May 31, 2017

The difference between being smart and being wise

The Sage does not have the intelligence of an intelligent. The intelligence of the intelligent is ignorance, absolute ignorance! The Sage is not intelligent because he has the intelligence of the intelligent; the Wise is the Intelligence! Curiously, he is nothing, much less intelligent. If the Sage was intelligent, he would not be wise, because to be intelligent is not wise. To be smart is to be an expert, to know something, and that limits the intelligent in time. The Wise is the Intelligence, he is not limited to time. He cannot be so stupid to be intelligent, as the intelligent does, who does not want to give up being stupid to be someone... someone in time.

Wisdom is Intelligence. Knowledge is intelligent, but knowledge is in time. As it is in time, it is something that can always grow more and more, and therefore, it is something always limited. Wisdom is not limited because it is not in time. It is not personal, it is not individual, it is not private, it is not someone’s; it is the Intelligence! The Sage is not someone, he is not a person. The Sage is the Impersonal Intelligence, which is Wisdom; which is not in time; which cannot be increased or decreased; which cannot be known or deepened, as knowledge.

Did you understand the difference, now, between being intelligent and being Wise? The Sage is out of time, because he has no mind. The intelligent, in the mind, is in time. His knowledge can always expand, improve, because it is limited. Knowledge is always limited, because you can always know more, go deeper. This is the proof of the limitation of knowledge, which is only possible for the person... for the intelligent person. Therefore, the Sage can be unlettered, uncultured. The clever one, does not! The intelligent is very limited by knowledge - he needs knowledge to be intelligent. The Sage does not need knowledge. He is the Consciousness, he needs nothing, absolutely nothing! That is why he is ready, he is complete, he is not limited, he has nothing to acquire, nothing to lose... This is Wisdom!

When you go to a Sage, you are going to the Truth in the form. When you go to the cultured, intelligent man, you are encountering the limitation. The smart one has someone to compete with. The Wise, does not. The intelligent has someone to learn with. As a matter of fact, he is only intelligent, because he is learning. If he were simpler, he would be a Sage, but he is very complex. He transforms his complexity into knowledge. The Sage is in the opposite direction. While the intelligent is going, the Wise has already come back! The Sage has already returned and the smart one is going... he does not stop going! If he stops going, he stops being intelligent.

Intelligence is always at risk, it is always threatened by ignorance, because it is limited. It always has to be added, deepened, investigated. So, it is an endless walk in this limitation. This "no end of" is the limitation, and when there is no limitation there is no beginning. How can there be an end to what has no beginning? It is Wisdom!
Is not it?

Truth manifests the Wise! Knowledge manifests fear... the fear of not being; and to be, you have to seek more and more knowledge. So, while Truth manifests the Wise, knowledge manifests fear.

This is simple, is not it?

The desire to know is fear, pure fear... fear of not being. Not being is not ignorance; seeking to be is ignorance, because seeking to be is fear! Not being is: I do not know! There is no fear in the "I do not know," which is the Wise's statement. "But I want to know..." Here comes the fear, which is the affirmation of the intelligent. This smart is a fool, which is complex. If he were simple, he would not say, "I want to know." He would be relaxed on "I do not know". It has no weight on "I do not know". However, "I want to know"... See how heavy it is!? This is fear! Stuff of the foolish, stuff of the smart. So the intelligent is not the Intelligence; the intelligent is only intelligent. He is foolish enough to be smart. As the Sage relaxes on "not knowing", he is Intelligence!

What is the purpose of Awakening? The end of the intelligent; the end of knowledge; the end of "I want to know", because it is the end of fear! What is the question about this? Do you want to know? It is a pity! It seems you did not pay attention to the speech.

Arrogance is not to be Intelligence; arrogance is to consider yourself smart. When you compare yourself, you are arrogant; and you only compare yourself when you know. This is only possible when we consider being intelligent. When there is Intelligence, there is no comparison. When there is no comparison, the intelligent does not appear. When there is no comparison, there is only the intelligence, which is only Being, and this is not arrogance, this is natural. Being is natural, Intelligence is natural.

Intelligence is the nature of Being, which is the nature of Love. Arrogance is violent. Arrogance is presumption, it is vanity. Love is not vanity, it is not conceit, it is not arrogance. Love is the joy of freedom of Being... and this is Intelligence! There is Happiness only in the Intelligence. This is your Real and True Nature, different from the intelligence of the intelligent, which can be learned, accumulated, deepened, presented. Intelligence is natural, it is the nature of God, it is the nature of Truth, of Wisdom, of Love, of Happiness, of timelessness, of That which is neither born nor dies. It is so, and so it remains! Immutable! Immutable!

* Transcribed from a speech on September 2016, at the Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

May 26, 2017

The ego loves suffering

 Thought separates itself from emotion, and it separates in order to survive that emotion. He has to survive as an entity to live a new experience of that kind. The emotion is real; the thought is not! If it is treated, it disappears. Treated here means being seen when it appears, without the separation between it and thought. Thus, treated, the emotion disappears, because that same energy of feeling, of the present emotion, is Consciousness. But the thought does not want this being treated, so it separates to explain the emotion. When thought does this, it is ready to, again, repeat itself with this foundation of emotion. The existence of the "I" is basically thought; it is not emotion, it is not feeling. That is a good tip you are hearing from me now! When you are sad, stay with the sadness, but not with the story. Try the sadness without the story so you can see what happens to it. Why does not the Jnani, the Awakened One, experience sadness?

It is inattention that brings sustenance, the continuity of that experience. When there is full attention to what is presented, the experience leaves no scar, leaves no background, leaves no foundation, leaves no emotional memory. Since childhood you have been conditioned not to feel emotional pain, to be protected from emotional pain. When the child falls, the father or mother runs off and begins to comfort the child so she does not cry. First, because his or her ego becomes irritated; the father and the mother become angry with the child crying. It is a deeply self-centered thing. The second reason is egocentric as well, because the father is not allowing the child to feel what he needs to feel, which is frustration, anger, pain ... When this is done, such a natural process is interrupted ... which ends up conditioning the child to not suffer emotional pain.

You were created like this: protected! Worse, you keep doing this when your children are adults. For a lifetime, the idea of being a parent is to be protective, and to protect is do not allow pain, do not allow the suffering of those you say you love. Do you have to be perverse to that point?! In this unconsciousness, you are being very perverse, very bad. The only one who could not give any protection is giving all protection! You are being an executioner! You are doing enormous harm! This is a big heartbreak! This happens in inattention, and sometimes that inattention is cultivated, appreciated, praised!

So, come on ... If you break the story, which is the thought of emotion or feeling (the emotion itself is perfect, the feeling itself is perfect) you break the ego pattern of repeating yourself being someone in that experience of pain. When you break the story to this sadness, you disappear! There is no way for this sadness to return, because it is only sustained by the experimenter. Now do you understand when I use the word experimenter? It is someone in the experience of pain, of frustration, of disappointment, of sadness...

Are you not here to go beyond the ego? Is there something inside you that says you're not that person, that "me", that "I"? So acknowledge that! Stop reinforcing that identity in the experience!  So, you remain in the experience, but free from the story, and not only with the unpleasant experience, but with any experience. Why do you get attached to a pleasure? Because you put the thought into the experience. It is not the pleasure in the experience, it is not the pain in the experience, it is the illusion of someone present willing to live it again, or to go through it again. When you find out you have been betrayed, take the pain, but not the story of someone betrayed. You can take any position from this pain, but not a position of someone betrayed. Do you understand? Because there will be no ego! You will do something, but this "doing" will simply be an action, not revenge, reactivity, it will be something natural there. You do not have to be in this situation, or watch it repeat itself. But, in fact, the ego loves suffering, so it sees it repeating and consenting, holding that to be someone always in that experience of pain. You are always the betrayed, the victim, the sufferer, the "poor little dear", the poor dear, the poor little one ... because it feeds the ego, the "me".

In this Consciousness, which is this attention to experience, where only “it” is important and not the experiencer, suffering ends. That is Sanity, that is Holiness, that is Love, that is Truth! So, before life, stay with the experience, but do not feed someone inside it. The car can break, something can be damaged, but this is the car problem, it is still not your problem. If you do not know how to act in relation to the car, what about the body itself, when it is sick or injured? You will look at the broken leg and will curse it or curse the hole that made the leg break because, according to you, the hole would have been the cause of the broken leg. But that is already an explanation, just as you would explain that the car broke because it went through the hole. But this is the car trouble! Now, if "you are the car", the irritation is not of the car, it is yours!

The fact is that your relation with life is a relationship. There is no love, but an agreement, where everything has to go right, which means everything goes well to "my" favor! All in accordance with what "I" desire, with what "I" want ... Only that life is not like that! Life is very generous! I call that generosity of God. She wants to wake you from this dream that you are important, that you are the center of the universe, that you are the one! So, you stay with the experience, but free from the history. It is not from the unpleasant experience, it is from any experience. Why do you get attached to a pleasure? Because you put the thought into the experience. It is not the pleasure of the experience, it is not the pain of the experience, it is the illusion of someone present to live it again, or to go through it again. The problem with the ego is this! There is no ego in life, there is no ego in the experience. There is only ego in the illusion that you are important in the experience; that you deserve the experience again, which is what you desire with pleasure; or that you do not have to go through that, which is the experience of pain.

You have all the power here, consciously, free from the experimenter, to choose whether to continue in that situation or not. Now, if you still make choices being an experimenter, your choice is an ego choice. You want to sustain an experience of pleasure, there you cling to it, which means giving a personal meaning to that. And in the experience of pain, you want to get rid of it! What you are doing is the same, you are giving a personal meaning to that experience of pain. What is the result of this? This will happen again. You cannot get out of this circuit. This is called Samsara, the wheel!

The Wise One, who is You, is not confused with the experiencer in experience. There, you welcome ... welcome everything! You are the Wise, you are Consciousness, You welcome! This requires Attention, Presence, Consciousness. This requires the freedom of being what you were born to be. This is simple, not easy. The ego prefers spirituality or spiritualization. There he becomes more and more spiritual, kinder, kinder, more charitable, more conciliatory, more peaceful ... It does not require any effort to have the discipline of its spirituality, only the "effort" of an enterprise, which the own ego is happy to do. But here, in this Consciousness, there is no ego. You have no value. You add nothing to yourself, in this Attention, in this Consciousness. In fact, you disappear. You do not come out more spiritual after you have gone through the hole. Going through "holes" in life will not make you a highly spiritual person. Realize that, deep down, Awakening gives you nothing. Enlightenment does not make you "someone", much less someone special. Who would desire the Enlightenment?

* Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face and intensive meeting on August 2016, in João Pessoa.

May 24, 2017

A complete and total involvement from the heart

This work of Realization happens when there is surrender and patience. This is fundamental. There is no way to realize God, to realize the Truth about yourself without surrender and patience. This work is the greatest of all enterprises in your life, because that means recognizing the Truth.

If you look closer, you will realize that those who are close to you in your circle of friendship are not much interested in this. Realizing the Truth is a very rare thing! It is curious to say this... The only real purpose of life is to realize happiness. This realization of Happiness is the realization of the Truth about yourself. The curious thing here is that this is the real purpose of human life, but very few ones are in this enterprise; Very few ones are, in fact, involved in it.

A moment like this happened in your life, of great attraction for This, and that, itself, is a great miracle. A great and inexplicable action of Grace in your life. I will repeat that: look at the people you are in contact with. They are not interested in this. Their subjects are soccer, politics, various situations happening in this country and around the world... Their subjects deal with relationships, family, projects, dreams, profession... while you are here in this room, in that space called Satsang.

Satsang means encounter with Truth, encounter with Reality, encounter with what Is. This is the encounter with Happiness, it is the encounter with your True Nature, which is this Reality of God in you. And if you are here, it is because that is the only moment for you. This moment is the moment of patience, it is the moment of surrender, it is time to turn your heart toward the only thing that matters. Realize that you are alone in this. It is one of the things that begins to become very clear when you come across this work, because those around you do not share it, they have not a slightest notion, the least interest, they are not willing to be minimally involved with it.

I want to tell you in this meeting, at this moment, in this Satsang, that it is necessary that you give your heart to it totally, completely. You just suspect that there is something out of place in this common model, that is widely accepted and recognized as something normal, as a human standard. There is something beyond this pattern. In this common pattern, there is no Peace, no Freedom, no Wisdom, no Love, no Happiness.

What is challenging in Satsang is that you hear that a life centered on this "sense of someone" with a history, with various forms of experience, with a broad, or not so wide, circle of relationships that you have accomplished or that you are struggling to accomplish, it is a fraud and what it is experiencing is an illusion, being necessary that it disappears.

That is what sounds very complicated to you at first, and, yet, here you are before a fact. Notice that everything you have already accomplished was not enough, and if you look at others who have already accomplished what you still intend to accomplish, you will realize that they continue in the same pattern, which is the common standard of all: problems and all forms of suffering.

I have something to tell you at this meeting: none of this is real. A life centered on the common experience of everybody is a great illusion. You are something beyond that; you are something much bigger than that! When I say "you", when I use this expression, I am not talking about this entity, that image that you make about yourself. I am talking about That which is there beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond these same relationships, beyond this personal history.

I speak about your True Nature, your Real Nature, the Nature of God. You are Love, you are Happiness, you are Freedom, you are Peace, and the only thing you are here for realizing, for conquering is That: Your own Being.

In history, we hear about great men and women, important figures, truly "successes" in some areas, so their names are recorded  in history. However, when you look at their lives, you realize that they have achieved a lot, they have accomplished a lot, but they were very problematic men and women, quite unhappy, rather miserable, despite their success.

Your True Nature, your Real Nature, That which You are in your Being is the only Reality. This has nothing to do with a story that can be told by someone later. This is not something that will make you be remembered as someone important, who made something, who accomplished something.

What I am talking about has to do with what you Are, with the Truth about you, with the Freedom that is you, with the Peace that is you, with the Love that is you, with the Silence that is you. This is possible in this Awakening; This is possible in this Realization; This is possible at the end of this illusory suffering that thought has produced, which the mind has produced, giving reality to what does not have, making real what is not real. I mean about this separate entity.

You are definitely not a person. There is definitely nothing you can accomplish. There is definitely nothing you need to accomplish. All you really need is to realize the Truth, the Truth about yourself. This is the end of this illusory suffering. This is the end of the sense of separation.

This has been, and it is still, the message that we are sharing and that we will continue to share. And that, for sure, is for you. There is something inside you "burning" for that, so you are here at this meeting. Therefore, the whole thing is in this patience and in that surrender, in that total and complete involvement with all your heart. So, this makes this finding possible.

This is the only Realization! There is no other! To Realize What you Are is the only Realization. This will not put your name on the story, this will show you that you are beyond history; This will show you that you are beyond the body, beyond form, beyond name, beyond success and failure. It is basically this.

* Transcribed from a talk of an online meeting on the night of November 11, 2016. Online meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm. Download the app “paltalk” on your mobile device or computer and join us.

May 19, 2017

Just wake up from that dream

Happiness lies in remaining disidentified from the experience. There is no happiness in the experience when there is an experimenter. Remaining disidentified from the experience is happiness. In the experience, whatever it is, the present experimenter separates from what happens; if it separates from what happens it is a present entity. Then, there are two: he and the thing, he and the event, he, the experimenter, and the experience; in this division, the conflict. When there is conflict there is no happiness, there is no peace.

The basis of all the war conflicts in the world is the idea of "the I and the other": "my country and your country", "my interests and your interests", "I want one thing and you want something else" , "My God is stronger than your God", "my country is more beautiful than yours, it is richer, it is more powerful, it has more guns, it has more bombs and I can destroy you because I am stronger." This division... conflict. Where there is conflict, there is no Love, there is no Peace, there is no Happiness. If you sitting here on this stone do not separate your butt from the stone, there is no conflict. In God there is no division, in God there is no war!

All I want to show you is Life as it is. In It everything happens without division: prosperity, wealth, abundance, as well as poverty, lack, scarcity, everything... without division. Some are poor, some are rich, some are healthy, others are sick, but there is no division. The division lies in the interpretation of thought about what is presented, about this experience, about that experience, about what is here, about what is happening. Abandon the mind, then the conflicts end, because the divisions end.

Is not that simple? Why do you make it so complicated? Why do you want to change everything? Why do you want to alter everything? This is God's plan. God is playing with contrasts, with hunger and with satiety. When I am hungry, I eat. There is no division between eating and hunger. It is a wedding, a game, a divine game... the food is for a hungry stomach. There is no problem in being hungry, the body needs hunger, this is a problem of the body. When thought enters, it complains about hunger, but hunger has its place, everything has its place. Hunger is not misery, lack is not misery, poverty is not misery, scarcity is not misery, lack of something is not misery. It is the thought about it, and about what should not be so, that creates conflict, creates suffering. The mind revolts and says: It could not be so. There could not be that, that is wrong! There should be no hunger, there should be no poverty, there should be no disease, death is a wrong thing. My father is dying..., but you forget that your grandfather has already died too, your great-grandfather has already died too. Everybody dies! Whoever is born, dies! It is the game of life. You have nothing to do with it. 

So do not meddle, do not intrude in it, do not interfere! Let everything there as you have found, just wake up from that dream, from that dream where the food is to the stomach, the death to the living ones. Let it all there, let everything as you have found. Millions have died and you do not miss them, because it is a dream. What is the problem? It is all very funny, very amusing because there is no suffering, there is no interpretation. This is wisdom... to see things as they are!

You are here to find God! But you cannot find God... you are fighting with life. You want to change things. You want to own His things; you want to control God's business. You are also part, your body, your experiences, the events related to that shape, every time you perceive your mind generating conflict, observe... you are separating from what is happening, you are demanding, you are charging, you are imposing your person on that situation, this is ego. Ego is conflict.

I want to show you how it is possible to live without ego, naturally. Paying tuk-tuk, walking, drinking water, eating, smiling, even crying, there is no problem in crying, if the ego is not behind that tearful face. Having a tearful ego is ugly. Crying is a beautiful thing. If the ego is there, even a smile becomes ugly, but if there is no ego and there are tears rolling down the face, it is very beautiful. It is God crying, God is smiling. God loves it!

God is very good-humored. You will never find a bad-humored sage. You will never find yourself as wise if you continue to carry that burden, the weight of conflict, the weight of separation, the belief that you are one and what is happening is something else. All that is happening is a divine game, you are within that context, just one piece, just a little thing, inside a larger context, bigger than this one you believe you to be.

Sometimes I ask myself: what do I have to say to you? Everything is so natural. You force me out of the silence and then complain that I talk too much. You do not know how to be silent and blame me. You blame me because I say. Speaking, you do not pay attention; you do not give attention to that. If you cannot listen to my speech, how will you listen to my silence? It is not lack of maturity to speak; lack of maturity is to listen when there is no hear; immaturity lies in not listen to the silence.

What is today's lesson? Do not think! Do not draw conclusions... about nothing, absolutely nothing!

*Excerpt from a speech during the retreat in India in the city of Tiruvannamalai on September 2016