September 21, 2017

Freedom is to assume the Truth of your Real Nature

In these meetings, we have the opportunity to sit together, to be quiet and to enter into this moment of investigation, in this moment of silence.

It is crucial to understand that life is a game. In fact, a divine game. All you have to do is to disidentify internally, psychologically, and everything will be all right. I am saying that you must let life go on and just allow everything to be seen that way.

There is nothing to do! Everything is already happening! Everything is already happening according to this Divine Will! In your life, what prevails is this Divine Will, which is what happens.

Let each thing happen, each thing appear... Appear as it is! It is important that you remember that thoughts are also part of this; the feelings too. You are also part of what is appearing. There is nothing escaping from this Divine Will! This may sound very strange, but it is just like this. These responses of actions, thoughts, feelings, all of this is part of that apparition, of what is appearing.

When you no longer confuse yourself as "someone present" in these apparitions, you are free! You are this Freedom!

Problems arise only when you confuse yourself with the belief that you are someone who has to take responsibility, in this idea of being the author, the director, the doer, the one who chooses, the one who decides, the one who bosses around.

There is no individual taking care of his own affairs. What prevails is this Intelligence, this absolute Presence, That which cannot be explained. What prevails is this Silence.

Everyone is worried about getting rid of the mind - this is the mind searching for getting rid of the mind. Everyone is trying hardly, in a very complicated way to get rid of the mind.

The fastest way is simply to ask, "To whom are these thoughts going on?" Or "Where do these thoughts come from?" Then, we come to a point where there is nobody... Because there is not anybody! The thoughts, the feelings, the sensations and the emotions are apparitions without an author.

This is Freedom! Freedom is to assume the Truth of your Real Nature, of your Real Identity, which is not personal. There is no "person", there is no "I"!

This is very basic... Very strange, but it is basic. It is strange and basic, but it is fundamental! This direct perception of This, to feel It directly is so beautiful! When you use words, you destroy It, because It is beyond words, beyond thoughts. Words like "awakening", "enlightenment" and "realization" are just words, too.

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September 19, 2017

Your problem is the illusion there is a world separate from God

This is always a unique moment for each of you. This is a moment of Reality, of Truth, of Presence, of Grace... it is a moment of God in your life, a moment of Awakening! In this Awakening, everything comes naturally. Without the Awakening, there is only illusion - the illusion about it were not here what it is already here.

Ramana used to say that the man is sheltered under a shadow, a beautiful shadow. However, he moves away from this shadow, this soft, fresh shadow, and he begins to walk under the sun. Until one day he realizes that it is not worth staying under the hot sun, suffering because of all the heat. Then, this man returns... He returns to the shadow and there again he sits down and rests. The shadow was never far from him. He has only moved away from his origin, his place, his true nature. This is the whole game! Here the game happens! 

There was a girl who lived in a house of prostitution, and when she used to open the window in the morning, she always saw a preacher across the street. Every day he was there. He stood in front of the market talking about the virtues of God and human sins, pointing to that house.

That preacher condemned all sins. He was a man who considered himself righteous, very pure, so saint. Then, the girl began to listen more closely to those words and began to feel great sorrow from inside. She began to lament, saying in her heart with tears in her eyes: "My mother lived here... I was born here. I wish so much I had a different destiny, to be a spiritual person like that preacher, but I am a sinner. How I wish I had another destination! How I want to have the freedom and happiness of that man who is speaking of the virtues of God! "

The years have passed, both got old and died. When they presented themselves before Saint Peter, the preacher was already beating his chest and said, “Saint Peter, here I am! I have always spoken of the virtues of God! I am ready! Because of my righteousness, purity and holiness, I am ready to enter heaven!” Saint Peter turned to him and said: “Hey! Wait! Your place is not here!” Having said that, he raised his arms and a door opened... There was fire everywhere! “That is where you have to go!” said Saint Peter.

The man got surprised and shouted: “But, it is not possible!!! What is it?! What injustice is that?! I have spent my whole life proclaiming the divine virtues!! What am I going to do in hell?” “That's the point!” exclaimed Saint Peter, and then he turned to the lady: “My daughter, come here.” The man, understanding nothing at all, asked: “What do you want with this lady?”, and Saint Peter replied: "You have spent your whole life seeing many sinners, seeing yourself as a saint before them, but this lady spent her life, since she first heard it, still very young, with her heart turned to God!” Therefore, Saint Peter received that woman in heaven.

The point is that nobody is a sinner, nobody is a sufferer. Likewise, nobody is righteous, nobody is holy. When you are in Satsang, you have the opportunity to look at what you are and to discover your Real Nature, the Truth about you.

Thought tells you that you are a sinner or you are righteous; that you are healthy or sick, poor or rich, wise or foolish, great or small... The thought tells you that you are this or that, whether it is a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, a child or a young man, a mother, a daughter... The thought tells you that you are Brazilian, American, Japanese, white, black... The thought tells you all of this!

To discover What you are, the Truth about you, the Reality about yourself is to go beyond the illusion of being “someone”, having a name, a form, being somewhere, belonging to some group, country, family, religion... It is necessary to let this go and to discover yourself in your True Nature, in your Reality, as pure Consciousness, as pure Divine Presence, as pure Truth, as pure Freedom, as pure Happiness! Satsang shows you What you are!

Satsang means “encounter with Reality”, “encounter with the Truth”, “encounter with your Self”, which is beyond birth and death; beyond religion, nationality, social and physical condition; beyond time and space. Pure Consciousness! Pure Being! Your nature is Love, it is Wisdom, it is Beatitude!

You see the other in the form because the thought says the other has a shape. When you no longer see yourself as a person, you do not valorize people anymore; when you stop seeing yourself in the form, you no longer valorize the form, any form. Then, your look is the look of God! In fact, God sees nothing but Himself everywhere, because He only has Himself! This multiplicity of forms is apparent for the thought, not for the Nature, the Essence of these apparitions, That where all of this appears.

All the conditioning you have received over the years has been  taken place for you to valorize the story of this character that you believe to be in that context, with many characters around you, those you also believe to exist.

In these talks, I am inviting you to look from the Essential Nature of all apparitions, in order to make this pattern of conditioning (that format based on mental beliefs, on programmings that have been given to you) fall away, disappear! Therefore, you can deal with life as it is!

The apparitions do not seem as reality now, because the reality now is That where all this is showing up. Therefore, the world, the body and the mind are no longer real. Their reality is the reality of this Consciousness present in these apparitions. So, the body and the world are real in This that makes everything real. When everything is real in This that you are, nothing is separate from you. This is Liberation! When It is present, suffering ends, because the illusion of being “someone”, of having a separate world for this “someone” ends. The notion of heaven and hell, sacred and profane, preacher and prostitute disappears!

You can see the world as it is, it is what you are: God! There is only God! It is Him who sees Himself by seeing the world. Your problem is not the absence of God! This is not the problem of the world! God is not lacking in the world, neither is at fault with the world. Your problem is the illusion that there is a world separate from God. Your problem is the illusion that you exist as "someone" who may have problems in a world that is separate from you.

So, the man moves away from the shadow and goes to the heat of the sun. He walks, walks, walks... as He could not stand the heat anymore, he returns to the shadow again. However, he was under the shadow! You have always been there! You have never left the shadow, this rest, this relaxation, this freshness, this sweetness that is the Divine, which is God! You have never left Him! You have never been away from Him! You cannot, you never could and you can never go away from Yourself! All this separation is just an illusion - the illusion of that conditioning you have received, which makes you believe that you are a person with particular things and matters to solve.

* Transcribed from an online meeting in the night of November 4th, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m . BRT (Brasília Time Zone)
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September 14, 2017

It is essential to release this identification with the mind and body

The only thing that matters is this encounter called Satsang, which is the encounter with the Truth, with Reality.

Here, we are turned towards this Silence, which is Consciousness, which is the Real Knowledge, which in India is called Jnana. It is not about the knowledge where there is "someone" being the knower, "someone" possessing it. It is not! Jnana is Pure Knowledge, in which there is neither the knower nor the known thing. This Knowledge is Consciousness.

The word Jnana does not make much sense to Westerners. The literal meaning of the word is "knowledge", which for the Westerners means "someone" knowing something. So, there are the knower and that it is known, but it is not in that sense that we are using the word "knowledge" here. We are talking about a Perception where there is not the "perceiver", a Knowledge where there is not the "knower" and a Consciousness where there is not a "person conscious".

In your contact with the world, in this relationship, there is "someone". In fact, this "someone" is only an imagination, and this world, a perception. All objects are apparent, but you are treating this body and mind (which are also objects) as if they were being experienced by "someone". That is, you are not treating the body, or the mind, or the world just as an experience of an object. This is the whole problem! You are treating the body, the mind and the world as if they were real for this "me", for this "I". As if they were life itself, the "real life".

Your "real life" is something it is being seen in that way. You do not see that these are just apparitions and you believe this is your real life, the real life of this "I", of this "me". So, you are in this illusion: "I am in the body and this is my life". Whatever happens to the body or to the world you consider that it is something real, your life.

Because of that, you are attaching yourself to this identification, to this idea of being someone who lives a human and personal history. All your histories are personal (in fact, they are only memories, remembrances, beliefs and thoughts), and this gives to you the illusory sense of a present "I". So, everything that is happening in "your history" is happening in "your life", which represents the illusion of this present identity, of this "I" present inside the body.

We get confused with the mind and body, and we say, "I!" Realization is the end of this illusion - from the illusion "I am the body", "I am in the world" and this whole history is "my history".

Your True Nature is Consciousness, is Pure Knowledge! Your Real Nature is beyond birth and death! Your Real Nature has no history and it is not attached to time! Your True Nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda! Your True Nature is Meditation! Meditation is You in the Natural State, which is Presence, which is impersonality, which is beyond time!                             
It is essential to release this history, this identification with the mind, with the body, and to recognize yourself. In this recognition, there is only Pure Knowledge and not a "somebody" in it. When This is present, there is only this Perception, this Pure Knowledge, and this is Freedom, Truth, Happiness, Love. At this point, you are no longer confused with objects, such as the body, as the mind or as the world. You are aware of this Reality, of this Perception. 

Everything you see in the world is just an idea about it. Everything you see, all your personal experience, is just a thought about it, in which you confuse yourself, identify with and, therefore, you suffer.

I know that your house, your car, your children and your family seem very real, but they only appear when you remember them. When you remember, this shows up. In deep sleep, this does not appear, and when you do not talk about them, they disappear, because they are only apparitions that thought brings as a remembrance.

Right now, I mentioned the car and you remembered there is a car. Before that, you did not remember that you had a car, it was not there... They are apparitions that arise with the thought.

You always live and remain as Consciousness, and there is nothing in It, there is no one unless the thought brings something and says it is there. Your world is thought. Even the emotional pain of losing someone needs the memory to be felt. Without the remembrance, there is no pain, no suffering. This is your world, the world that thought makes it appear to this particular "I", that "me". It is always this "I" in its particular history that suffers.

If someone steals your friend's car, it will not worry you, but if it is your car, it will worry you. In fact, until you know they have stolen your car, you are not worried. Only when you find out this, you get concerned. This is your interpretation of the world. So, your world, your history and your suffering are personal. This sense of "person" sustains the suffering, the sense of separation, the sense of duality - "I and the world". Even the love you feel is related to this imagination. This love is not real! Everything you know, experience, feel is related to the history of this "you"... but this "you" is the illusion.

*Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of April 17 th , 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. BRT (Brasília Time Zone)
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September 11, 2017

The art of Being is to remain as pure Consciousness

What do we investigate in these meetings? That what we intimately know about ourselves. Yes... it sounds paradoxical. We investigate, we explore what we already know to be in ourselves.

So what is the difficulty? The difficulty is that we confuse what we are with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions that pass in this mechanism, in this body-mind. Thus, we discard, we despise what we are intimately. When we do this, we attach ourselves to this illusion of a limited and personal entity trapped in time and space.

Then, realize that it is basically this: we explore, investigate what we know that is in ourselves, but we despise it because we are constantly - as a matter of conditioning - attached to an "I", which is the imagination of the thought about ourselves. It may sound quite curious and funny as well. How can we do this? Only the Grace explains.

Consciousness is that what is there, present, conscious of Itself, as pure Being. In order to explore this Consciousness, it is necessary to disidentify ourselves from the thought, the feeling, the emotion, the sensation of this "I". It is necessary to disidentify ourselves from this "me", to let this "me" go, which is this identification with the thought, with the feeling, with the emotion, with the sensation, with this experience of this "someone" that you believe to be.

This Consciousness, this Reality that we are is aware of Itself, free from the illusion "I am the body", "I am a person inside the body - a limited person, located in space and time". This is an illusion! What is this present here, in that moment, now, that can recognize the thought, the feeling, the sensation, the emotion and the body? Of course, it is this Consciousness. If It can recognize it, It is something separate from it.

Notice that the thought cannot recognize the Consciousness, but It can recognize the thought. The body cannot recognize the Consciousness, but It can recognize the presence of the body, the sensation in the body, the emotion in the body, in this organism. There is something that can perceive the presence of this whole process. That something is the Consciousness.

Therefore, this Consciousness is aware of Itself, while the body is not aware of itself, the thought is not aware of itself... The emotion is a phenomenon, but it is not aware of itself, neither is the sensation.

However, Consciousness is aware of this whole process. It is independent and free from all this process. Consciousness recognizes Itself - It is aware of being aware. Notice how simple this is and that there is a logic that you cannot disapprove.

Here, the art of Being - which represents this Liberation - is to remain as pure Consciousness. As I said, you have despised this Consciousness and you have been confusing yourself with the thought, with the emotion, with the feeling... You have given to it a particular, individual and personal identity. This is a fantasy, a belief! There is no such entity! There is only Consciousness! It is IT that is present and aware of this whole process. So, this Liberation is to assume That, this Reality that You are. This is Meditation!

This Consciousness, this Presence is uncaused; it is not located and remains as pure Being. Notice that this speech, like all of the speeches in Satsang, is an invitation to Meditation. Satsang is Meditation!

As long as you listen to me, there is no "you", because this "You" is this Consciousness; It is not this "you" placed in time and space. It is this "You" as Consciousness, Consciousness in Itself, with Itself, in this communing, in this sharing, in this experiencing of this unique Reality about Itself, in Itself, which is Meditation.

So, there is no "you", there is  only "You"! This is the Beauty of Satsang, the Grace of Satsang, the Presence in Satsang. The Presence in Satsang is the Grace, it is the Beauty of the Truth, of the Consciousness, which is Meditation.

This ever present Being is what it sometimes is called Awakening, or Enlightenment. This is Meditation, it is Liberation! The Truth is beautiful! This moment is the moment of Truth, something experiential, something real, your Being, without any knowledge, any theory, any belief about it.

This Consciousness, this Presence, this Truth, this Reality, this Self is this vast Space where everything appears, where objects, body, mind, sensations appear, where feelings and experiences take place.

You are this Consciousness! You are this unlimited Space!

We are facing this Reality, which is: I AM!

*Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of January 27th, 2017
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September 7, 2017

This is always present, it is immutable.

All objects in this dream called "human life", "conscious life" (here, "conscious" is to think about, which in reality is an overlap; just this. The thought is an overlap, a thought “about” these apparitions), all this is a tremendous illusion and it is necessary to let it go, to get rid of it. This is called Awakening! Therefore, all these present objects are made only by Consciousness, in Consciousness. There are no objects as objects. Objects are Consciousness!

I am not saying that objects do not exist; I am saying that they exist, but as an apparition, which is Consciousness. It is not the illusion of the sense of "not appearing," only the illusion in the sense that "there is a separate existence". There is no separate existence! Every existence presupposes a present Consciousness, because all existence presupposes the manifestation of that Unique expression, which appears in this shape or in  that, in this way or in that. There is no object with autonomy and right, with independence of Reality. Every object, every apparition arises dependent on Consciousness; it arises in Consciousness, as Consciousness. Nothing is real in itself; everything is real In that which makes everything real. Therefore, You are real, but In That what makes you real. You are real, but In That which is your Reality.

As a character, as a concept, as a figure with a name, a shape and a story, you are a fraud. You do not exist! If you do not exist, you do not have freedom, you do not have autonomy, you do not have Consciousness; you are absolutely nothing! You are nothingness that creates the illusion of your own reality and this illusion of your own reality, which this nothingness creates; these are problems, suffering, maya. What is conceived as an object, without exception, has a name and a shape; this shape is changing and this name is being forgotten, because when the shape changes the name is forgotten. Everything that loses its shape, or changes its shape, loses its name and is forgotten. This change of shape we call death or disappearance; the forgetting of this name we call the end of memory. But every object, every apparition has the same Nature, Reality, Truth and Substance - This is always present, it is immutable.

Every experience, in its Real Nature, True Nature, is always the same ... It is always this present Consciousness, like the images we watch on movies. The substance, the nature, the quality, the basis of the apparitions, is the screen and this does not change. This is the unique nature of every experience going on there. However, the images are changing shape, losing name and other names, and other shapes are arising. Everything is changing! These images seem to be born, to grow, to evolve, to become ill, to grow old, and to die. They seem to have movements "from point A to point B", they seem to be clear, dark, go up and down, but the nature of Reality, the present Nature of that unique experience, where everything is happening, does not change. It remains unchanged! This Screen is like this.

Is that clear, people?

You are giving much importance to the history, to the movement, to the appearance and disappearance. At times you are proud of your children, your husbands, your grandchildren; next moment, you are disappointed, frustrated, angry, wanting to get rid of them. So, you stay in this thing, in the "story of someone" in a context, occupied with the movie, with that apparition. When you do this, you separate yourself as an experimenter, experiencing frustration or pride, joy or sadness, pleasure or pain, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, feeling successful or unsuccessful within events, happenings, in everything that happens or seems to happen around you. When you do that, you abandon, because you cannot take on the Truth that there is nothing happening in That what you are. It is just a game of ego-consciousness, of the egoic consciousness; a play of the egoic mind, of that illusory sense of "someone", who is retaining the idea of ​​"being someone", holding these images - total inattention!

You are confusing yourself with thoughts, feelings, external and internal impressions of images, imaginations of "what should" and "should not" be, what could or could not be, what should have been and so on. Meditation is necessary, which is Consciousness, which is to assume your Reality of not caring, not identifying and not confusing yourself with thoughts and beliefs, with beliefs-feelings, with feelings-thoughts, with thoughts-feelings.

Let's end here! Thanks for the meeting! Namastê!

* Second Excerpt from a speech transcribed from an online meeting at the night of November 21st, 2016. Access our agenda, on our website, and schedule to be with us:,on line meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10p.m. - download Paltalk App and participate!

September 4, 2017

Is this sense of being a person still there?

These encounters always carry a new perfume. We are dealing with something always new. Truth is something like that. I have noticed how hard it has been for some of you to directly understand the importance of a work like this, the direct importance of this work. 

Why do we have this game here? Why do we have this play here? This game called Master and disciple? This play called Master and disciple?

We can think about thousands of arguments, question this in various ways, have thousands approaches in order to investigate this theme, which is the need (or not) of a game like this; a game like this where there are the figure of the Guru and the figure of the disciple, the figure of the Master and the figure of the devotee.

It is natural that some teachers, some so-called "gurus" say clearly that there is no you, that you are not real, this apparent individual present is not real. True Gurus do the same. We can take from this the idea that you can not do anything for this realization since you are not real. So there is nothing that this apparent individual, this apparent person may do for this Realization, toward that Realization.

However, we have to investigate this, because the truth is that as long as there is some form of identification with this illusion of an apparent "individual", the illusion of that "person", there will be no choice but the search.

Although, it is also common for you to hear that the search is not real since the one who is searching is not real. But I want you to look at what I am going to say. If there is this sense of separation, this sense of an "I" located within [the body], or as that body, then this belief - which is not only a belief but also a feeling – is occulting this Reality, of course.

So notice that it is a very paradoxical talk. As long as there is this sense of an "I" located here in the body, or as the body itself, this belief, this feeling will be hiding the Truth. The truth is that there is no "one", there is no "person", but this belief/feeling gives existence to this illusory entity.

So to simply theorize about it does not work. All this common speech that the guru is not necessary because there is no disciple, there is no teacher and there is no person is perfectly right, but it does not work.

It is right from the Guru's point of view, or from the point of view of the One who is outside the illusion of being an "entity", of being "someone", of being present in the world, within the body, or as the body. But if this is not real, it is just a belief, and like a belief, it does not work. It is just another theory about the Truth, but it is not the Truth.

This is where this game comes in, where the figure of the Master and the figure of the disciple appear to the one who still sees himself as a separate entity. That one who sees himself as a separate entity can not deal with the Truth; he can rather deal with beliefs.  In his beliefs he can accept the Truth of the Guru or the illusion of the guru; But in his beliefs he can not stop accepting the illusion of being "someone".

Belief has no freedom at all, but the direct experience of the Truth has Freedom. I repeat: belief does not have any freedom.

It is a tremendous illusion - the worst and the most fatal of all illusions – to weave theories about freedom or truth from the mind’s field, where there are only beliefs, theories, ideas, concepts. Truth is beyond that! The Reality of our direct experience, which is not a personal experience, is the experience without the experiencer, without the belief of a present "I"; the experience free from the idea "I am the body".

This experience, the direct experience is unlimited Consciousness, supreme Intelligence, supreme Reality. But this is not a belief, it is not a theory. Therefore, the need for the "Master and disciple" game will always be necessary while the illusion "I am the body" or "I am somebody" is present.

It is exactly the belief "I am the body" or "I am somebody" that is hiding your True Nature, your Real Nature, That which is the Truth about You. This is concealing, apparently but in a "very real" way,   the Peace, the Freedom, the Happiness, which is something inherent, innate, which is the Nature of Being.

So all these discussions are purely intellectual, something completely stupid and useless. As long as the sense of separation is present, as long as the illusion of a separate "I", of an entity in this experience of "body-mind-world" is present, the presence of the Guru’s figure is needed.

I know this is a strong punch, a very violent blow toward the presumption, the  pride and the vanity of the "I", because ego is deeply arrogant, quite self-taught, but it can not get out of the field of ego, of duality, however great its efforts. This is because all the work in the ego is the work of the ego to the ego and by the ego. All the work in the mind is the work of the mind to the mind, by the mind, to the mind, and not out of the mind.

There is no amount of arguments, statements and affirmations that can change that, because that is so. Only God recognizes God! Only Consciousness reveals Itself as Consciousness! The mind does not get there.

No practice, no meditation technique, no kind of sadhana, none of this can manifest this Reality, because This is out of time. Sadhana may have a certain place, but this is very primary, initial. Even a real sadhana, that before the figure, the Presence of the Guru, does not represent a decisive thing either.

Therefore, if this sense of separation is there, illusion is there with all its intellectuality, ability to argue, to counter-argument, to explain, to teach, to conclude, to deduce. We are saying that this apparent entity present in the pursuit of Realization, of this Happiness is the very own impediment.

Thus, this apparent present entity with crossed arms, talking about a "non-entity", a "non-person", the illusion of the disciple and the guru, it is also in the same condition. The thing is very simple, very basic. The Guru is necessary as long as the illusion is present carried with this sense of separation. 

The Guru is the necessity, because this Presence is the necessity! God is the only necessity, because He is the only Reality, the only Truth!  Everything else is beliefs, concepts, ideas, conclusions, spiritualistic opinions, philosophical conclusions, advaits or neo-advaitas conclusions, and so on. In Satsang we are dealing with the end of the sense of separation, of this illusion of "someone" located within the body here as this body; we are dealing with the end of this belief/feeling. 

We are dealing with the unlimited Consciousness, That which is the basis of all apparitions, of all and any experience. It is the end, the "falling down" of this veil, which is the veil of separateness, of duality, of suffering, of the search, of the illusion of the “I”.

This apparent and illusory entity present, this "person” speaking of a "non-person" and that there is nothing to be done, this is something completely naive, terribly stupid. What a tremendous, baneful and great illusion!

Having understood this, it gets very clear that this apparent entity is still in pursuit of happiness and at the same time saying that there is nothing to be done. How can an apparent entity, which is still in this illusion of being "someone", of being a "person", deny the need to do something, if it is still in pursuit of happiness, peace, freedom and truth? It is just a belief.

This apparent entity is only a belief too, and it believes that there is nothing to be done, but nonetheless, it continues in duality, in the ego, in the sense of separation, unhappy, in the pursuit of happiness. So, do not argue about it ever again, for it is very stupid, a thing of a very big ego. Leave the mind alone. Stop disturbing the mind. Therefore, remember this very strongly, and you will never have problem with it anymore.

I am finishing just by repeating this: if there is this sense of separation, this sense of the "I" located here, inside the body, as this body, then, this belief, this feeling is hiding the Reality, the Truth of the Self, the Truth of Sat-Chit-Ananda, the Truth of the unlimited Consciousness.  If this is present, to say that there is nothing to be done and at the same time to continue pursuing Happiness, Peace, Love and Freedom, carrying this sense of desire and fear, it is quite senseless, stupid and naive.

OK! Let's stop now. Until the next meeting. Namaste.

* Excerpt from a talk transcribed from an online meeting on the night of November 18, 2016 Access our agenda on our website and set up to be with us:
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August 22, 2017

Your Real Heart

In Satsang we are dealing with your Being, with this real Being, of your True Nature, That what you are. What do we mean by Being, your Being, your real Being? Your real Being is your real Heart, something beyond this mortal dream - the dream of this "person", of this present entity. We are not talking about the human heart; we are talking about this Divine Heart, your True Nature. When you turn to the mind and its movement, you are out of this Space. It is necessary that you allow this Reality to assume its Space, allow this Space to be assumed, this Reality assuming this Space. The Reality of this Real Presence is only possible when the mind turns to its source and this mysterious power assumes.

This is what we call Satsang: when the end of all questions and all answers comes; when the end of all this restlessness comes. That is the end of this mortal dream experience, where "someone" can disappear in death, and this is something very frightening. I want to remind you of this Void, which is, in fact, fullness. This fullness is this Void, which is the place of your real Heart. It is necessary to go beyond this limitation of the present separate entity with its desires and fears; go beyond these desires and fears.

When the mind returns to the source, to its origin, it disappears in that Void and then all problems end. Problems are only possible for the "person"; for the person and its desires and dreams; for the person and its fantasies; for the person and its mortal dream. Therefore, do not put yourself there in this condition; do not enter into that imagination. Outside this imagination, of this movement of the mind, you are free, it is Freedom. As you are free, you can, as Consciousness, Presence, Truth, express This, which is no longer a personal expression. This expression, which is no longer personal, is the expression of Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Bliss, something that is pure rest... Resting in your own Being, in your own real Heart.

That is why the issues, the questions, the answers and the worries come to an end. Self-realization means Omnipresence, which is this complete, total Presence of Silence. This Silence interpenetrates everything, it is everywhere. When you are this Realization, you see good and evil, right and wrong, divine and profane, all as part of your Essential Nature. Then, there is no conflict, there is no duality, there is no separation. There are no other people outside this Realization. Therefore, you do not share this illusion of the mortal dream, the dream of being "someone" to see the other. After all, how would you do this, free from the illusion of being someone? How would it be possible to have others?

God is present as the only Truth. There is not the other separated from Him, in every thing, part or place, in each one... And for Him, there is not "each one”, there is only Him. That is the vision of that Omnipresence which I am talking about. It is when you become transparent, when you assume your Real Nature, you assume to be What You Are - God. This Being is Real Completeness, Real Fullness and Real Perfection, which is the perfection of everything, everywhere. Therefore, without the idea of a present "someone" there are not others.

All your struggle, all your despair, all your worry and anxiety are in this illusion that "you are alone" as a present entity, struggling to survive. This is the constant struggle of the ego, because there is so much fear there. There is all this desperation not to die, not to leave this mortal dream; it is the conflict of the duality between living and dying, between good and evil, between truth and illusion.

These meetings have invited you to this perfect, absolute and eternal Peace - eternal in the sense of timelessness and unconditionality. This is possible in this Awakening and you are here for this. Awakening means coming out of this mortal dream, of mortality. That is the end of all separation, and when there is no separation, there is no fear. That is why we call This non-duality; Non-duality is non-separateness and without separateness there is no fear, there is only this Presence, which is Omnipresence.

Notice that we are dealing with you about something that is not an achievement, it is not something that you get; it is something you were born with. Enlightenment is something innate, it is not something strange. That potential is in there, but it needs to be updated. If you keep on confusing yourself with what you are not, you will keep on giving up on This, and that has been the way, the form, the manner everyone proceed. By staying with what you are not, you despise That what you are in your Real Nature. And what is it missing? Investigation! Deep, dedicated, applied and fervent investigation; a real interest on It; a real work in that direction, all your endeavor, all your Heart!

It is like the story of Buddha who spent 30 days under the bodhi tree, for he had made a decision when he went under that tree. He did not want to teach his disciples what, in fact, he did not know deeply and directly, directly and real. He was determined to die or to discover this Thing, there, with his eyes closed, quiet; and only after about 30 days he opened his eyes, which were completely different. There was a sparkle in his eyes, luminosity on his face, his body was so light and so transparent that you could almost see through it. Something had happened. The disciples approached him and asked, "Master, have you seen God?" He said, "No." "Have you seen heaven?" He said, "No." "Have you seen the spiritual world?" He said, "No." "So what happened, Master?" Buddha replied: "The Awakening, the end of this illusion, the illusion of this dream."

Therefore, this realization is not the vision of God, of heaven, of the spiritual world. This is the Awakening of your Real Nature, of Your Essential Nature; the Awakening of that potential that is there. It is the Awakening of this Heart, of Wisdom, of Freedom, of Happiness, of Love, of Peace. This is the end of the illusion of suffering, of separateness, of duality, of the illusion of this "me", of this "I" and with this, the world and the "other" come to an end. This is the real Holiness, but the church, the religion, the spirituality, the mysticism and the esoterism do not know This. The real Sanity is the real Intelligence, the real Freedom, the real Truth... This is Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is necessary to sit down here, in the Silence, and only then you can go beyond all desires, as Buddha did, such as Krishna, Mahavira, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi. That is the end of your story, the end of that person with a name and a story. Are you ready for this or do you still have a lot of things to do, many desires and projects? Do you still feel part of this world, "someone" inside this context of world? Do you prefer and want to continue this story, which I usually call "being someone for a few and having a few for this someone"?

Liberation is the end of the continuity of this mortal dream. If you still appreciate "your story” very much, you are not ready for This and this "your story" will pull you back; you will come back again, again, again and again. It is necessary to have the feet on this world, but the Heart must be outside it... Only the feet walking on the earth, while the Heart is entirely free from this desire of going on. Only when the Heart is completely detached from this, it assumes its place. Your Real Nature is this free Heart and that is where this Presence, this Consciousness, this Reality is.

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August 19, 2017

The Path of Self-Inquiry and Devotion

I only know two tools that work for Awakening: self-observation – which is the investigation of the ephemeral nature of the ego, of the temporary and voluble nature of the “I” – and devotion. I would rather say that it is curious to deal with this self-observation, this investigation of the nature of maya, of illusion, of ego, because, in my case, the element which has predominated at the most in this work here (in this body-mind) was devotion. 

I have never been interested in knowing the theoretical and theological aspects of this subject. I had never read about it, I had never heard about it, which has proved me to be very worth, because I have always been taken by surprise within this process, this work of Awakening, and it was like this until the end.

The most direct way to realize This is the complete trust in the Guru, it is the maturity of dealing with God in the form of the Guru. But when you have this maturity, you do not argue with the Guru, because you do not doubt Him. You do not question Him, do not question His love for you. I have already seen many of you arguing with me. So, it has to be through the path of self-investigation.

The path of self-inquiry is the path of the mistrust, the doubt, the fear of surrender, the stubbornness, the intellect. The path of devotion is the path of the heart, of surrender, of non-doubt, of the certainty before the Sacred. A path like this is naive for sure. It reminds a child that until a certain age trusts in the father and mother so much. 

So, this thing of dealing with the Guru, this might be like this for the devotee. The non-devotee, that disciple “placed in the head” - who tries to capture this via intellect – keeps saying: “Should I go? Should not? I wonder this is it! I wonder this is not! Should I trust? Should I not trust?”

Then, he end up discussing with the Guru. The path of devotion is much more direct, but It is much more risky, It can even lead to death, quick death [of the ego]. My path with my Master did not have many mishaps, but if this trusting code is broken, that password is broken; so there is no longer any way to access it.

Self-inquiry is a very arid, very dry, a very impersonal thing. It is a great tool! Devotion is such a very warm, a very personal thing, a thing more intimate. Ramana even said that the Sage is the real devotee. For you, who is God? Who is this Consciousness? Who is this Presence? Who is the Guru? Do not speak to me from a theoretical, verbal, intellectual point of view expressing advaita concepts. Ramana was a clear example of a Sage (jnani) and a devotee.

[Master starts  reading a talk  from  Robert Adams]

“Ramana Maharshi has always said that devotion, faith and self-inquiry are one and the same thing. You cannot just have dry self-enquiry, you have to feel the love, you have to feel devotion, you have to put God first.”

“Unless you put God first, you will only have dry words. And the words will give you a keen intellect. You will be able to recite all sorts of things, memorize books, listen to speeches and remember that, but you will really never awaken. That is why sometimes Advaita Vedanta can be dangerous for some people. However, if they actually read the books about Advaita Vedanta, they will understand that they have to develop a tremendous faith.

“Think about some teachers you know or have heard about. Nisargadatta... He always prayed. He realized He was Consciousness. He was self-realized, but at the same time He chanted, prayed, had devotion. It seems a contradiction because you may say: “If someone is Self-realized and knows that is everything that exists, to whom does He pray?” Try to remember that the whole spiritual life is a contradiction. It is a contradiction because words cannot explain This. Even when you are the Self, you can pray for the Self, which is you.

“Ramana Maharshi always had chanting at the ashram, prayers, devotional hymns. These things are very important. Many westerners, who profess to be atheists, come to listen to lectures on Advaita Vedanta, and yet nothing ever happens in their lives. As long as you do not have devotion, faith, love, discrimination, dispassion, it will be very difficult to awaken.” [Robert Adams].

Robert Adams attained Self-realization when He was fourteen years old while taking a math test in a classroom. When He was a baby, He saw a pygmy in his crib. When He grew up a little more He found a book on the shelf of a bookstore and recognized the pygmy that used to talk to him on the crib.

That pigmy spoke to him until He was seven years old, and at that moment He saw His picture in the book. Look at the pygmy that appeared to him since He was a baby and "have worked" with him until He was seven years old. [Master points at a photo of Ramana Maharshi]

After the age of 14, Robert Adams  went to see Joel Goldsmith, who sent him to Yogananda. When He met Yogananda, Yoganand told him, "I am not your Guru. Go after your Guru, He is in India." Then, at the age of eighteen He went to India and spent three years with Ramana. In the last three years of Ramana's life, He was at His feet.

Learning with the Guru to chant, to pray, to do puja, to give his life to Him, to God is a great tool. When there were no musicians, Robert Adams would put devotional records on a phonograph. One day they asked: Why do you always put these songs for us to listen? He replied: “You must listen to these songs, you are very dry, you need to get a little wetter.” He went on saying: “When a seed is in the earth, it does not bud, it does not germinate. The earth must be moist. It is necessary to make the earth wet. Your hearts are like this. You are very dry, an arid land. No seed can germinate there. So I want you to learn how to pray and to chant.”

* Transcribed from a speech during  the retreat of New Year's Eve 2016-2017 at Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil - Access our agenda and set up to be with us. Visit our website: – Also take part in our online meetings - download the Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone – and search the room: satsang marcos gualberto. It is always open at 10:00 p.m. (Brazilian time – GMT-3) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

August 14, 2017

Meditation is the key, the lock, the door...

It is not a practice, it is not a path, it is not an exercise, it is not a movement... It is to remain in the Source, it is to remain in the Self, it is to remain in the Heart. This is Meditation! It is not a posture for breathing, it is not a physical posture, it is not to sit down, lie down or walk in a special way. It is simply to remain without thoughts, at this instant, now... Always at this instant! Without agitation, without movement, without being impressed by the appearances of the senses. Meditation is Enlightenment; it is to remain in Consciousness. When you are Meditation and Consciousness, you are Compassion, you are Peace, you are Love, you are Truth, you are Freedom. Something radiates from you! It is in the feet, in the hands, in the body, in the eyes, because you are the Source, you are the Heart, you are the Presence, you are the Consciousness, you are God! 

I just teach one thing: Being. The center, the heart of my speeches points only to Meditation. Meditation is the key, the lock, the door... it is this side and it is that side. Meditation is Enlightenment! You do not meditate to get yourself enlightened, because in your Being you are Enlightenment, which is Meditation. You do not sit down to meditate; Meditation settles and you disappear as a separate entity, as someone present in the experience of thinking, of feeling, of getting emotional, of eating, of talking, of sitting, of lying down, of walking, of sleeping, of dreaming, of getting up from the bed, of waking up... 

Meditation is supreme Happiness; it is you in your Self, in your Natural State as pure Beauty, Love, Freedom... this Wholeness... It is everything, everywhere, nowhere, nothing, besides everything... Meditation! Without body, without mind, without world. It is not a girl, it is not a boy; it is neither old nor a child; it is not a newborn, nor an old dying man on the verge of death, or a rather a breathless lady, close to stop; no birth, no death... Meditation! 

It is when thoughts cease, desires cease, and then you are back to the Source. There is no longer the character, there is no longer the history of this character and its superstitions, its beliefs; there is no more heaven, hell or purgatory; there is no Planet Earth, Milky Way, Cosmos or Universe; there is no longer this material plane and the spiritual plane; there is not the crude and the subtle; there is not the divine and the profane, the matter and the spirit... This is Meditation, Consciousness, the absence of the ego, of the sense of the experiencer, and this has nothing to do with the practices of meditation that you know, in which apparently the Meditation happens and the meditator disappears for a moment - ten minutes, half an hour, an hour, two hours of meditation or eight hours. It is only the appearance that the meditator is not there, because the meditator is there, saved. 

What I'm talking about has nothing to do with what you practice around there. I am talking about the Natural State of remaining unidentified with the experimenter in the experience of this instant - the experience can be listening, talking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, doing something... Meditation! Remain in your Self! Look, listen, speak, walk, eat, sit down, get out of bed after waking up, go to the office, go to the clinic, go to military service, occupy yourself by writing a book, or do any other activity, without the author of the present action, remaining in the disidentification of the experimenter in that experience. With eyes closed or open, speaking or in silence, remain without "someone", without that sensor that compares, that judges, accepts, rejects, welcomes, pushes away, loves, hates, likes, dislikes... Remain in the simplicity of your Real Nature. So this Energy, this Presence - which is Compassion, which is Freedom, which is Love, which is Truth, which is Reality - takes Its place. 

No more despair, no more fear, no more desire, no more sadness, no more worry... You are here, in your Being. Now, you can see the world as it is; the beautiful world in its Wholeness, in its Peace, in its Beauty. Is it clear? Can you see? God is One and you are God - this is Meditation, this is Samadhi, this is Enlightenment. Remain in your Being! Listen carefully: REMAIN IN YOUR BEING! 

This sensation, at this moment, is God. What you can see is God, what you can hear is God. God in every moment, God in everything, God in nothing, here and now. God has all the names. What is your name? It is the name of God. There is no surprise to God. Everything you think is God's thing; everything you feel... anything you want is God's desire. There is not you, ever! You are an illusion, only an imagination. So, relax! Stop the worries, stop the fears. 

I was born to do this work, to wake you up from this illusion; from this illusion of being a person. I love all mankind, all people, all places! I am the Love! I do not live for myself, I live for you! You do not understand me, but one day you will understand. One day you will be in your Being, in your Natural State, and you will understand me. All this work, all these encounters with me - hundreds, thousands of Satsangs - will be like a dream you had yesterday. 

Listen to my voice, look into my eyes, sit down with me and discover, in yourself, what I Am, what You Are. Hold my hand, stay with me... Dance with me and be happy with me! I can show you how to be free; I can show you how to be a Sage. No more pain, no more sadness, no more anxiety, no more depression, no more conflict... The most beautiful smile on the face, the bright eyes... Paradise on Earth every day!

*Transcribed from a speech during the Carnival Retreat on February 2017, in João Pessoa – Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: – Also, take part of our on line meetings – download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone, and locate the room: “satsang marcos Gualberto”, always opened at 10 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.