December 14, 2017

It is necessary to go beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond the sense of the "me"

It is wonderful to be together in this meeting where we can work on it. We are working on the realization of what we are. Our great demand is only one: we are looking for ourselves, for the Happiness we already are. We seek outwardly, but the whole Thing is here and now as our own Self, our own Consciousness, which is not a thing to be achieved.

In fact, you are always this Happiness, but you are looking for It in relationships ... This is basically what we are dealing with in Satsang. You travel to find It in a "relationship" with the place visited; you make great journeys, literally. People love to travel, to get in touch with new, unfamiliar places, in pursuit of Happiness on the outside, literally. So, they seek It and want to find it in places, in achievements and in people.

Ramana Maharshi (Bhagavan), while He was in the hall, He was there alone, but two little birds used to come into the hall and to lay by his side and stayed there. There was also a small dog that enjoyed doing this ... They used to enter the hall and stay there. One day Bhagavan realized that one of the disciples had expelled the dog hardly. As He observed this, Ramana said, "Just because you have a human body you think you are human, and because it is in a dog's body, you think it is an animal. Why do not you treat animals like they really are?" Ramana continued to say, "You have a human body and they have an animal body, but they are What you are: Consciousness, Happiness."

Therefore, basically, this is the point: the realization of the Truth about yourself is the end of the illusion "I am a person" (a person surrounded by people or surrounded by animals). Your True Nature is Happiness, and this is the Nature of the manifestation. All that your senses experience, touch, is just an appearance of this unique Reality - the Reality of Being, the Reality of Consciousness, which is Happiness. The realization of God, the realization of yourself, is the realization of your True Nature.

All thoughts and feelings that appear seem to exteriorize the phenomenon. Thus, you stand before the perception in which specific things are perceived, but you cannot lose yourself on these appearances. You should ask, "Who sees them? Who feels it?" Then, when you do this, you are not identified with these appearances and return to your Essential Nature, return to your Self-Consciousness-Happiness. So, the work is to recognize yourself as Self-Consciousness-Happiness.

This search for external Happiness in the experience of perceptions is born from this feeling of incompleteness. Now, to whom is this feeling of incompleteness? For this "I", which is the fake me! Notice that in deep sleep you have no misery.

So, what is present between that Happiness, that Peace, which you enjoy in deep sleep, and the non-Happiness that you have in your daily life? What is it that interrupts the natural Happiness of Being that you are here and now? Your beliefs, this loosing yourself on thoughts, the feelings and the image you have of yourself. So, you see yourself as a "person" with a name, a separate identity, a history, and when you see yourself like this, you do it – you forget about your Real Nature.

This work of self-investigation, of surrender, of Meditation walks toward the release of this illusion. By being identified with the mind, you assume this illusion, which is the illusion of “me”, of this false “me”, when you are quite stupid, confused, disoriented, stressed and full of fantasies about love, freedom, peace and happiness. Suffering is an imagination of the "me". There is neither suffering here, at this instant, nor in your Being, in your Real Identity, in your Real Self.

So, do not look outside, do not lose yourself on the mind – that is what Ramana meant. Because you see yourself in a human body, you believe you are a "person", a "human being", and because of that belief, you look at the animals and say, "There is an animal". However, in reality, there is only God, there is only Being, which is Consciousness, Happiness, and This is Love, Freedom, Peace, Truth.

Thus, when the mind stops going after objects, things, people, places, there is the end of desire, and when it ends, suffering ends. Therefore, when you turn to That which is here and now, within, to your Reality, to What You are, you are free ... it is Freedom! When the world disappears, the mind disappears. It disappears in the Heart and returns home. Therefore, you are Happiness!

However, as long as you stay in the mind, attached to it, you will be chasing after shadows, seeking for rest on the outside. So, it is necessary to go beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond the sense of "me". It is needed to stop confusing Reality with apparitions.

* Originally published in Portuguese in August 22, 2017
** Transcribed from an online meeting on July 19th, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Deeply saved inside us

In Satsang, we are talking about Freedom, Happiness, God, about ourselves... That which is deep inside us. Happiness is something that depends on the mastery of Being, but few ones in this world are interested in real Happiness. That is because few people are plunging inside themselves to find It, to be aware of It.

The nature of the mind is to turn to exteriorities, to the outside. The mind is interested in satisfaction, in fulfillment, in comfort, in pleasure, in desire... People come to me, but they are not interested in what I have to give to them. They are very distracted, very focused on exteriorities, on outward accomplishments. Happiness is not in external objects, but in us, inside us, and the mastery, the art of Happiness, is Being. It is not about having things like a new husband, a new house, a new sentimental, emotional accomplishment in which the mind is interested.

People are interested in their projects and thoughts, in the world of forms, appearances, colors, names, in exteriority. Beauty, wealth and objects will not give you happiness, neither will the knowledge. You just find It there, inside! All my interest is in this Happiness, and this is not a thing from this world, from the mind.

The mind is confusion, disorder, suffering. The mind is samsara, which means "the wheel of confusion", "the wheel of deceit". If you intend to realize Happiness, you have to become a master in the science of Being; you have to leave the mind, because it is conflict. Remain turned to the Heart, turn inward, go beyond the appearances, the names, the forms, the colors... Externally, on the outside, there is the hurricane. However, in the eye of the hurricane is the calmness. This is the present Truth, here, at this moment.

So, become a master of yourself. Find It in Silence, inside you, not outside. The whole Thing is inside and not outside. Misery dies when the mind dies, but you are addicted to thoughts, to feelings, attached to perceptions, to sensations.

** Originally published in Portuguese in August 7, 2017
**Transcribed from an online meeting on September 7th, 2017 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil, BRT Brasilia)

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December 10, 2017

Happiness is the realization of what You are

In Satsang, you are before your real and unique opportunity. In this meeting, you face a challenge, which is to let go of the illusion – to let go of your choices, your desires, your fears; to let go of what you believe will make you happy, will make you a better person, as well as what you clearly know that so far has only created problems to you.

Therefore, when you face this challenge, you are facing something, in fact, unique: the investigation of Happiness. The most precious thing you have is the realization of this Happiness.

When you are dreaming and you do not know it, it is hard to wake up. Generally, all dreams are like this: you dream and do not know you are dreaming. 

You rarely notice that it is a dream; this is quite difficult to happen. When people come to me, they do not suspect the "dream" they are living. I have to tell them that they are "dreaming" and yet they do not believe it. I say to them, "You are dreaming!" The idea of being a "person" is such a difficult and complicated "dream". They do not believe what I tell them. When I say they are not happy, they say, "No! I am happy! I am happy because I got married, I have children, a job... I work in the Federal Public Service, I work for Temer [the President of Brazil]." These people come to me, but it seems to me that I am the one who should come closer and convince them that they are living a miserable life. I have to question the happiness they think they have.

In fact, the mind has no parameter about this matter of Happiness. Happiness is Being, and this is not circumstantial. For the mind, happiness is about having something that fulfills itself momentarily. Truth is the sign of the presence of Happiness - non-contradiction, non-conflict, non-fear, non-desire.

The purpose of this work is to show you this direct path, the path of this Realization. It shows you the importance of leaving aside everything you have. After all, what do you have? It seems to me that everything you have gives you a mixture of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. 

However, my emphasis in these meetings is the importance to get completely empty from all that content, from all the accumulation. It is essential to go beyond this limitation, because nothing that the "I" believe to have, that the "person" believes to possess, can give you Real Happiness. Quite the opposite, this keeps you too much worried.

People struggle to get things, and then, they want to replace those things with other things. In fact, if you look at your life, you will notice that the more things you have, the greater your worries are to save them, to protect them and to maintain them with you. So, things do not give us happiness, they give us "annoyance", concern. If you have two cars, you worry about them, for the thief can steal both, not just one; the insurance and the tax are for the two cars, as well as the garage has to be bigger to fit them. 

Now let us move to something that may supposedly give you more happiness... For example: two girlfriends. The concern with two girlfriends is greater than with one. Everything is very complicated when you have many things.

Happiness is the realization of what You are, and This is not in the fulfillment of things that you have.

*Originally published in Portuguese in August 15, 2017
**Transcribed from a talk at an online meeting on July 14, 2017 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm - Download the Paltalk App and participate

December 7, 2017

Remembering God is remembering yourself

You are not going to change the outside, you are not going to save, fix, reform anything. You are not going to change the destiny of humanity, of man; you are not going to stop wars, end hunger, spiritualize humanity, nor save flora or fauna. People care about it; they live in their exteriorities, in a world projected by thought. Happiness does not! Happiness has already saved the world! It is like a picture, in which the image of the world appears. Once Happiness is present, the world is safe! So, do not worry about saving the world in the mind. Work the end of the mind and Happiness takes care of the world. I know that you have been taught to be good people, and it is possible to be a good person after much training. But a good person is still part of a lost world, without salvation. Without "person", that is, in Happiness, the world is safe, but it was not you who saved it. When you disappear, the world is free, because you are the disease, you are the virus, the bacteria. The illusion of "being someone" causes pain, it makes the world sick - this is the disease of the world!

You are the wickedness of the world, of this world that exists only for people, in people and with people. There is nothing wrong with the world! In the vision of Happiness, the world is what it is, but in the person's view the world is miserable, sufferer, it is sick, lost, it is in need of salvation. Leave the world alone! Leave the other alone! As long as there is "you," there is the other. One philosopher said, "Hell is the other!" I do not know if that is what he meant, but at least that is what I am saying ... As long as you are present, the other will be hellish; when you are no longer present there will be no more hell. Love is invincible, unpolluted, unbeatable. Love is the Nature of Being, which is Happiness. There is no hell, disorder, chaos, nor confusion, when there is Love, which is Consciousness, Happiness.

So, the lesson that is left for you is: do not wait, do not search, do not try to find, disconnect. You are connected all the time, accessing a specific world. Disconnected, this specific world disappears and Life is as It Is: Real! The world stands as it is: Real! Just disconnect! In India, they call this Samadhi ... Being, Consciousness, Happiness! It is the disconnection of the illusion, of the apparitions of the mind and its imaginary creations, of the illusory sense of a present "I". Disconnection ... Samadhi! That is Beatitude, Bliss ... That is What It Is, That is Happiness, that is when the world does not need to be saved; when there is no sick world in need of healing.

How does it sound to you? To me, it sounds something like this: Silence, Stillness ... Do not interfere, let as it is, do not get involved, do not get into these matters! "Be still and know that I am God!" - it is in the Bible, Psalm 46, versicle 10. Disregard the "person" you believe to be when it is offended, hurt, upset, distressed, abused, scorned, discredited, rejected ... Disregard the "person" you believe to be in those moments. Look how practical this is! Stop invoking your power, your royalty, your power to change what others think and expect from you. This is all fear, suffering. Disregard this, nullify yourself! Accept being nothing, being without ego. Ego, here, is the response that reacts very quickly in a frightened self-defense, that wants to impose its will, its desires, its controls, its determinations ... Pure ego! This sustains and maintains the misery, illusion. This makes the world be sick!

You need some time in that. You go to the gym once in every six months and expect some results ... It will take much time! Perhaps, before you see any result, the body may already have suffered an "attack", because the frequency is not this; the counseling is not to go every six months. This observation of what goes on there "inside" and of what goes on there "outside" should be done moment by moment. It is at this moment that you should observe the language that comes out of your mouth, the thoughts that appear in your head, the way you look at someone, the way you talk to someone, what you think about someone or about a certain situation, what your reactions to what happens are ... It is at that moment! It is moment by moment and not six months from now! You have to train this, work this, put your heart in this, sleep and wake up with this.

You wake up and remember God - to remember God is to remember Yourself. You sleep, wake up and the first thought in the morning is to observe the thought. The thought is: watch the thought! Then you take a step back and observe the thought that watched the thought. In the morning, you wake up like this; you spend the day like this, and then you have a sanctuary where you are devoting your life to God.

I remember when I was a child, I was always praying. I knew nothing about Meditation, about this attention, about the movement of the mind. I became curious and my father said: "That is the way it is! Close your eyes, put your hands on your knees and put your mind on God!" So, he taught me to meditate, even though we did not know what it was. I used to get on the bus, by that time, and I used to maintain my mind on God, because the mind was very noisy, full of ugly thoughts and I used to feel bad about it. I knew there was something wrong, but I did not know what it was.

Then you wake up in the morning and begin to set your mind on God, on prayer, on supplication, on the remembrance of the Divine ... Putting your heart on that image that remembers God, on What is beyond it, beyond the mind itself. Then the mind begins to become pure. In India they call Sattva, this power of making the mind pure. The mind, originally, is full of sins, full of desires, always turned to the outside, to external things, to objects. She wants a new purse, new shoes, a new house, a new boyfriend ... It is always something new! The mind is always bored of itself, but it thinks that it is bored of the old objects that it has. In fact, the mind is bored with itself, it does not endure itself, and then it wants something new. She stays in this replacement game, always facing the outside. So, you wake up in the morning and already put your mind on that observation. When you do this, you already put your mind on God, facing the observation of its movement.

* Originally published in Portuguese on August 11, 2017
** Transcribed from a speech at a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa, on July 2017. Access our agenda and schedule to be with us:

December 5, 2017

The Illusion of Control

The mind has the illusion that it can control the things. One day, Ramana Maharshi made an observation to Annamalai Swami. He said, "People come here, make their salutation and stay here for a while. However, during the time they spent here, they act as if they were in a kingdom, in which they feel themselves like kings. They forget why they are here and want to act as if they were real kings, as if everything here existed to serve them. They want to be the boss here, and then they say, “Let's do it like this... Let's solve this, do that”. Then, they look at me and say, “Well, the Master could do this or that, could go throughout the world carrying his message.” People forget why they are here; they want to reform the Ashram and want me to change!"

Something interesting for you to observe is the illusory need for the mind to make things happen the way it wants to happen. You carry this illusion in your mind, but you must observe it. For you, happiness will come when things will happen as you expect them to happen. Whether it is inside or outside, you will always wish something from life.

What do the Sages know that is so simple? It is that life moves the way it is. Life sometimes will offer you suffering, which, in fact, is only its movement. Life does not care about you! You are not important to it! It happens as it should happen, but you interpret it as suffering. Sometimes you notice that life offers you suffering, but that is your false interpretation of what happens. In other moments, it offers you satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment, which are also a false interpretation of what happens - it is a particular, a personal way of seeing what happens.

As long as you are expecting something from life, you will never be happy, you will never know Happiness, because the concept of happiness you have is related to satisfaction and pleasure that are accomplished and achieved in what happens, in what is presented. However, it is not always like this, because life does not live up to your expectations every time. Most of the time (not to say always), just because you do not exist, although you feel so important in this belief, life will surprise you negatively.

However someone may say that the Universe is conspiring to you - which sounds very beautiful and romantic - this is just a fiction; it is one of those phrases that the imagination has created and, behind it, you hide yourself, listening to talks about positivism, acquiring this thing so infantile that are the teachings about self-help.

It is proper to the mind, in its ingenuity, seeking to be taught, and it seeks it in the teachings of how to help itself to be succeed, to achieve some goal, to feel good about itself, and then it cannot ever call it happiness.

You never have one side of the coin without the other one. The nature of the mind is dual – there will never be good without bad, right without wrong, happiness without unhappiness, pleasure without pain. So, you cannot expect anything from the external world or you can expect anything, but not a positive and definitive thing, such as permanent happiness, permanent success... The success of today is the failure of tomorrow; the pleasure of today is the pain of tomorrow; the happiness of today is the misery of tomorrow.

Real Happiness does not come from life, it is not a thing coming to you. Real Happiness is an overflowing of your Being! It is not a thing that comes to you, it is something that just comes out; it is not a thing that comes to you, it is something that goes from here to there [inwardly to outwardly]... It does not come from there to here [outwardly to inwardly]. The mind wants to do the right thing, but it wants “its” right thing, which is not so right, because it is tremendously mistaken since its root. If the misconception is in the root, in the trunk, in the stem, in the branches, in the leaves, then you will find the same mistake in the fruits. The fruit of the mistake is the own mistake, of the confusion, the own illusion.

Everything you have received from the culture has coming from the mind. Culture is the mind and is inside that duality, inside this dual experience. This dual experience of the mind is truth and falsehood, pleasure and pain, right and wrong, good and bad... What it is born from the mind is part of itself. There is no Wisdom in the mind - there is much knowledge, but not Wisdom. Knowledge and Wisdom are different things: knowledge is cultural, Wisdom is existential. You have to go beyond the mind! Knowledge is dual and Wisdom is non-dual, because in it there are no opposites. In the knowledge, in the culture, in the mind, you always find the opposites and their contradictions.

My recommendation to you is: go beyond culture, knowledge and what you call "life", which has “deals” to offer you. Thus, Happiness is possible, because Happiness is not cultural and cannot be born; it is neither a fruit of knowledge nor can rest in it. It is something beyond the known; it is not part of the mind... It is beyond the mind and, therefore, it is beyond these opposites, the duality. So, it does not come from the outside; It comes from within.

When I say "within", I speak about the Nature of Being, the Nature of the Ultimate Reality, the Absolute Reality, that which is indefinable, indescribable, nameless.

Therefore, Meditation is beyond the mind, which is beyond the opposites. Meditation is the access to this interiority and is beyond this so-called "life" that makes offers to you. Perhaps, it might be the very own Life that is beyond opposites, but not what you call "life", because you call "life" what happens outside. What happens outside only happens, without the concern of "someone" interpreting it. Thus, we are facing Real Life and, in this sense, it is Happiness. However, if what we see as life is what happens, because we have expectations about it, then we are already in a false interpretation of what life is, of how it happens, of how it is.

The Non-dual Wisdom, beyond the mind, beyond the opposites, which is Meditation, is Happiness. It is not circumstantial, apparent, does not depend on what happens or what seems to happen externally. It means that you do not look for anything, do not expect anything from anything, from anyone, anything. You remain with what it is, without judgment, without comparison, without rejection and without acceptance.

So, you are beyond the mind, and that is to be beyond that "life" the mind knows. Bring Meditation to this "life" you know (which is the life the mind knows), and then it dissolves, disappears, and Happiness becomes present. It will not come; it will sprout... It will come from within the very own Real Life.

* Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting on July 2017
in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil. Access our agenda and schedule to be with us:

December 3, 2017

God is not spiritual, God is Natural!

To approach the Truth about yourself is the contact with Reality that transcends the limitations that thought has produced or is beyond them. Everything you know is inside what thought has produced. The contact with the Reality is the contact with the Divine in you, which is not "Him and you". The Divine in you is Him without you, because everything is God... Everything is this Reality, this Truth.

My difficulty with you is to help you to give up all that the thought has produced there about how your life should be. First, there is no "your life", there is only His life, and His life is Him. For us, life has opposites. So, there is life and death - this is the concept we have about life in which "the living beings are alive", but for the Reality, which is God, Life is the very nature of the forms... It is the ultimate nature of the forms, which are like soap bubbles that explodes. Then, you see the form, but you forget the void present in the bubble, internal and external to the pellicle. The form is like this pellicle, which hides the emptiness ("inside" and "outside").

 Nature is the emptiness and this is neither inside nor outside... It is only emptiness. The pellicle is the form, only a temporary appearance, and you name this temporary appearance as life, "my life", "my existence", "the person I am." There is no person! You fight for this "bubble". By mistaking yourself for the pellicle you say to other "pellicles" around you: "I am a more important person than you", "look at how beautiful I am", "look how big I am, how cute I am." So, all the confusion you have in "your life" is based on the concept of a soap bubble... A bubble that is there now and right after is not there anymore, that appears and right after disappears, that assumes this or that form according to the reflection of the sun... It is also like the tail of the peacock, which opens and shows a lot of beauty, but, soon, that tail falls - the peacock is without the tail, looking like a big chicken, that whole beauty has gone... Or it gets worse than a chicken, because you look at its feet and say, "What awful feet!" This is all vanity, vanity, vanity...

When you come to Satsang, I look at you and say, "Come on! Let it all go; let go of this illusion of being a peacock's tail, a soap bubble layer”. I say even more and a little more: "Release it! You are too attached to it!” So you say, "But I have so much... Look at my shine before the sun." All this is artificial, reflecting the environment, nothing internal and real ... Just a social, cultural byproduct.

This is your shine of the "soap bubble" - a social product like your culture, your education in the university, your doctorate, post doctorate, your imported car, your bank account. This whole brightness is like the artificial and temporary beauty of the peacock when the tail opens, but that closes and, in a certain month of the year, it falls all the way down, so the peacock loses its tail and hopes to shine next year again in the next manifestation of Consciousness. However, everything is this Consciousness manifesting Itself... There are no you in It!

So, your life is not "your life"; it is your vanity, your arrogance, your presumption, your illusion; it is your fear! What would you be without your "tail"? What would you be without the things you have accumulated for so long, that give to you so much brilliance and can even make you float?

Realization is the recognition of your Real Nature ... It is the Real wealth!

People get annoyed with me when I say that spirituality is also part of that artificial shine of the soap bubble, which is part of that huge peacock tail performing the mating dance to attract the female. They become annoyed when I say that all this spirituality is also something apprehended, cultivated and inherited from human stupidity, from ignorance and from the desire of the mind to get where it cannot have, to achieve the unlimited being the limited, to touch the unknown being the known. People get annoyed with me when I say they have to give it all up, because God is not spiritual. God is Natural!

God is the nature of the manifestation, which is only a playful expression of His Presence and Grace. He does not do this to show Himself, trying to draw attention to Himself by saying "worship me, be spiritual to know Me…" He does not do it. It was the mind that has built it, the priests, the fathers, the gurus have built it. The Reality is the nature of the Self, is the most hidden, secret, silent and intimate thing in you. Holiness is the reflection of this hidden, silent and intimate Grace and Presence inside you, which has nothing to do with spirituality, with this educated, ethical thing based on a learned behavior.

Holiness is the expression of the loving, silent, divine, sacred and wise Heart that you bring inside you! When It flourishes, Love blossoms, Freedom blossoms, Compassion blossoms, Bliss blossoms, Wisdom blossoms.

In India, they call Jivamukti that means "the one who is free in life"... Free from the self-identity and fear illusion, which carries judgment, comparison, prejudice, partiality and favoritism vanity, which carries all that. The fear carries all this. This is not about words; the books are full of them. I do not need words. I am not a speaker. I am not a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher... I am God! You are God! Satsang is Consciousness, is Presence! Satsang is Freedom, is Wisdom. Satsang is to know yourself all the time.

* Originally published in Portuguese in August 29, 2017
**Excerpt from a talk on a face-to-face meeting on July, 2017 at Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil - For more information about our meetings, visit our website: