November 18, 2017

What is the worst of all illusions?

In these meetings we are dealing with the veil that is apparently concealing the Truth, the Peace, this Happiness inherent in ourselves, and understanding what we might call "apparent separate entity," which is this constant pursuit of peace and the end of suffering. However, it is precisely this search for peace and the end of suffering that maintains the existence of this supposed entity, this illusory identity.

We cannot do as many others who simply try to ignore this illusion. You are not free from the illusion by shutting the eyes to it or saying that it is only an illusion. This "talk" or belief is not enough. If as a "person" we feel we have nothing to do, we are only deceiving ourselves about Advaita theory. If we feel like "person" and say there is nothing to be done, we are only fooling ourselves.

Nothing can be done, needs to be done, when we are free from this illusion. However, if we are still attached to this illusion, it is still quite significant; it is still very real. So, the worst of all the illusions is, while in the delusion, to believe you free from the illusion; that is, as a "person" we believe we are enlightened.

Nowadays, many people talk about end of the illusion as if there were no more illusion just because they know this subject theoretically, intellectually, because they have had some meditation experiences. They still feel they are persons, but they talk about the end of the person. Nowadays, we have many "awakened" or "enlightened" persons in the world... They are "awakened persons," "enlightened people." I have something to tell you: as long as there is the sense of "person," there is no real Enlightenment, Awakening, Realization.

This is the worst of all the illusions: being in the illusion and not seeing the illusion - this is the very work of the egoic mind, the illusory mind. I am saying that "people" do not attain enlightenment. When there is enlightenment, there is no "person." If as "person" we feel that there is nothing to be done, we are, in fact, in a worse position than the one who has never heard this teaching, because we are denying ourselves and the real way by which we could see how to release our suffering.

It is a beautiful divine game! We need to understand - not intellectually, but experimentally. We need to realize the ignorance clearly. Only then, this shadow can disappear under the light of Consciousness. This is a work of surrender, of burning the ego, of dissolution of this ego-identity, the real dissolution of this illusion. Without this, we are only in the field of belief, concepts, ideas, words, which is useless, which makes the ego more proud, vain, presumptuous, powerful, because now it has a knowledge, an intellectual certainty that others do not have.

There is nothing to be done and no one to do. This must be the result of this realization and not a belief; it must be an unshakable, experiential understanding and cannot come from external confirmation, such as a read sentence or a word heard from the other. It has to be something direct, true! It is a very simple thing, but not as simple as the egoic mind pretends to be, therefore, in this way, it is like the thief dressed up as a policeman, disguised as a policeman. Self-investigation, devotion and surrender are necessary.

Participant: Those who deceive themselves think they are living it. How do we know if there is this experience or if it is a mistake? 

Master Gualberto: You cannot know this in the other, but, yes, in yourself. Never worry about whether or not you can discover this in the other. I repeat it: you have to find this out in yourself. Even because, if someone is living it and it is true for him, it does not mean that this is true for you; and if one is not living it and just says it is, but it is not true for him, it does not change anything to you at all. Here the point is to find out by yourself if It is real and at what level this is real there, in yourself. This is a matter of an intimate honesty. Only your intimacy with Reality is real to you.

Everbody can say anything or can believe they are living anything. But, the question is: and you? Are you in a real life experience or in a mistake? If you are deeply honest about it, Grace will lead you to what is true. When you stand before a true Master, you will know, for the very fact that you are true. If you are not true enough, you may still go round in circles for a while. 

The direct experiential experience has the taste of Reality. If this is not experiential and direct, it is merely intellectual, and this will come out in the course of time, because there is no legitimacy, there is no truth. When the fire is real, it burns, but when it is not real, it is a matter of time for you to discover that it has neither heat nor power to burn anything. It is like a jewel that looks like gold, but when it comes to the expert's hand, it is clear it is not gold. So, become a specialist, increase your "nose." I call this honesty. So, when you increase your "nose," you become a specialist, and just by looking at the fire you see whether it is real or not, whether it has the power to burn or has not. 

I mean that you have in yourself this power of not identifying with the mind and what it creates. Then, your "nose" becomes accurate. Explore any experience, thought, image, sensation or perception in this way. When we explore our experiences in this way, it becomes clearer, more obvious, that this Consciousness is that which witnesses the experience. Since, It does not get confused with this experience, It cannot be deceived by words, teachings, concepts, theories and beliefs. This is not a subject you learn from a teacher. This is not a matter of intellectual understanding. 

Here, only the direct experience, not intellectual understanding, will satisfy us. When we are not mature enough, we remain in this game of words and in the search of knowledge about It. However, when maturity comes, we are no longer satisfied by words, by knowledge and by intellect. Knowledge, word and intellect are still in this dimension of the egoic mind. The Reality is beyond the mind. So, there is no way to get lost and to let yourself be fooled easily by knowledge, intellectuality and borrowed experience. We need an experiential understanding, a non-intellectual understanding.

*Originally published in Portuguese on June 30, 2017
**Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of March 28th , 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. - . BRT (Brasília Time Zone) Download Paltalk app and Join Us!

November 14, 2017

Life is God, Being, Consciousness!

Our purpose is always the investigation of the nature of the egoic mind. After all, what does it mean? What is the nature of this? What does it, basically, represent this sense of separation? Where, after all, does it appear?

What I have to say to you in this meeting is that we are facing the vision of a mirage, of an apparition that is not real. The point here is that you have been conditioned to accept this [this sense of separation] as a model of life, of identity, which is just a standardization. Realization, basically, is the end of all of it that seems so real. This is so because everyone follows this model. Nobody is willing to question this division, this separation, and every conflict that arises from it. Realization is life without it, without the sense of the "I", without this "I" and its separated world; this "I" and its subjects; this "I" and its dealings; this "I" and their relationships; this "I" and its projects, dreams and everything.

Human culture is based on thought, which has been the basis of this illusory identity, and its confidence in it has been total. Look at your living room now, at this moment, or your bedroom, your house and all the furniture inside it... Thought is the basis of the construction of your world, that gives authenticity to everything you see, touch, experience. Thus, the "reality" of your world is the "reality" of the thought. Even the very body that you experience (the hands, the feet, the head...) is the thought that says it is there, that it is real. This way, your world has been constructed and testified by the thought.

The same way it occurs in relation to the internal impressions you have: your desires, motivations, images (the image you make of yourself and the image you make of the other), the joy of remembering someone or the sadness for not being able to forget something... Therefore, whether from the external point of view or from the internal point of view, your world is mental, a construction of thought. Sometimes it appears in a physical form and sometimes in a sentimental, emotional way. This has been the basis of "your" world.

Do you know what is the difference between you and a Sage? The difference is that you trust in thought and the Sage knows that thought has no reality. Thought has no reality separate from this Consciousness. So, while the Sage stays with the Consciousness, you stay with the thought. If you give up thinking, the "person" you believe to be disappears; the world in which you seem to live also disappears because the basis of your world is the same basis of the "person". The "person" is as real as its world, and the basis, the reality of this, is the illusion of thought. I said "the illusion of thought" because there is no thought.

Reality is this unique Consciousness, which has not been separated as Consciousness and thought. There is an "element" in you that creates the sense of separation, this illusion of there being "someone" and the thougth, "someone" and the world. This "element" puts all confidence in thought and, of course, suffers, creating the mirage of which I spoke right now. The One who is Awake, the Wise, falls no more into this trap, because He no longer sees himself separated from the experience. He does not separate himself from thought as a "thinker", from the experience as an "experimenter", from what he feels as a "person" who feels. Thus, the illusion of duality ends. When there is no more separation, there are no more conflicts, problems, and that means being Awake, being no longer in this "sleep state", of "dream".

You are Life and this is your True Nature! So, what is the nature of the egoic mind? The answer is: illusion! The mind has sustained this illusory element, it has been self-sustaining in this pain, in that suffering, in that conflict. This is not Life! Life does not know this! Life is Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness! Life is Beauty, it is Grace! Life is God, Being, Consciousness! What the mind knows is misery. The nature of the mind is to be miserable in this illusion. In this nature of illusion, the mind is stupid, and you are not that! You are God, you are Wise!

Your life is miserable because you identify with the mind. This is not your real life, it is the culturally learned life. You are culturally conditioned to be miserable, to compare yourself, to imitate, to have ambition, envy, desires... A tremendous dissatisfaction created by the mind! You are addicted to living like this, in this stupidity.

*Originally published in Portuguese on July 18, 2017
**Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting via Paltalk at the night of June 9th, 2017

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November 7, 2017

After all, what does being here mean?

The common notion is that you are present here as a "person", and as a "person", you carry your fears. Both the pursuit of pleasure and the escape from fear presuppose the "person" present. Basically, fear is the attempt to reject pain and desire is the attempt to find pleasure - this is always from the point of view of the "person". However, what is the point of view of the "person"? Illusion is the presence of the "person", but since there is no "person", there is no pleasure or pain, no desire or fear.

The thought transforms the experience of pain into a history. However, the pain is not in the past or in the future - you cannot take pain from the past or the future and bring it to that moment. So, notice this: as a "person", you are never experiencing the pain from the past. All you have now is only a memory, which is a history of pain; it is not pain. You can bring the history of pain and thereby build a "person" in this present moment with trauma, guilt, pain... but, that is only in thought. The pain of the past does not come at this moment, but the memory does, which, in fact, is only the thought imagining "someone" present here. The pain of the future does not come here either, but the thought produces the illusion of a present pain here based on an imagination.

The truth of Liberation is the realization that this is a great fraud, a great lie, a great delusion. There is no "person" at this moment. There is not a person there! There is no "person" to enjoy pleasure or to suffer pain, there is only the fantasy, the imagination, what thought creates for this "you" you believe to be... "Someone" desiring or “in fear of” - "desiring" means in the search for pleasure and "in fear of”, in that escape from pain.

Everything is imagination! Everything that is out of the reality of this present moment is taking place in the imagination. In the imagination, there is a present pain, but it is not the pain of the past; there is an apprehension about the future, but it is not the future.

Participant: Master, the difference between pain and suffering is that pain is something factual and suffering is the hihistory that thought creates about it, isn’t it?

Master Gualberto: Pain does not happen to "someone". It is for "someone" that the history of pain happens. Pain validates the presence of a supposed "someone" - "supposed" because he is not there, and this is basically suffering. The egoic mind is an imaginary patient seeking treatment, seeking healing. That is why you cannot realize this Liberation, because you do not exist to be released. Liberation is to know this, that there is no "one" for Liberation. This is Liberation!

You do not deal with the past or with the future; you only deal with the imagination, which is thought. Therefore, the pain is not in the future, it is not in the past; pleasure is not in the future, it is not in the past. The movement of the egoic mind is the movement of the past and the future - the present is the past and the future imagined as memory and desire, dream. And where are you? Where is the time if everything is thought? Is not that simple?

Therefore, your history is not to be told, it can only be imagined through memory, and your dreams, which are your desires, are only the imagination of a future that is not real, because you are not real, you will not be there!

So, here we have the answer. What is it like being here? The answer is another question: how can you be here?

Participant: I closed my eyes here, now, and I do not feel anything... It is nothingness! Totally nothingness!

Master Gualberto: But, you are in this "nothingness"! You are in time! You are transforming this into knowledge, which is time, which is memory. You are missing the very essence of the talk. The talk is for You, not for the mind; the talk is for your Essential Nature, which is out of time, out of mind, out of the known. But, what does the mind do? The mind is greedy! It wants to turn that into a knowledge in order to remember it later and, then, to seek and use it as something practical, as its thing.

The secret when one is before a Jnani, an Awakened, is not being. This is only possible when your attention is so deep, so clear, that there is no memory left, no residue, no scar, no mark of that expression, either visual or auditory. So, You are, because You are here when "you" are not. When "you" are there, the memory, the knowledge, the notes are... Here is the mind! When "you" are not - that is when You, in fact, are - there is no "someone", there is no "person". This is Meditation!

This is a subject that requires your attention, only that attention is without "you"; it is not part of you, it is not a busy memory, a busy intellect, a busy feeling ... It is You! Your look, your hearing, your feeling, the totality of your being in it! 

In your True Nature, Essential, Real, there is no pain, no pleasure. It is not in time! In time, it is the memory, the imagination. Memory is the past, and imagination is the future. There it is the "person", but, here, the "person" is never!

What is left? What remains? What is it before, during and after? That where the before, the during and the after appear; where the past, the present and the future appear.

This means that your history, which is only memory, which represents the pain being remembered or the pleasure being desired (past and future) is not real! The Real is where it appears, where it happens. The Real is that which remains, That which is, but it is not that which is in time, is That which is timeless. It is "staying without staying", "remaining without remaining". How it is beautiful to see that there is no "person"!

You have to take your notepad to bring the "person" back with all the information it has acquired, which is only in memory, recorded in an imaginary history of "someone" who has learned something, who has acquired something. Learning means taking it, acquiring it. You cannot learn it! It is not possible! The Truth is very alive, something imponderable, untouchable, unattainable!

Do you think I deal with you about the Truth? I deal about the end of the illusion! About the Truth itself, I do not deal, It flourishes! It is You as your Being, but it is not verbalized - it is not possible to be verbalized by words that the thought has constructed. The Truth, no! The end of this illusion, yes! I deal with you about the end of this illusion, the end of the known. The known is the illusion, it is what shapes the time as memory, as imagination, and your life is only memory, imagination and knowledge. This, so-called "your life" is like this: a personal life. But, there is no "person"! So, your life is an illusion!

There is no "someone" here! "You" are not sat there – there is the “sitting down”, but not "you"! It is when "you" are not there that the Now is, and in the Now, there is only Beatitude, Love, Silence, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, because there is no desire. Happiness is the absence of desire, the absence of fear, the absence of pleasure and pain.

*Originally published in Portuguese on July 14, 2017 
**Speech transcribed from a face-to-face meeting on August, 2016
 in the city of Cabedelo, state of Paraiba, Brazil.