, in fact, only a belief. You do not need to learn anything about it, no need to memorize words about it, write books or poems about it. You only have to see, only see.

Then the Ancients, in their vision, in their Wisdom, they talked about this "not two," which is Advaita. There is only One, a single Reality. One is already too much, and this "One" is unspeakable, incommunicable in words, indescribable and, if you really see, if you are a seer, you silence, you remain in Silence. But if you are not a seer, you create songs about It. You can see, but you cannot communicate. There is no way to communicate! It is possible to know, but not "someone" to know; It is possible to know, but not "someone" to describe, to explain, to teach. It is not possible to learn about It; It is possible to see. See This is natural, because we are talking about this True Nature; we are talking about what You are, of your Real Nature.

There is nothing separate from this Consciousness. In other words, no apparition arises separate from this Consciousness. So thoughts are not problems; Sensations also not; The body does not either. To presume that there is something separate from this Consciousness is an illusion, and this reinforces the sense of duality, of separateness. We are always pointing to a single Reality, unnamable, indescribable, and this unique Reality is your True Nature, it is your Real Nature! This is You in your Being! It is not you in your thinking model, in your belief. Do not turn This complicated, thinking about. You cannot reach This through thought. Thought appears inside This, but thought does not encompass This. This encompasses everything, including thought. Not just thought, but any other apparition.

Language is always limited, but words born from Silence, even being limited, are like a pregnant woman: they carry something within them. Therefore, these words are "pregnant"; they are words that carry something, because they are born from this Consciousness, from this Silence. They carry the power of this Silence, the power of this Presence. They do not communicate intellectually, they deliver something, they are "giving birth" to something, although they are limited. But as they are born of this Silence, as they are born of this Consciousness, they carry a power behind them. Greater than these words is the Silence behind them. These words are like missiles reaching a target!

What is present now is this Presence, this Grace, this Consciousness, this Power... Everything is Now, Here. This is completely different from what you have heard there, in philosophy, in religion, in the so-called "gurus" of modern times.

* Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting on January 18th, 2017 - Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: - Also take part on our online meetings - download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone - and locate the room: satsang marcos gualberto always open at 10pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.