May 21, 2018

A Great Miracle

Satsang is a great miracle! Having the heart turned to this meeting, to this moment is a great miracle! In the mind, you are always restless and unhappy, so the opportunity to investigate the nature of the Truth about yourself is a great miracle!

You have never paid attention to yourself, and now you have that opportunity. Your mind is always attached to people, to ideas, to things, to images... So, this opportunity to pay attention to yourself and to give up the mind is a miracle! Observe how you act, how your reactions, purposes, intentions, memories, remembrances, images are... They are attached to external and imaginary situations, linked to thought. This is how the mind works. This is not your Natural, Real State. This is not the Truth about you. In India, there is a name for this Truth about you: Samadhi. This is not actually a state, but it is your Being, which is out of every known states of the mind. In these talks, I call This as Meditation. Meditation is your Natural State.

The mind, which deals with ideas, people, things and images, is an imaginary and fictitious prison that you have built around yourself. As long as you are prisoner in this imaginary prison, you will not be in your Self, in your Natural State. One thing is sure: what is Real is not imaginary, but everything you can live in the mind is. So, these things, people, ideas, images and occupations in the mind are all imaginary. What you need is to go beyond the tendencies of this false “me,” which is the mind in its own movement. Thus, being here to investigate, to inquire, to observe, to doubt about this movement, which is the old and well-known movement of the mind, is a true miracle.

There is nothing peculiar in this present moment, because, basically, it is not different from the past or from what the future will present. However, there is "something" present that is beyond this present moment, beyond the past and the future. This is the Beauty, the Miracle, the Grace of Satsang! We are talking about this Presence! “I Am” is always now! It is not about what happens.

Things happened in the past, are happening in the present and will happen in the future, but what makes all the difference is “I am”! This "I Am" is this Unchanging Presence, which is not bound to body, to mind, or to events in time. So, what makes this present moment so different? Obviously, my Presence, my Being, my True Nature. You need to be aware of That, otherwise you will continue in time, in the present, in the past, going to the future, attached to situations, to circumstances and events, and mistaking yourself for the body and mind. When that happens, you get stuck in that imaginary prison of the mind. The past is placed in remembrances, in memories; the future, in the imaginations, desires and dreams; and between the past and the future, there is the present fear, the present anxiety.

Therefore, this present moment gets filled with the past (remorse, guilt, regret...) and with the future (desire, dream, imagination...). This is the imprisonment of this imaginary character, of this false “me.” Then, you end up giving reality to transient situations such as feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions. All of this is tied to the body and to the experiences of the mind. They are not You, the Truth about Yourself! The more you do this, the more you strengthen the illusion of being a separate entity in time and space, living a human story. In this way, you are always bound to this limitation of time and space. Time created by the mind and space created by the sensations and perceptions of the senses, by the idea of ​​a present body. All this is a result of the ignorance about the Truth about yourself.

There is no particular cause for events, everything is just happening. The “particular” is imaginary. The mind creates a relation of cause and effect in the attempt to explain what happens to a supposed particular entity present in time and space. In fact, time is unreal, space is unreal, the “particular” is unreal, so are the happenings.

So, our invitation, in Satsang, is for you to go beyond what the mind is producing. It has been producing all this, all this notion of reality, body, mind, world, time, space, person, history... This is the illusion of that separate identity. Therefore, keep with the inner gratitude for this miracle called Satsang, for the opportunity to be present in this investigation.


* Originally published in Portuguese on April 18, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting the night of March 19, 2018 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil BRT Brasilia) - To participate, download Paltalk on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

May 19, 2018

The illusion of an identity present now

Consciousness is not in time; the mind is. Time is synonymous with mind, which are thoughts. Consciousness is your Natural State - in India, they call it Liberation, Moksha, which is the self-fulfilling, resplendent state of Consciousness. It is like when you look at the sky and see the moon between the clouds... It is still a sunrise and the sun is beginning to point out, to shine on the horizon. The moon is there, between the clouds, and the sun begins to shine, to spread through the earth. The sun goes up and the moon, which earlier was so bright, is now going pale... You look and wonder: "Where is the moon?". The brightness of the sun is so great that the moon disappears. The moon is there, but it is not ahead anymore.

The Natural State is something like this. The mind is present, with all its natural functions: to feel, to think, to move, to ratiocinate, to deduce, to conclude, to speak... In the Natural State, the mind is present with all these functions. But, as the "sun" is shining, the mind no longer matters. The sun is Consciousness and the mind is the moon. Once this Consciousness is established, once the sun is at noonday, the moon does its work without taking away the sunshine. So, the mind operates in its natural functions, but it does not take the place of Consciousness. The Natural State is like this!

In the unnatural state, which is the state of the common man, the moon is trying to take the place of the sun, trying to do its job. So, the "moon", when it tries to do so, blends its natural functions, which is to ratiocinate, to conclude, to deduce, to explain, to know, to experience... It takes this and creates the illusion of an experimenter controlling those functions. The mind starts to take control of what is not its.

The mind tries to take the place of Consciousness, "the moon tries to steal the sunshine". It is not content to just reflect the brightness of the sun, it wants to totally steal it. It wants to be a sun apart, and that is the sense of separateness; that is what the scriptures call the fall of Satan. In the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, there are some words like this: "I will ascend above the highest clouds and become like the Most High!". It is all a figurative language of this sense of identity in control, being lady of everything. This produces the illusion of space and time for this supposed present entity.

So, the mind, which has its natural functions (thinking, feeling, deducing, concluding), in the reason of this illusion of separateness, it creates the sense of an "I" in the "body-mind-world" experience. Therein lies the illusion of the ego. The mind itself is not evil. Thinking, feeling, concluding, deducing, learning, remembering, forgetting, this is all very natural. However, when it is in the service of a supposed entity present in this, in the service of a separate "I", it complicates everything! That is where Satan comes - Satan in Hebrew and Diabolus in Greek!

The notion of time and space arises for this "identity", not for the mind. Putting it in didactic way, we call it the "egoic mind", but the mind itself is only the moon in a sky, where the king is the sun; the moon just reflects the brightness of the sun, without problems. Is this clear? That is why you see me, sometimes using the expression "mind", referring to that egoic mind. However, at other times I am speaking only of the mind and its natural functions, not of the egoic mind. That is, you can observe, in the speeches, that I make this interchange between mind and egoic mind. Just as the body has natural functions, so does the mind. What I call mind, in this "machine" [body-mind], is this inseparable operation of the body itself (it is called "mind", but in fact, body is mind and mind is body). Here, I am referring to the non-physical functions of the "machine", more subtles, such as "feeling", "perceiving", the movement of the thought, the reason, and so on.
Now, it is space for the timeless. This space for the timeless is the "sun" in its fulguration, in its glory. Once this Consciousness is established in this mechanism, in that organism, the mind assumes its natural functions. The Now, which is not the "now-time", but the timeless Now, which is Consciousness, takes Its place. So, the past or the future becomes irrelevant, since this supposed entity is no longer present. It is possible to remember of the past, as you remember of a movie, but without those old sensations of the moment when it was watched.

Notice that, at the moment you are watching the movie, you go through various sensations and feelings; the images and sounds cause impressions. But then, when you remember of the movie, you laugh, because it is a movie that does not make any impact any more; it is no longer "the movie", it is only an unimportant memory. So, the past is this unimportant memory, which is actually happening now only as part, also, of an imagination, because there is nothing, in fact, happening. Not now!

When this is already resolved, it is seen thus. However, when it is not resolved, the "movie" returns - which is the past - yet with all that load of imaginary impressions, which are felt now, here. So, traumas are like this. Not only them, but all and any egoic memory operates in the same way: it is only an imagination appearing at this moment and taking an impression of reality, because it still finds a reverberation in this illusion of a present "identity", still carrying the past - which is only memory, imagination.

The ego is this: the illusion of an identity present now, here, feeling a trauma, a guilt, a remorse, a regret (what some call depression). Or, it plays with the imaginative memory of a future (what some call anxiety), but it is the same process. It is always the imagination of an "identity" now, here, feeling. There is nothing here to feel it; there is only the illusion that you are real inside of the body, and that this imagination is yours, of this "someone" you believe you are.

The Natural State is the Consciousness of this instant, but it is a Real Consciousness. It is not the vision of the present moment; it is the Consciousness of this instant. In the Consciousness of this instant, the memory of a past, the imagination of a future, them may appear, but this is only an event in this instant, as a thought, without any validation, truth - it does not change at all what It IS.

If a memory appears, or an imagination, it does not matter. The thought in this Natural State is like the hay in the strong fire, which, as it falls, already disappears in the flame. The mind of the Sage works like this: when thought appears, it is already consumed in this Consciousness. So, time, past or future is not established. Consciousness is this Presence now!

* Originally published in Portuguese on April 25, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting during a retreat at the Ramanashram Gualberto in the City of Campos do Jordão in September 2016 - Access our agenda and schedule to have a direct experience of this work in our meetings:

May 16, 2018

Real Knowledge is experiential

We are facing something in which nothing can be said. Satsang is something surprisingly inexplicable. The Truth Is - it is just like that! Nothing can be said about That. So, this meeting is a moment without explanations; it is a moment of revealing the Truth, the Silence. That is the greatness, the simplicity and the uniqueness of Satsang. What you hear here may seem very strange, but I can assure you that the more you try to know about the Truth, the more you distance yourself from That, the more you remain inside this "sleep."

This is the time to live this Presence, to feel It, to have Its revelation, not the explanation about It. I am not a philosopher, a teacher or a preacher you are listening to. There is no way, no formula, no method or system for you to know It, for It to be revealed to you. It is possible that you disappear in This, but not that "you" understand This. In other words, this is not an objective thing, which "you," as a subject, could know. You cannot hold It in your hands and say, "I got it! I have it here with me, now it is mine! "- that is not possible!

If you go to an Advaita-Vedanta teacher, he will give you explanations, will speak of the non-dual nature of Existence, the nature of Truth... Then, he will tell you that everything is already what it is, that Truth is something that is present and that your true nature is this Truth. Anyway, he will tell you many things, he will give you many explanations, and, in this way, you will end up learning about it.

In these encounters, what you do here is to investigate the nature of the Truth about yourself.  It is not about having knowledge about It. This kind of knowledge is also part of ignorance, because it is merely theoretical; it is just accumulated words by which you create new knowledge. In reality, Consciousness is Knowledge, but it is another kind of knowledge. It is not the knowledge of words, it is the Knowledge of Being. This is the real Knowledge of Truth, pure Knowledge, which is Being, Consciousness, which is not verbal, intellectual knowledge.

Thus, you can know words such as love, truth or freedom. However, knowing the word “love” does not mean knowing Love; knowing the word “truth” does not mean knowing the Truth; knowing the word “freedom” does not mean knowing Freedom as well as knowing the word “God” does not mean knowing God. Therefore, the word is not the point.

Truth is existential, whereas knowledge of mind is non-existential, is verbal, is theoretical, is conceptual. So, what the mind knows as truth, as freedom, as God and as love is only words. So, whether you are That or you talk about It. Do you notice the difference? If you are That, then you are not a teacher, are not “someone” talking about It - you are living That! If you are a teacher, you are just talking about It. So, this is the clear difference between the Sage and the philosopher, between Being and merely knowing.

When there is Love, there is no need for words such as "I love you." When there is Truth, there is no need for huge, logical, conceptual explanations about It. Truth can be felt, experienced; It cannot be known or explained. In fact, it is possible to explain the Truth, but if so, it is destroyed, is no longer there, because Truth is not in explanations, not  in speech. When I say that you can feel It, live It, I mean that you can be present in This, that This is present in you, as You! In these meetings as well as in the retreats, we have the opportunity to be in this direct "feeling", of purely Being - This is the Truth, is Love, is Freedom! This is God!

This is the true work of Realization. You cannot examine It as if it were something on the outside. This "feeling" is the only possible Knowledge, for you cannot examine That, which is only inside, as if it were something external, from the outside. This "feeling", this Being is the only possible Knowledge, which I call Real Knowledge, which is Consciousness.

So, this Real Knowledge, which is Being, is Wisdom! Knowledge based on understanding and on comprehension of words is pure ignorance, but it is not the beautiful Ignorance of the Sage; this is mere intellectualism and verbal, theoretical understanding. So, this knowledge is the real ignorance, and this does not represent Realization, because it does not represent Consciousness.

When there is Consciousness, true Knowledge is present, and then Truth cannot be ignored. In this sense, to know God is to be God, because it is not about learning about God. It is not about learning about Love, Truth, Freedom, but rather about being that Love, that Freedom, that Truth. The Truth is in this Silence, in that Consciousness, in this Love, in that Freedom; it is not in these words.

So, this experience is Consciousness, something that happens inside you. You will not hear, read, or learn about It. There is only one direct way of experiencing That, which is through devotion and the Awakening by self-inquiry - self-inquiry brings the Awakening of this direct experience, and devotion is what makes It possible. You cannot read It on the scriptures, nor can you hear It from anyone.

* Originally published in Portuguese on April 04, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk of an online meeting held on February 5th, 2018.

May 14, 2018

I cannot stop thinking, so how can I go beyond the mind?

The proposal in this work is to go beyond the mind, although there is a huge confusion about what this really means. For example, the concern about the necessity to stop thinking is present, because for many people, going beyond the mind means that. So, there is always that question: "I cannot stop thinking, so how can I go beyond the mind?" This is a very common question. In fact, thinking cannot be stopped. Understand that: it is not that this movement cannot stop, it cannot "be stopped." Realize the difference.

So, this preoccupation about stopping the thought is thought’s preoccupation itself.  Notice the clear difference of this. Realization is your Natural State beyond mind and, therefore, beyond thought, but you cannot stop thinking - this is something that needs to get very clear to you in this work. You can touch something very important at this work if you comprehend that the mind can stop, but you cannot stop it, that thought can stop, but you cannot stop it.

That is, it is possible to be beyond the mind in this non-mind, and this happens when there is no longer this movement of thought. The difference between them is very subtle. When thinking is no longer there, the non-mind is present. But you do not reach this non-mind by ceasing to think, for ending or destroying the mind itself is not mind’s work.

Many are trying this, for example, in all kinds of meditation practice, but, in fact, behind this practice, there is the mind trying to destroy the "mind." Ramana called it "the thief, dressed as a policeman, trying to capture the thief." So, I want to let this matter of trying to stop the mind clear to  you: do not make any effort to stop thinking, for it is an effort of the mind itself, of the ego itself. It is not necessary to take any action against the mind, because that would be the mind fighting against itself, would be you splitting the mind into two (were one the "police" and were another the "thief").

Do not try to stop the mind! The only thing you can do is to be quiet and watch it! This does not require any effort and is very simple: you just stop and observe, and let the crazy mind loose; do nothing against the mind, do nothing in favor of it. Do not be for or against the madness that goes on inside your head, for they are all thoughts, and they are not yours; the head is not yours, but of the body. The head belongs to the body and the thoughts belong to the mind, but you are this Consciousness where the body appears with the head, and the mind with the thoughts.

I do really know the problem with you and I will tell you now. You have already decided that there is something wrong with the mind, and then you have been against it, you have become its enemy. However, there were you captured by the very own mind. So, sometimes you say, "I cannot stand those thoughts anymore," as if that state were not the "nervous" thought itself saying that. But who is saying that? So, the mind separates itself and now wants to kill the "mind," and you remain in that game - that is duality, in which there is separation: a thought wanting to kill another; a feeling wanting to destroy another.

Realization is the fruit of Consciousness! In Consciousness, there is no separation, no duality, no mind. So, in that State, you just watch the mind and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes in the morning you look up at the sky, you see it full of clouds, but you do not say there is anything wrong with it, you do not complain about the sky full of clouds. You do not say, "I wish these clouds disappear, so that only the blue sky would remain." Thoughts are like clouds that sometimes appear in the sky, in this "sky" that is Consciousness, and when you just be still and watch it, this observation works like a gentle wind, which begins to sweep the sky and the clouds, and so clouds begin to vanish.

So, notice what I said: thought can disappear, stop, but you cannot make it disappear, stop. It is not your effort that will make this, because this effort is still the "nervous" thought, is the movement of the thought itself. I am telling to you about the art of getting disidentified from the mind, letting the mind and its madness disappear naturally, effortlessly. Look at this with deep reverence, do not be a fighter. Just watch it! Stay detached, disidentified, distant, just watching. The good news is that the deeper you observe, the deeper is your Consciousness; the "sky" gets clear and the "sun" shining, wonderful! This is the way to deal with the mind, and then the entire Life becomes transparent as the Consciousness itself!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 29, 2018 
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of March 7th, 2018
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May 11, 2018

There is only one Nature present

You, in your Real Nature, are not a separate entity, you are not a person. You are this Omniscience, this Omnipotence, this Omnipresence. I speak of your Real Nature! The mind, the body and their experiences ... none of this is you! The experiences of the mind and body are experiences of Nature. Even the idea of ​​the presence of a world is also just a belief. You will discover that there is no world, no universe; there is only one present Nature, which is only an expression of this Omnipresence, of this Omnipotence, of this Omniscience. This is not personal!

This is a clear vision of this Reality, which is beyond the name, the form, the body, the mind and the world. The experience "world" is a "body-mind" experience, which is natural, existential, but it is not personal. I know that this dethrones you as a present entity, take that "you" out of your reign. At first, this is very desperate, because all your wishes and dreams, all your projects, are of no real importance, because they are only imaginations, and none of this is happening for "someone." Everything you live, when you refer to yourself as the body and mind, is something that happens in a natural way, but it is not happening for you in your True Nature, for this Real You.

At this time, for example, there is the experience "body" in this hear and in this speak, but there is not "someone" listening or speaking. This is rather funny ... If you recognize yourself in this Real You, in your True Nature; you discover that you are this Imperishable Being, this Immutable Presence, this Indescribable Consciousness. Therefore, you were never born nor will ever die. Everything is this Consciousness, everything is this Being! When this sense of "I" – stuck on experiences, feelings, emotions and sensations - disappears, the illusory sense of "person" disappears. When I say that, people believe they will be completely annihilated. In a way, they are right! But, in fact, they will not be annihilated ... They do not even exist! There will only be the realization that there had never been people present; that there are no people!

In this Realization, you discover that you have never been there as a separate entity. So, you are not annihilated; you simply are not real! However, there is Something present when this "you", who you believe to be, is not; and this "Something" is indescribable! You are always This (the word "always" is not adequate either). You are That which is prior to time, Pure Intelligence, Pure Grace, Pure Beauty, Pure Truth, Pure Happiness (not theoretically, not conceptually, not verbally). Apprehending the meaning of This, is Enlightenment, it is Liberation.

What brings you to this space is this longing for Truth, which is this very Presence, which is Omniscience, which is Omnipotence. It is a call from Grace to Grace. Here, this so common notion to everyone, of truth and illusion, good and evil, divine and profane, right and wrong, of what is and is not, all this phenomenon of contrast, it completely loses its importance because it is connected to the mind, to that what the mind knows. This duality is very important for the dream, in which you are very important!

When you wake up in the morning, you do not think much of the dream you had at night anymore, right? It was just a dream, and all that disappeared! As soon as you wake up you realize that it was only on your head. In the same way, you realize this realization of the "ego-I-me-person" illusion. When this dream ends, this all ends.

This illusion is only the way that thought represents what happens. The point is that you spent a lot of time - and you still are - stuck to that model. You mistake yourself for these thoughts, for the idea of ​​this experiencer in the "body-mind-world" experience. Then the world becomes real to this "someone" within the body. This is within this “I-ego” dream.

This space called Satsang is an invitation to Liberation. Liberation is the end of this illusion! This means this non-dual Silence, the end of the sense of a present "I", the end of this "your world." Life goes on, everything keeps happening as it has always been happening – it is already happening without you, but you believe you are in this. When there is no longer this illusion of you present in this, the suffering ends. All of your problems lie on this so-called "you" basis, which is this illusion of being someone. So, your problem is an illusion. When you go beyond this "you", there is only this Real You, which is not a personal, private "you".
So, here is the invitation for us to work on it. The only thing you are here to do is this. You have nothing else to do in this world!

* Originally published in Portuguese on April 26, 2018  ** Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of August 26th, 2016 (2nd part). Meetings every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download Paltalk App and participate.

May 9, 2018

True Happiness is Being

The fact is that I communicate nothing other than What You Are. So, this is impregnated with a very real power. I bring you to yourself; I give you to yourself; I bring you the perfume of your Real Identity, which is Happiness, which is Love, which is Peace, which is Completeness, where nothing is lacking.

You ask, "Where is someone living That?" There cannot be "someone" living That! This can only be present when there is no "someone", which is when there is no more search. That is why you do not find This in philosophy, in religion, in spiritual practices... This is not present in any practice. This is  present when "you" are not present. This is the end of practices, the end of the search for virtues, for personal improvement, for evolution... This is the absence of the ego, the absence of the "me", of the "I".

So, of course, this - as the only "Real Thing" - cannot be compared to anything, because nothing compares with That! You cannot replace That for nothing, because nothing can replace That! Therefore, you cannot think, create ideas about It, or try to compare It to human relationships, to the accomplishments on the outside. You cannot put That beside these other things. All this has to disappear! You have to sacrifice everything for This, for this Realization, for this present Presence, which is Consciousness, which is Reality, which is Truth.

True Happiness is to Be That! It is not about finding solutions, because there are no problems to be solved. When you stop going outside, when you stop looking for something there, problems disappear, because there is no "you" anymore. Then, Happiness, which was ashamed for being replaced by desires and accomplishments, returns, appears again; and Love, which you had tried to substitute for pleasant connections with the opposite sex or with the common sex, returns; They leave the hiding place and come back to you. 

The same thing happens with Peace. Peace, which was ashamed and hidden, because you were loving the conflict, loving to fight, to misunderstand, to think, to create arguments, It returns and take back Its place. Love takes back the place that was always Its. Happiness returns home... This is Enlightenment! Wisdom, which was also hidden because of your actions based on thought, and therefore stupid ones, is back again; and It is back bringing Compassion, Beauty, Truth, Clarity, Sincerity, Honesty.

Truth is not a dogma, is not a creed. The Truth is Realization, is the Blossom of Christ, is the Blossom of God - you blossoming like God, like Christ. So, your speech is your own message, not a message borrowed from theology, from the sacred books, from the Sutras, from the Upanishads, from the Vedas, from the Koran, from the Bible... It is your message, because it is your Realization. That is why Jesus said, "Let your light shine!" It is your light that has to shine, it is not mine. Do not talk about my light. Make your light shine!

When you realize Christ, you are the Christ! I am not talking about the carpenter of Nazareth. No one can be the carpenter of Nazareth, the historical figure who walked on the shores of Galilee. Krishna and Buddha were unique as well. This is not their time, it is your time. Stop talking about them and talk about You, your Compassion, your Love, your Truth, your Wisdom, your Authenticity. Speak of Yourself, which is the "I am".

You do not need to quote anyone to provide authenticity to your voice, to provide truth to your speech. Your Being is the authenticity of your voice and also of your silence. When you are real, everything becomes real: your speech, your silence, your movements, your gestures, your acts, your non-acts... Everything that comes from you, from your Being, is real.

When you claim for yourself the authority to speak from your Being, whether you are a madman or you are Wise. Without any collaboration, without any help, without any academic, philosophical, spiritualistic support, whether you speak like a madman or like a Wise One.

So, I do not know which category I fit in, but that is fun.

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 20, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a Face-to-face Satsang at the Ramanshram Gualberto, in Campos do Jordão city, Brazil, on July, 2017.

May 7, 2018

The true Art is the Art of Happiness

In Satsang, we are facing something quite unique, for here we approach the direct realization of the Truth about ourselves.

Sometimes, when you have the opportunity to be alone, with nothing else, and for some reason you are not busy with external activities, it is very clear to you that, at this point, you experience tremendous internal neediness, deep inadequacy, such "existential void", so to speak. This is common to all and seems to be a common destiny to all, as well as is something that produces a strong need of fulfillment, in order to “drown” this lack, this emptiness. This is what leads us to an action, a constant action...

For your information, what we consider great works built by the intellect or by the emotion of man were born from this state of neediness, insufficiency and pain. So, when you are amazed in front of a painting - which you call a beautiful work of art - or before a sculpture, a song, a poem, a written novel, a book, a great bestseller, all this is a result of this search for internal fulfillment, which has led the so-called "artist", "musician" to an activity that made that be born. However, that, which is so admired, paradoxically, is born from much pain, much suffering, much neediness... You can look for in the story of the great masters of painting, of music, of dance and will discover what had motivated them in their works.

What I am saying, in other words, is that Happiness creates nothing, produces nothing. The mind produces, but the Self does not! Self does not act, does not do anything. Self is pure Being, pure Consciousness, it is what sustains the apparitions; it does not need self-expression. This is quite different from the mind, which needs it, needs to fulfill itself with expression.

A man like Buddha, Ramana, or Krishna has no need for self-expression through the mind, because there is no mind there; there is no longer this emptiness, this frustration, nor this desire for action to compose poems, sculptures, paintings, songs. I am not saying that art cannot happen, but this is a completely different Art from what we consider art arisen from this existential frustration.

Kabir, Rumi and other saints and sages also made poems and songs. Some Sages wrote books, Jesus left his speeches, Ramana left his Silence. But the sages and the saints were not there. There was no "someone" occupied with an action, with the construction of something; it was only an event; so are the speeches that are born in Satsang, which are born from this Silence, from this Consciousness, from this Presence, that are not born from frustration, neediness, or the desire for self-expression.

So, I am going to repeat this to you: this action may appear, but it is not the action of frustration. The speech that is born in Satsang or the actions that are born from this Presence, from this Consciousness are the overflow of that Joy, of that Freedom, of that Happiness. This is the true Art... it is the direct result of Meditation, of that Natural State. The true Art is the Art of Happiness!

Anything you call art that was not born from Happiness is not genuine art. Truth is the basis of all genuine manifestation, but it is not a necessity be born from the desire for self-expression, from that general motivation the mind knows to fill itself in the action. If we come closer to this, we will see that all this can only give ephemeral happiness, joy and fulfillment.

To be in Satsang is to stand before Life, real Happiness. This Life, Truth, Happiness is something within You, but it is something beyond the mind. This is the last satisfaction, the ineffable Joy, without reason, something always present, beyond this illusion of the "me".

Are we together?

Happiness is what lives within us, with all its freshness and purity, something that cannot be contaminated by the mind and its desires, projects, intentions, premeditation. True happiness does not come, does not arise from things. If Happiness would have came from things, it should be greater when we had more things, less when we had fewer things, and completely zero when we had nothing. But it is not like this...

The rich man is the man who possesses many things, but he is not unfailingly happy, because, on the contrary, he has many more concerns. Not even the poor one, who has very little things, is necessarily unhappy for this. But when the poor and the rich ones go to sleep, when they are both in deep sleep, they are in perfect peace, without any worry, without any suffering, that is, the poor one has no debts, nor the rich one has concerns; neither of them is sick. Everyone feels deeply happy when he is in deep sleep, preferably without dreams - Ramana used to talk about it.

Happiness is in the absence of the "egoic mind" and not in the presence or absence of things. It does not matter if you are very rich or very poor: being in the ego is being in unhappiness and misery; being without ego is to be in Absolute Happiness!

The true Art of Happiness is the Art of Being!

My invitation to you in Satsang is: abandon the illusion of the "I". When you are free from this desire to get something or to get rid of anything, you can go beyond this frustration, this neediness, boredom and loneliness... you can go beyond this common destiny to all!

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 25, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of September 27th 2017. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm – Local time: Brazil BRT.  To participate, download the App Paltalk on your computer or smartphone.

May 2, 2018

What is Self-Realization?

In Satsang, we are investigating the illusory nature of the "I". You never doubt the truth of this person you believe to be, of this "I". Your belief is that it has a name and a form. But what, basically, is this "I"? When the thoughts appear, you never question the truth of them, or to whom these thoughts are happening. You never care to seek the source of these thoughts, to find their source. You never, or almost never, ask yourself: "What is this inner movement of thoughts going on? Afterall, what does it mean? To whom does this occur?" The idea is that this "I" is the one to whom this occurs, so you refer to yourself as this "I" - this is the first pronoun that one learns.

Note that the very small child does not begin by treating herself as an "I"; she calls the body by its own name. She says, for example: "Manuela likes that", "Manuela does not want that"... It is like if she had a clear perception that she is dealing with a third person, when she refers to herself. All children are like this! Then they grow and discover - or rather, come to believe - that they are an "I", a present entity, a separate entity with a body and a name. Then they begin to refer to themselves as "I", and do not speak of themselves in the third person anymore. You can all observe this in any child; you were also like that.

So, in fact, seeing yourself as a separate entity, as a person, as an "I", is a conditioning. After you see yourself as this "I", you learn everything what happens to it: every feeling, emotion, sadness, illness, the "well-being", the "bad mood"... So, you always say: "I feel sad", "I feel happy", "I feel bad", "I feel good", "I am in pain", "My head aches", "My leg aches", "My heart aches", "I am depressed", "I am happy"... Notice that it is always this "I" present.

If you find out to whom this happens, you will discover the illusory nature of this sense of someone in the experience. Then, you will become aware of this Freedom, which is your Divine Nature, your Real Nature. You will never say again: "I am sad", "I am happy", "I am sick", "I am poor", "I am rich", "I am dying". Therefore, if the illusion of this "I" in the experience disappear, only the experience itself remains, which happens in absolute Freedom. There is no conflict in the experience! The experience is in the existing duality  between this sense of a present "I" and experience itself, the occurrence itself, the event itself, incident, accident, in the very emotion, the very feeling, the very thought.

Duality is the basis of conflict, which is the basis of suffering, which is the basis of fear. Self-Realization is to acknowledge the illusory nature of someone existing in this experience of living. Life is what happens, and It is not happening to someone. That is Liberation! When this Liberation is present, then God, Truth, Happiness, Love, Freedom and Wisdom are present too, because there is no delusion anymore. So, find out to whom this is happening; find out if this "me" really exists. You will make a great discovery! You will discover that this "me" has never existed; that you, in fact, have never existed; that there is no such thing as "you", "him", or "her". "He", "she", and "you" were never born! And, since one was never been born, he cannot die!!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 23, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online speech the night of August 26, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm download the Paltalk App and participate

April 30, 2018

The Nature of Desire

There is a search present on each one, and I would like to start by talking a little bit about this! After all, what is this search for? In fact, a search with no results. It has already become clear to you that the search is for Peace, for Freedom, for Happiness ... What is not clear is the true way to accomplish This. Some are searching for It in relationships, others in drugs, in material conquests, and so on, but everyone feels the need for Happiness and Peace. However, no one knows exactly what Happiness is. What result can you reach to, if what you are searching for remains unknown? In other words, how can you search for and find that which you do not know?

All you can see and admit about yourself is that every day you live as a prisoner of desires and conflicts. Then, you seek, through desires, to conquer this unknown "Thing" called Happiness - all desires are for getting Happiness! But, when you accomplish a desire, you discover that Happiness is not there and you have another desire. So, it seems that instead of staying in this desire-changing movement, it would be better to stop and investigate the nature of desire itself. That would be a lot smarter!

What we do in Satsang is to investigate the nature of this inner dissatisfaction, which is the nature of desire. If this investigation succeeds, you will discover the nature or real purpose behind all desires. What any desire in fact seeks is a state free from desire, which is Happiness! Observe this attentively and see how simple and basic it is. What any wish is, in fact, is a state of non-desire. This state of non-desire is a state in which we demand absolutely nothing, we desire absolutely nothing! So, this can only be a State of Abundance, of Wholeness, of Completeness – that is how I call that state free from desire! The mind does not know this, the mind knows only desire. The mind always represents its world through objects, images and sensations. However, this State of Total Abundance and Completeness is the State of Being, it is the Nature of Happiness and Peace.

Now, you already know what you are searching for: the end of all searches! What you are seeking for is to relax in your own Being! This is out of the mind! In the mind, you are not relaxed in your own Being, because the mind is a false being, a false "I," a false "you." There the suffering is, for you are not in your Natural State, you are in your false “self”, you are in the mind. This Fullness will be revealed as Happiness and Peace only when your True Nature is assumed.

Now that you have understood the ultimate goal, you realize that, in fact, it is not a goal, an end that you can achieve through effort ... Just relax in your own Being here and now. You need to surrender, to let go this fake "I". However, you will never do this, you will never hand this over, you will never be able to solve it alone, without a mysterious action of God, without this action of Grace, and that is why you are in Satsang. If you knew how to solve this by yourself, you would have already solved it.

So, Liberation, Realization of God, Happiness, is not something that you can get by accumulating knowledge or performing mystical and spiritual practices,and so on. Even doing all this, dedicating oneself, applying oneself, striving oneself, the state of duality will remain. On this path, there is no self-taught. This false "I" will not end with this false "I". This is like someone in a maximum security prison: he has to take the help of someone from outside to escape. This is an illusory prison for an illusory prisoner, but, paradoxically, this is very real to him, and therefore he will never perceive the illusory arrest of his illusory identity without a mysterious action of Grace, without a mysterious action coming from God.

This action of God, this action of Grace, which is outside this prison, is the work of the Guru! Only the one who is outside the prison has the perfect plan to blow it up. For an illusory prison, only a real sight! Real vision brings the Real plan, the plan of  the Truth.

* Originally published in Portuguese on February 26, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of January 08th, 2018 Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm To participate, download Paltalk app.

April 27, 2018

The importance of face-to-face meeting with a living Master

The first and most important thing to do here, in these meetings, is to figure out how to actually listen to these speeches. It is necessary to know how to listen to each word, as well as to be before this Silence. 

Truth is not something that is revealed to the intellect, which means that it is not enough to follow this verbally, intellectually; it is necessary to figure out what it means to be here in this meeting. Wisdom is not born of conclusions; it is not the result of analysis, deduction or some logic. For a lifetime, you have been seeking Wisdom, Truth, in logic, in conclusion, in analysis. But This is beyond logic and therefore beyond any analysis, conclusion, speculation or deduction... 

The Truth is the awakening of God's Reality. You have always heard that God is inside you. If so, everyone has God inside themselves; however, we realize that this is only a belief, because even having this belief, everyone is in some sort of trouble - suffering, difficulty and pain are common things to everyone. So, where is the Truth of God´s Reality present considering all this confusion in which human beings live? Even absorbed in this confusion, everyone is in search of something out of all this. So, even though there is the "truth" that God is a Reality present inside you, why are you depressed, anxious or with fear?

Actually, you have heard what was said at the beginning of the speech thousands and thousands of times, with different words. If you are here just listening, you are going to continue like this, listening to words for the whole life or looking at promises in some places, in some books. There is always someone ready to teach and many others interested in learning. And as I just put, this is not going to solve anything, because there is no truth in the knowledge. 

What I mean is that the truth of knowledge is only the truth of the mind. And for you to really know the Truth, you have to go beyond the mind. Only then it is possible the Wisdom which is in the Realization of God's Truth, and not in belief. It takes a real sense of the pursuit for the Truth, which is not the "search for the truth." We may even use synonymous words - "pursuit" and "search" - but I will put these two words here with an entirely different meaning. Those who are "searching for" the truth are doing so within the mind itself, through knowledge, experience, spiritualistic or esoteric practices. The search for this path is a search for self-satisfaction and personal fulfillment. So, for you, the truth will be found in the tarot cards, the crystal ball, the "buzios" (type of seashell)... 

So, you are going to look for it in the astrology, palmistry, and so on. Nowadays, this has been called self-knowledge. 

Here, at this moment, what I can tell you is that, in order to understand the real sense of the pursuit of Truth (and not the "search for truth"), you have to get rid of it all. Therefore, there is a difference between the search for truth and the pursuit of Truth. The pursuit of the Truth is within oneself, through self-investigation, meditation and surrender. This is something entirely different from what the mind has built up for over a thousand years, which is this fantasy, this circus of this so-called spirituality or "search for truth." 

t is necessary to give up on  the belief that there is something separate from you, like the Truth; it is necessary an attentive and penetrating vision, a complete surrender of the illusion of the sense of a present "me" searching for something, such as the so-called "Truth". The sense of the word Truth is found when the sense of “I” disappears; the real meaning of Truth is the end of the illusion of this egoidentity. 

I started the speech talking about the importance of learning how to listen to this. A teacher does not communicate the Truth, because a teacher is someone who knows something and gives you information that you do not have. It is necessary to stand before the Truth to receive IT, and only a living Master can do it; a teacher cannot. Then, you can go into this room and listen to these speeches, these words, but that will not work for you. You need to experience the death of the ego, of this old "I" that is there. 

So, now I am going to "tighten the screw a little bit," I am going to be clearer for you. I see some here in the room who has never been with me in person.... I want to say to you that it is no use of listening to these speeches, neither here nor in YouTube video. You have to lose that sense of the "I" that is there or you are only going to be accumulating information, and more information, which is not a real work - this is exactly the movement of the search. 

So, I want to tell you who is here only in Paltalk (virtual room): your presence here is something lovely, but it is not working. It is very pleasant to hear someone who has mastered a certain subject; in particular, a subject like that, which is very fascinating. What I mean is that every time you are in the room, you are going to have a delicious feeling that you are learning something, but that is an egoic feeling yet, it is not real. It is like the pleasure of reading a book, watching a video or listening to an audio – that is still in this dimension of this egoidentity. 

If you really want this, if you want to Awaken, if you want to Realize the Self, to go beyond this false "I" full of conflicts, of problems, that takes offense and hurt without purpose; who gets annoyed by anything; who carries this sense of offense, fear, desire, anxiety, come to Satsang in person, in order for you to see yourself in this mirror and realize how much ego still exists there. If you keep running away, it is not going to work; you will never free yourself from this ego like that. It is time to Awake, it is time to Awaken, and this is only possible when this ego identity disappears. 

So, this is the talk of that meeting for you: run to Satsang in person! Look at yourself and realize what you are seeing - if you are happy, if you really know who God is, what Life is, if you are fulfilled, if you really do not carry more jealousy, envy, fear, a sense of concern because of self-image, a sense of offense, of annoyance, of like someone and dislike others ... Ok? 

So, let us stop here folks! Namastê!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 05, 2018 ** Speech transcribed from a speech on an online meeting at the night of October 30th, 2017.Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m.To participate, download Paltalk App

April 24, 2018

Life is timeless

All the people you meet are "fake", they are a social copy. The Guru is not a social copy; He is something new, unedited, never seen, a true Human Being. He is all you need, for He is going to break your false “I”, your false humanity - as part of this false humanity, you have these political, food, social and so on conditioning.

To meet the Guru is to encounter your humanity, to encounter what you ARE. What you ARE is very human and therefore, it is so Divine, so Real! The problem is not in being human, but in believing to be human, within the set, the pattern, the conditioning, what we see around us as the model of being human.

The human being, in the Real sense, is not afraid, it is beyond birth and death, it is beyond beliefs, beyond the mind. That is why Christ, in the Bible, is called "The Son of Man." No one can understand this, neither the theologians, the psychologists, nor the philosophers... He is so human! He eats meat, he goes fishing... And he does not fish with a hook, he fishes with a net! And you know, when you throw the net in the sea, it is not to bring one single fish, it is to bring hundreds! So, when Jesus goes fishing, he does not kill one fish at a time, caught in the hook; he brings a net and kills hundreds at once!

How to reconciliate this with Love? His "love" does not kill, but in the Love of Christ, to be born and to die is only a phenomenon, an apparent phenomenon, without much importance. Life itself is not that which comes and goes. Life itself is imperishable, it is immortal - although the immortal word is not good, because it reminds one of death. Life is timeless, it is beyond the appearances of forms.

You attach much importance to forms, you are attached to forms, you see form as reality, so you become very concerned about this thing of birth and death, having birth as more important than dying. But, when the form does not have so much reality, it makes no difference whether you are alive or dead, because who, or what, are you?

Some animal and vegetable species, according to the chronological time of the human mind, live very little. Some small herbs of the field sprout in the morning, and in the afternoon they have died. Some animals, some insects especially, live only one day of your watch. An intense life! (laughs) The life of a mosquito is one day! You think it is a short time, but it is the time they need. So, between this birth and this dying, the life of the Being, which is the life of that mosquito, remains timeless. Then, this Being manifests the appearances and gives all appearances a time to manifest and disappear. You call it life or death, but it is just conventions. Who invented such words? Biologists, anthropologists, scientists? Who invented such words and what importance does it have? To whom does this matter?

If you recognize your Real Nature, you know you were never born and you will never die, then, you are no longer concerned with the fate of forms. Now you know that the fate of shapes is to disappear and appear in other forms! And now you do not call this birth, nor death... you call this Life, Truth! Birth is now, beyond the opposites: birth/death; goodness/badness; right/wrong; god/devil; sin/holiness; pure/impure... All this is foolishness!

If you recognize your Real Nature, then you are no longer interested in philosophizing, explaining or separating God from "your" world, placing Him in a special place where only special people like you can reach Him. All this is fantasy, pure imagination! All this is still a lie - which by the way is not your lie, because you build nothing, you just repeat it.

Imagination is just a repetition, it is not a thing of yours. There is nothing original about what goes on in your head. The only real "Thing", the only original "Thing", is this timeless Truth that is beyond the mind and its conventions, beyond words and denominations. Stop giving importance to it, stop relying on thoughts; absolutely, in all thoughts! I have already said it several times! None, absolutely none of them, is original! That thought has already passed in many others’ heads! Those heads are not theirs either! There is nothing that is original, or true; or rather, everything is true, everything is real, but this "real" is imagination!

Who is responsible for this? Who cares? Let this to the philosophers, do not try to explain! Look, see, realize... assume the Truth! Assume What You Are! Forget the attempt to explain, to give this to others. What I have just called the appearance, which you call birth, is only for a verification, for a realization, which is the Truth of the illusion of all this, of all this imagination! I call it realizing the Truth about Self, realizing God, realizing your Being, your innate Happiness, your Freedom, your Wisdom!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 1, 2018 
**Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting.
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